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Is it smart to own a credit card? I don't own one and I feel like you don't really need a credit card since should only pay for things you can afford. Obviously there are some exceptions such as owning a house, but I believe you should buy a car only if you have enough money as it's a negligible amount compared to a home.

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easy to pay shit online

Yes, how else are you gonna buy crypto?

u cant get a house without building your credit score faget

Cash back on purchases, building a credit score. It's irrational not to. Just get a decent credit limit and don't use it as debt if you don't want to.

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>0% fees
>0% interest if you pay on time
>can buy shit online
>get 90d extra insurance to everything you buy
>if you fall for a fraud, they will return your money

Don't really see why everyone doesn't have a cc

>Is it smart to own a credit card?
i didnt read any further than this because it is literally pointless to have a credit card. use 3 debit cards. one for gas. one for blank one for blank. buy mobius.

false. i got a house just fine never owned a credit card. you think your credit score is based on paying solely a credit card bill kek guess you never bought a car

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it's fucking awesome if you don't fall into the trap of buying shit you can't afford

>spend money freely throughout month
>pay card off at end of month

that way I can spend money before I make it, as long as I limit myself each month and keep the card paid off

like I have no cash and I can go buy cat litter right now, it's sweet, ya dig?

I bought 6k crypto with my credit card in August. It’s now worth over 200k. I’m happy I had a credit card. Still havent repaid the debt though.

If you have the ability to buy everything in cash, then you have no reason to own a credit card. But, if you think you're ever going to need a loan to purchase something, then you're going to need a credit card at least once if only to establish a credit rating, otherwise loan companies won't do business with you.

Cash back/rewards are literally free money

There's zero reason to NOT own a credit card, unless you're so fucking retarded that you buy more than you can afford.

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% fees
% interest if you pay on time
>>buy shit online
You can do that with a debit card.

>>spend money freely throughout the month
Why cant you do this with a debit card? With this logic, this would create bad spending habits.

How old are you? How do you not have a credit card?


You know that debt is 250k by now, right? Should've paid off right away

I'm 21. I've had my debit card for 5 years now and don't pay any fees so I never saw any incentive in getting a credit card.

that's the joke.

or at least I hope it's a joke.

idiot. you have better fraud protection on credit cards than debit cards (e.g. the amount you're liable for if it gets skimmed), not to mention better rewards.

A credit card can give you benefits like airline miles and cash back. Most cards give at least 1% cash back. As long as you pay in-full and on-time every month, a credit card will earn you a small amount of money.

The other major benefit of a credit card is that it allows you to establish a credit history. That doesn't sound important now but it will be extremely important when you go to purchase a home. Banks will want to see that you are a reliable person to lend to. It might seem ironic but if you've never had any form of debt in the past, the bank will see you as a wild card and won't want to lend to you.

>i didnt read any further than this because it is literally pointless to have a credit card. use 3 debit cards. one for gas. one for blank one for blank. buy mobius.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

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My debit card gives me 1% cashback every month.

What bank?

That doesn't sound very profitable for the bank.