Just finished welding school

>just finished welding school
>any job I want
>300k starting

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hahahaha yeah have fun being poor

in Zimbabwe maybe.

450k where I live kek

>still in college
>zero marketable skills
>dropship and do B2B Arbitrage
>90k last year profit, 40k already this year

and i do it from my dorm lol

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Why do we have to suck cocks during our breaks though? might go back to school

Every fucking day same pasta
Fuck off



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Axcountant here
I clear 700k a year get on my level you plebs

>not a canadian plumber
>not selling 4 fake boilers a day

not gonna make it unfortunately

>any job I want
as long as it's a welding job...?

its true its a high demand profession

but the reason for that is you will be hanging off a building or have to fix trucks before your b0ss rams his foot up your ass

enjoy working 100 hour days

There are only 24 hours in a day.

Dumb ass.

God some people are so lost.

I'm with Her.

Love this meme I know several welders that barely make 40k and break their backs daily.

300k starting? kek i do 4MM

more like 50 k

Most of them do. The smarter ones with their own rigs do really well though.

You only get a boss to have a steady 9-5 job. Anything else, you do freelance instead.

>dropship and do B2B Arbitrage
Ive been wanting to get into dropshipping for a while.. Any tips for a young player?

Hello fellow welder, what kind of area do you live in? Im making 500k/yr in a low cost of living area, its great

>mfw working class peasants think they are going to get rich by doing monkey work before they get replaced by robots in 5 years

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Are you Indian? If so, I understand as you don't have sarcasm in your culture.
That's the joke. You'd have to work 100 hour days to get 300k as a welder.

>mfw accountants, IT, finance, doctors etc made redundant by automation and AI
>mfw trades are the only thing left without 100 overqualified applicants to compete with

If you can do underwater welding, you can be a very rich man in Alaska regarding their oil industry. We have major, catastrophic things happening in the next 5-10 years. We cheaper out on steel, didn’t buy American we went with South Korean for costs. It is a ticking time bomb, figuratively, and will be a global crisis.

>robots will replace trades

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>robots will replace trades
one step at a time champ.

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Welding is the Chainlink of trades. Enjoy your robotic replacement

and yet welders still get hired

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Machines still fail at specialized welding, sorry but Juan will make 100k while your shitty accountant job gets replaced by a computer.

Enjoy your brain cancer

No, it's specialized assembly line welding that was already largely replaced by bots in most Western countries. Fuck you're clueless. Large scale construction sites still hire meatbag welders but not for long

>implying robot welders can go underwater to work on deep sea oil rigs

They don't need to breathe underwater so yeah, they will

Robotics are great for mass production lines but not economical for a lot of the work welders typically do day to day. It's a pretty safe industry for consistent demand long term so long as you are not lazy, get all the certs, learn all the types of welding and how to do the tricky to weld metals.

Welding making you 300k a year to start is a Veeky Forums meme but you can certainly do a lot worse in your choice of career.

>Be assembly technician or whatever called in english
>Assemble shit I have no idea what they are or do
>Its fucking easy enough just do step by step
>Earn 37$ an hour

God I fucking love it. Its my first trade shit job. I usually worked in the office.
Time actually moves compared to the office times and it feels like youre doing something.
Still chill enough to not break my back or shit like that. Have cool work mates that yell around funky shit. They dont try to hide their racism.

All that for 37$ an hour? I fucking take that lads.

I only miss shitposting on Veeky Forums all day when I was office.