How to FIX Veeky Forums

Click "Filters". Click "Hide" on each SHIT-coin, shill, retard thread... add filter terms AS NECESSARY. Literally WILL CHANGE UR LIFE

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This doesn't work, I browse on incognito like any normie. Not doing all this shit every time I open a session.

It would just be an empty board then

But I only come here for link threads. How can I do the opposite of this?

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OP is a fag confirmed

that's an improvement.
not as bad as the other day at least.

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Is this so bad? Time is money. Do you value your time?


Suit yourself but you are only wasting your own time (and money)

I realize, as well, that this will only escalate until there are threads like "Strap in B.O.Y.s, CHAIM-Link to the MEWN...."

Sorry, didn't know this was a serious thread and you have no sense of humor.

I'll make my keks somewhere else and let your thread die.

Having people see a browser history full of Veeky Forums shit would be worse than wasting that time

I have an unlimited amount of energy to keep this thread alive

When I take a break I do fingertip pushups, it gets me in the mood to add more filter terms

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So anyway, Click "Catalog", find the "Filter" link above the threads, and become liberated...

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>no coss or coinmetro
dumb pajeet


Achain, powh, jibrel...

just added... ahh the relief

Its like having a tumor removed from your benis

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New one:

Mah nigga

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>17 threads hidden right now

What the fuck is wrong with Link posters?

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They are election trash retards
Thats why they constantly post memes and believe in green frog magic