/OMG/ Daily: Refugee Edition

who else bagholding, watching their money sent to Africa?

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don't remind me user...700 deep

Buying more, love seeing the poltards btfo

sold all mine for btc and went short 10x on bitmex. I'll go back in once btc is bullish again.

anyone interested in taking over the OMG subreddit? I fucking hate that place, might be a nice Veeky Forums colony

A-Are we ever going back up?

eh, don't react. they're shaking out the right wing for publicity reasons once main net hits. 1 million makes no difference when it comes to rapefugee.

you're right it is reactionary but I just can't handle the /permaoptimism/ over there


that permaoptimism will help us take a bit smelly dump on their friends and families, user.

>sent to Africa
you mean to africans in europe? lul

bought in at .80, sold at 26.00. made 16k. AMA

why are you so much smarter than me?

Should I buy OMG or LINK first? help a brainlet

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like he said, africa.

not sure, dumb luck and following instincts.

Oh boy, there we go, 1mil handed out for free to people who will dump it no matter what price (because any price means profit if you got it for free and are living on wellfare).

shortsighted as usual, Veeky Forums.
OMG is giving refugees access to financial services that's denied to them due to missing paperwork and bureaucracy.
Climate change, resource depletion leading to political turmoil and mass displacement in the near future, and OMG has their foot in the door when it comes to trade amongst the displaced.

The way I see it, we hodlers are profiting from their misery.

how many oh my gods to make it lads

only have 30 because im poor.. have like 10-15% of my profile in it.

i bought at 18.5

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Hoping it drops more so I can put the rest of my life savings in but everything is launching mid year with conglomerate announcement coming soon after the launch. All at the same as coinbase, binance, and polo adding fiat pairings with alts. Alts in general are going to see a pump but omg is god tier so see you at 300+ eoy

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This was supposed to be my way of making it. Now I have literal niggers dump on me.

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>worrying about 1m

>thinking dumping $1M won't affect anyone else

>not holding and selling till summer of 2019 at 1000+ or keep it and make passive income with staking
If you knew dick all about omise and how it relates to eth you wouldn't be worried


Can I get a quick rundown on the Afrika thing?

Instead of paying dividends to OMG holders they decided to give money to white south african refugees.

This means that jewish holders are selling their OMG tokens and thus lots of anons are losing their money.

OMG is the new XLM now?

good question. I've been holding both for 6+ months and think they will both take off around the same time (mid/late summer) but if I had to choose I'd say link will moon first.

This desu :(


Upboat this

Wait a sec they’re giving them to white South Africans? I’ll still buy it if they’re trying to help the Boers but I won’t if they’re handing it to niggers.

>posting something thought-out and honest on plebbit
user I...

1k pieces of crap reporting in.
I feel raped thoroughly.

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Wow 1m usd
So much to dump on me
Oh wait this money will never see an actual exchange ever and will be used through omisegos mobile dex to pay for goods and services... like 1m usd is enough to have an impact on the market anyway Lmao

So many Brainlets on this board
And they are all from pol
Go figure

You're going to make it

First XLM, now OMG? My fucking top holding are free nigger coins REEEEEEEEE

Holy fucking autism
Redditors of both sides of the pendulum are cringe as fuck

Barts have netted another 1000 OMGs.

How is that cringe. It's a great summary of what's wrong with this bullshit virtue signaling

Wait did they really donate $1mill in OMG to Africans? What the fuck.

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"You people need to research who they just "donated" $1MM to. Particularly the bio of the director. As I said in rocketchat: Also, i'd like to throw a theory out there based on what research I am doing on this GiveDirectly. Here is the bio of the Director "Michael Faye is co-founder and president of GiveDirectly and also the co-founder and President of Segovia Technology, which provides software to manage bulk payments and cash transfer programs in the emerging markets. Michael has worked in development and financial products in these markets in a variety of contexts including his time at the United Nations and as an Associate Principal at McKinsey. His research on development has been published in the American Economic Review and Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, among others. In 2013, Foreign Policy named him one of its 100 leading global thinkers. Michael is also a term member of the Council of Foreign Relations and holds a PhD in Business Economics from Harvard, where he also studied Math and Classics for his BA."

I put this here because of this: thesegovia.com . . . there is more than meets the eye to this "donation". I would not be surprised if they run on OMG network in the near future and that "donation" may have secured that."