Most ingenious ethical creative ways to make money

What are the most ingenious ethical creative ways to make a good deal of money?

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Start a Pandora for clothes / fashion / sizes similar likes in brands and styles

insurance fraud

Create non-cancerous subscription-based platforms

>subscription-based platforms
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Use an equation to re define trade and jobs that increases people’s happiness and helps the earth to heal. Since ethics is involved, tell citizens the truth about what has been going on and what you intend to do with them or what choices they have now that they’re born

I've thought about doing something like this. Basically recreate biz, but the bar to entry is required certain amount in your metamask wallet just to weed out the poor fags and pajeet shillers.

That's not subscription based though, nor does it make I guess I'm just going off on a tangent.

Decentralized imageboard sounds nice but needs an incentive

Not decentralized, just a regular old imageboard but you can't enter unless your MetaMask wallet has a balance greater than the minimum allowed. The incentive is just to create a non-cancerous biz. Maybe I'll get around to it one of these days.

Killing kikes to progress humanity forward

Learn a valuable skill and charge people to perform it.

Probably the most logical answer, but you did not include ethics. Businesspeople usually don’t for some reason.

How do I invest in this project?

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No one will use it, we have biz

bread themed clothing yes



I'm sold

Sounds great, how much for entry are we talking

It has to be decentralized though. Otherwise it's just a matter of screwing around with the javascript

Interesting idea

Running a private military company

Start a shoe company that uses its profits to buy Fidget spinners for starving children in Africa.

A Vegan business