Whats the best job description I can use at tinder?

whats the best job description I can use at tinder?

I was thinking of: "Crypto Trader" but that sounds so dull

anyone have good ideas?>

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risk asset management

"neet millionaire"

cryptocurrency arbitrage specialist

amateur finance technician

Daddy Dom

pics of you in a suit

you're a faggot if you unironically fill out the bio like a fucking dating site or something

I'm sorry you have to make up for your looks with boastful claims about your financial standing
on another note, god tinder roasties are fucking disgusting

Working in equities.

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cryptographic asset broker

kek i heard they've been advertising quarterly "GET STD TESTED" on these hedonistic fuckbuddy apps.

pretty gross.


wow the first nigger which doesnt look like a total ape. would do

Doesn't matter

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>trying to impress roasties with pyramid scheme internet money

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Securities trader specializng in emerging tech markets.

Mine is the best one here, entrepreneur bullshit makes you sound charismatically unemployed, so entrepreneur might be better for thots.


You don't need a job description, you don't have a job.


Veeky Forums reader

Its really sad. We need a purge.

>Expecting women to be impressed by your cryptos when everyone knows it just crashed by 70% and looks dead to all normies

vice president, mergers and acquisitions

Statistical analyst. You're welcome.

CEO 10k/Day

i don't want it to be real but i know it is


Yet another exaggerating tinder entrepreneur
Degenerate gambler

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If you look like that you can be a NEET autist or worse, the whores will pay for your every whim just to be allowed to suck your dick.