JWallet Beta LEAKED

I had a friend working for Jibrel Network. He gave me these screenshots a while back.

Long story short, we're no longer friends. I hope he gets fired.



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Thanks just downloaded 100k keyloggers

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Either way. Thank you for the leak

Witnessed. Kek wills it

Holy shit! Nice quads.

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>most futuristic one is the shittiest/laziest one by far
we're fucked

Big if true

I'm confused, and the pics take a long time to load. Is this FUD or something good?

When you are building a startup, you start with a vision for the products and solutions you are going to build (whitepaper + roadmap). After that, you build a prototype (jCash).

Then you take this prototype and start piloting with some customers (SEED + Central Banks).

You use feedback from these customers to adjust your vision and make it more appealing, useful and user friendly. This is where Jibrel is at.

All traditional startup investors know the above. Crypto startup investors are mostly a bunch of impatient and unprofessional investors. They expect a startup to build exactly what it promised a year ago on the exact timeline. No startup ever does that. They have to move and adjust with the market and more importantly react to real customer feedback.

If you are investing in any startup including Crypto: believe in the vision and ability of the team to execute. Everything else is "best estimate". If you don't like that, don't invest.

I'm hesitant to believe anything "leaked" on Veeky Forums but looks legit.

because nothing ever got leaked on Veeky Forums amirite

100% legit, there is no way I can fake this desu

alright youre a piece of shit for leaking. whatevs.

but just lay it on us...

is jibrel gonna be huge or not?

Definitely top 20+ by 2019.
I can't say much, because I am still friends with Talal, but remember this user?
> twitter.com/dtapscott/status/976960002698162178
He went there for Jibrel. Big stuff are in the works. Just be patient


ill bite
whats he like irl
on TG he seems so pleasant

srsly nice shill. i am baked atm, and I was seriously about to load up another 10k worth of bags on this shit because of you.

This just looks like the current wallet

give me something please I ONLY HAVE 4K I WON'T MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kek, the state of BIZ. Retards ill give you a hint, do some tineye on the logo's.

Very nice, charming, caring; super chill dude desu. Once you approach him and talk to him you will what I am talking about. He came from a good family too, and he's always very polite with everyone.

I feel like most people who are complaining right now just aren't that familiar with the development process of major projects. People have to remember just how new Jibrel is. During the dev process, delays happen all the time, unforeseen events happen all the time, and new considerations and objectives arise all the time.

It's as if people want to see a perfect, polished products just plopped out right in front of them in a matter of weeks. It just doesn't work that way, not just in crypto but in anything.

Am I jibmissing something?

That's nice, always seems like a good guy in videos or in the telegram although obviously he's not going to act like an asshole even if he wanted to. Nice to hear user

good, my gut wasnt wrong

Has anyone used the official ether wallet?

Total garbage. Like one guy hosts a working light node and it's frequently maxed out. I'm glad they're coming up with an alternative to that MEW memeware.

the red confidental wording just makes it look less legit, nice try though

I didn't get any matches but then again I'm on my phone. They've posted this sort of stuff as a PDF in the telegram before months back when it was much smaller. I doubt its "leaked" but I haven't seen it before at least.

No one watermarks like this. Dummy.
gr8 b8 m8 8/8

Yup 100% bait.
Please explain why mods deleted my thread from /r/jibrelnetwork then

Probably because it's bait? The dev team isn't exactly big and there's nothing new in these. No way they were leaked. You've just found some old screenshots and slapped a watermark over them.

>nothing new
Sure, whatever. Just wait until the team responds

can you tell us why is marketing for this project virtually non-existent

They don't want to spend any of their funding. Talal and Yazan are just sitting around waiting for everyone to forget about this project. They were going to write the medium post but decided to go on holiday again... or so I heard.

you all are gullible as fuck holy shit


What was the thread about?

Open your eyes. They are marketing by doing conferences, but it's not for normans yet. Once they have enough investors/banks they will start marketing their product to users.

Their South Korean conference was the biggest crypto conference to date. That's enough to show their marketing ability.


If there's anything interesting in there just re-post it ITT. i'm not clicking your shitty links

it's an imgur link you fucking retard

OK there's nothing interesting in there. It's pretty much a recolored MyEtherWallet

Ok I'm buying back in
Pls don't be a scam, mmkay?

Team has stated they will hit marketing hard once everything is up and running. No point in marketing right now. We are still very early stages. They are running this project responsibly.