Did you get past capitulation yet?

Did you get past capitulation yet?

Who /comfy/ here?

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literally went through all of the phases and now I'm at acceptance even thought that's not even on the bubble chart. It can go to 0 for all I care, I'm not selling

market capitulation will occur once we break down to the $4k-$6k range

I don't even know what capitulation means so I just skipped it lol

I did.

I deleted blockfolio and started dropshipping for my neetbux. I still have everything, I just dont want to check

>average Veeky Forums poster

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Keep posting my wife

>its another capitulation is (current price - 2k) episode

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Yup, job interview is Monday

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>tfw you will never come home from a long day at work to find your wife all dolled up and acting coy

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Still in Denial, don't think I'll ever leave.

Me: Permanent denial, because I've resolved to eat shit hodling my first market crash and use what I learn to time the next one. I made enough X's on the way up so my principle isn't at risk.

Others: Saw despair at 6k a while ago. Right now I'm seeing lots of anger and hope.

>there are STILL people in the denial phase
oh no

I only came in here because I thought her ankles were cuffed

Hodlers are always in denial though so they're an exception.

Cashed out earlier this year and stopped caring about crypto. Does that count as capitulation?

Very comfy
I like to watch this video and pretend the sound is the tokens getting burned of people who didn't lock in their REQ

kapitulieren? NEIN

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despair reporting in

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anger denial despair capitulation
Ive passed them all.

Got back to job, earn much, such cash.
Still not enough to buy a house.

Acceptance is when I went to the bank to ask for a loan, a mortgage, to willingly be enslaved.

Enraged, when I realized, the old financial system is stil the same, corrupt to the bones, money created literally out of thin air.

Crypto will previal.

>Veeky Forums capitulating
Time to close my shorts.

ive literally been through the 5 stages of grief. have written off all the money ive wasted in this stupid ponzi scheme and will check back in a year just for the hell of it

Past the bubble chart the price range typically settles in to a relatively flat period on a slightly rising or slightly declining trend, less volatility, less volume. It stays like that for several months or a couple years depending.

This fag gets it

how do i into dropshipping?


No because I'm not a faggot.

OP here, things got more comfy. Going to get some prime fireside pussy.

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Comfy. I'm watching btc but some of these alts look like they're about to pop hard. I do not believe in the multi year bear.

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my capitulation is sub $600
and I ain't selling.
you're all fucked