How much you poorfags wagecuck an hour?

How much you poorfags wagecuck an hour?
15/hr here shilling grease

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30.99 road striping

Round 60.00 an hour USD

$20 an hour office fag

fuck this

38/hour code monkeying

5$ 3rd world wagecuck here


lol try working min wage at subway and getting a sit-down lunch. you might get 5mins off the line to eat your shit

Pizza man $12/hr. Mining $100 a week. Senor in HS

I'm hoping to move up to a factory position that pays $11.75. That's $4 over minimum here.

>make 30/hr
>agent takes 20
>state takes 5
JUST modern slave my shit up

19/hr driving a forklift for fed ex. Easy fucking work.

8.50/hr at crackle barrel + tips


$45 per hour.
I am playing the husband for couples, that have a cuck-fantasy, but are too afraid to actually do it in reality. I basically roleplay as the cuck, clothed and watching them, while they have normal sex, roleplaying to cuck me.


60k salary and commission.

How did you multiple your minutes to get that wage, user? Or did you average them out.

At least you got that bump

That ID

$150 an hour writing pitch decks and business plans for companies.

Assistant manager at Wendys $8/hour. I'm 26, the owner says I can be manager by 30. My parents say I should go for it and not throw this opportunity away, but I feel like maybe I can do better.

17 bucks a hour after taxes.

This would be equal to 100k gross salary in the US.


50k/yr webdev

$78k salary. Median of my job is $85k, but im a newbie and getting experience i was lacking. In two years i will have the resume to break 6 figs

8,64 Euro before taxes and social securitty, unloading cointainers that come from rotterdam

Must be LARP

life of a neet, pic related

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Average, I include fuel for driving and lodging, have about 8 regulars.

Did it once for a porn shot, because I am a bit chubby and the guy who should do it didnt come. Just had to sit there and look somehow miserable and/or aroused.

Next thing I knew was the guy fucking the girl asking me for a favor a week later. Turned out a elderly couple in their fifties was into cucking, but prefered to just roleplay it.

role playing cucks and bulls. everyone's switching roles. I'm confused on so many levels. It's like following a Nolan film.

I'm a bartender, so I make like $4.00/hr, but I make anywhere from $60-140 a night. The job fucking sucks though. I have to stay late and all the new high school kids that work the host desk keep fucking up my to go orders for the customers. I feel like I am also slowly becoming a drunk just like all the other depressed cunts that come in.

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Have a friend who works at a bar, hes been there a decade currently saving up for a used car.

Used to make 36 a hour, Now I make 10 grand a month, but only work from april to november.

18 an hour at the richest bank in assets in the US.

14€/hr driving a mobilecrane here literally risking my life as well as possibly financially if shit hits the fan.
i average 50 hours a week in summer its up to 70+
what level of wageslavery is this?

Apprenticefag on $18.30/hr
Should go up to $20 after December
Want to kill myself

I remember when I was in highschool amd worked at Dominos pizza. We used to get fucked up and fuck eachother all the time. Shit was so cash

Wtf report this to BBB

Just over 12k a year as a cashier, sales representative, market floor schematic applicator, inventory maintenance agent, and self-trained domestic electronics informant. All the while wearing an annoying and impractical tie-and-dress-shoes getup and responding to four levels of on-site management fighting for your loyalty.

Never working there ever again.

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7$ electronic engineer in 3rd world shithole country

also work construction in NYC.. $41/hr. LOTS of overtime.. $60/hr+ on Saturdays and $80/hr+ on Sundays.. $120/hr+ holidays.. feels good man

like 15$
active military

28/hr in tech. if i had a higher IQ i'd go deeper into CS/data science.

Fucking hell. You need to take out 250k loan and start a business or wagecucking the rest of your life. Literally ask anyone who's made it. If they didn't get a loan from senpai they got it from a bank but it ain't gonna fall outta the sky famalamadamn. Rich dad poor dad. Your parents won't approve and this is GOOD because it means you're doing something different then they did. Good luck.


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why are you guys waiting for the next bull run???

just short/long and swing trade. i made more by doing that then by hodling till the bull run in december 20`7

user do you have an email you can give me or a discord, I've been really trying to get into day trading shit

if you can't just tell me some tips

big if true

I make about 50$ a month in third world shithole where everything is about 4 times as expensive as in the US except healthcare and education.

I'm a self employed computer graphics artist. I create art assets for commercials, video games, graphics design, etc. Mostly generic kits to shill in online marketplaces. A couple hours a week for passive income that will last several years is pretty sweet. The work is a lot of fun too and I really enjoy it.

But truth be told, I don't work enough. I'm slacking, and them bills are catching up. I've had to cut into my savings this past year, and as a result, I haven't been able to buy as much during this dip as I would have liked.

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Agent Orange or Wtf? Lmao

>pizza boy

Post office

Trying to force them to fire me

My can't be serious..I'm black so I know about the old guard having low expectations but this is ridiculous..a fucking Wendy's manager at 30 is the goal lmao gotdam not even regional manager just a manager in one Wendy's lol

Do yourself a favor and get some space them they are not helping. Quit that job while you still can and take a real risk

$17/h entry level position in a finance department at a tech company
Great environment, chill people, decent pay for the amount of work I do, but I don't know where my career is going from here though

15$/h canadeh doing grunt work in a warehouse

I'm salary but dividing by working hours in a year...around $125/hr (including average bonus)

80 CAD /hr welding

Grind level

38€/h system engineering for medical instruments

Welder 900k starting

Dude, What career did you study or postgraduate?

I truly have no idea how much I make per hour. Hell, I don't even know what it works up to daily, I just know roughly my yearly salary, and even then I'm not sure of that, I just know approximately.

that looks like luxury in other countires ungrateful fat fucks

$10/hr fulltime at a deli

help me

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>How much you poorfags wagecuck an hour?
it's all relative to cost of living though
live in places like NJ pay $8,000+ a year in just property taxes living with niggers or live in rural america paying $800 a year in property taxes living with gun loving white people, plus the cost of everything else is inflated, like healthcare, food, insurance, and anything service related.
but i do make about $83 an hour living is a depressing overly expensive shithole. is it worth it selling my soul? hrmmm

where do you live? Are you NEET?

How the fuck can you live on a thousand bucks a month? Do you have any extra work or business? In any case, you are a survivor of this system.

Making $15.65 + tips as a barista in Seattle

Just got a raise, now I'm at $81/hr takehome


I make 15/hr in Houston,TX and what you have is the job I want... Working outside doing steel erection is killing me.

Have been working 30 hours a week 11/hour for a year.

Got promoted and last week now earning 13/hour 45 hours a week.

Next year when I finish school I should be earning 18/hour doing specialized construction work.

I'm 21 and live very modestly in my mom's basement. Went deep into BTC and ETH in May 2017. At this rate I will be a homeowner by the time i'm 24.

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>Mfw it'll be 15 soon

First year trades apprentice

Make only $26/hr

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180k/yr software engineer. I don't like it. Want to go startup.

45k/year. I hate it. My boss just bitched me out 5 minutes ago. And it's all my fault for getting an english degree

Yea thats the way to go.

I am an Entrepreneur 1200/day After taxes, CEO Hydrominer austria


buy them hard

(also Maidsafe might become something good)

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$33 an hour, junior IT consultant

5mil/yr daytrading bitcoin

$23/hr + bonuses planting trees.

Pay is meh, but the job is very relaxing. Almost no supervision and outside time to balance my neet lifestyle.

Are you working for enterprise?

Got undergrad in Finance. My undergrad didn't help me in any way desu.

I got kicked out of high school due to poor health/grades so I went to alternative school at 15. Dad was in retail banking so I had some interest in the career.

I spent my time learning as much as possible about as finance. When I got into junior college I made a list of 100 people who run a small boutique. I sent emails weekly and eventually they responded and i got a lot of advice and one four man private equity company let me work for them through an unpaid internship. After 3 months they got me in as an associate and paid 50% less but for me in the door. After I finished JC, I transferred and ran into some old friends who were full stack developers that worked at Apple.

We started a SaaS Enterprise company that provided engagement metrics for documents shared.

I was in charge of everything non dev related so I'd be sending out 200 emails a day to potential partners, clients, Angel investors. I got a lot of responses and got grilled hundreds of times before I made a deck that raised funds. I eventually got kicked out of my own company because I wasn't able to hit the timeline goals I provided to investors.

That's how I got the experience to write decks and business plans for startups and small businesses.

The beautiful part of this digital era if you have social anxiety is you can just message people online instead of approaching them in person.

How to get this job

$37/hour software developer (35min commute)

This. Where are you from? I never heard of Farmers/field workers getting this much unless they manage at least 20 people

It won't be because the Liberals are going to lose in Ontario

phd student

What do you do?

What do you do?

I sell cable.. about 70 a year... want to get independent wealthy hope you guise weren’t trolling me with chain link

has anyone worked/work at costco? Im trying to get a worst case scenario plan and working at costco seems like not a bad plan.

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tfw I have 3 state exam degrees (higher than M.A.)
tfw I'm about to start a doctorate
tfw pretty much everyone ITT earns better than me with all the jobs I ever had

University really is the biggest meme in existence. What a way to flush my life down the toilet.

Care to post link to your personal artwork? I'm a 3D hobbyist myself.

>Post office

this is the move. currently doing the same thing. never quit; collect that unemployment for 6 months minimum (during the recession when obama extended it I was on Unemployment for 2 years)

hey nadine

40k a year but I'm on a 6 month contract that is about to expire and they're gonna hire me at my previously requested amount of 44k. Despite how positive everything feels in the office and how pleased they look about my work.

I cannot get rid of the deep fear that they're gonna not hire me, especially since I kinda want to push for more than 44k since almost all my coworkers get paid substantially more.