AMB-The road to 50k

This is the first of many threads AMBros. We are on the first road to 50k and beyond.

· Multi-Tiered Masternodes

· Proof-of-Stake Model

· Token-Burning Features

· Incentives for long-term AMB network supporters


How many you holding? What's your price prediction (wild guesses welcome and encouraged).

We must hold and beat the chinkchain ATH.

We start here today. The shill virus must spread from Veeky Forums to twatter and plebbit. This needs to be a daily thread, I welcome any non brainlet to tidy this up.

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Post your memes. This is how it fucking starts. We've seen it before.

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*not my memes. thx whoever made these in the chadsetti tg.

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To be honest, I'd care less about the gains then I would the satisfaction that would come from beating those chinked fuckers at their ATH.

I'm in.

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Welcome aboard.

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These threads will start out slowly. If you're on Veeky Forums and there isn't at least one AMB thread then you start one.

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You can buy now or after shill articles drop.

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5k amblets here gonna pick up another 5k is $10 eoy unrealistic?

I'm a USMC vet and AMB holder - I just came here to say that is a damn fine salute.


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Frankly, if you're not in at this point, you're a fucking moron beyond help.

As a nigger, I endorse Ambrosus

It was the blatant false flag fudding that got me in. Thanks bearfag I guess..
Only 10k here, I'll buy more if it dips a bit.

Fucking this. I know most of you are plebbit cucks that bought the VEN top but this is your chance to make up for it.
It was too obvious.

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Kek @ the guy who's been posing as me to pajeet fud and making me use a tripcode like a tool though.

How much amb you think will be needed for a masternode?


I think at least 10k

Maybe. Supply is less than ven though, and theirs is at 10.

Hopefully it is less but I've got more just in case.

They're doing tiers, but probably 10k or 5k for the smallest one. I'm guessing it'll peak out at 100k because most of the top wallets have sums in that range.

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What could the rewards be % wise?

Its retarded.

Akroma has all of that and more.

Depends if rewards will be in GAS or AMB tokens.

Rewards will probably be determined by the market, but I think market forces tend to converge on a 5% spot price value annually for dividends.

If they go with a GAS system in the end and it goes to a 1bil market cap, I'm going to guess thata 10k AMB node would produce $3k of gas a year and be valued at $60k

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Lol shills are evolving..

Just noticed, nice trips!

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Checking dem dubs too, pardon me autism

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Can some one give me a quick rundown, i wanna join in but dont know where to start

Honestly, I've been autistically monitoring the contract address the entire time since it first blipped on Veeky Forums's radar. Anyone from Veeky Forums with a brain is already in since the shilling started, and the number of contract addresses has moved to the 6800s from ~4200 and held steady for a month.

Anyone else on Veeky Forums who's already heard of the coin but not done their research will fomo once the partnerships start dropping. The only utility of these threads (that I can see) is to keep dangling AMB in Veeky Forums's face so that the brainlets fomo in after 25k sats and realizing they unironically believed fud about VEN's only real competition thus far.


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Europe's VeChain. Possibly bigger. Turboautists have figured out most of their HUGE partnerships including the EU and Swiss government.

Join the telegram (and the meme telegram) and people will catch you up on what's real and what's fake news fud

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That would make one Amber at least 120$ worth, that would be incredible

10k AMB node -> $60k node -> $6 per AMB. 20x if they come within VEN's distance

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ITT faggots about to get raped by BTC

The barting continues

>alts need btc to pump
Gas yourself

Holding a 20k ven strength x node and 40k amb. Invested $10k november 2017. Super comfy

Eastern Europe college student here. Got only 2700 AMB. Is there any point in holding less than enough coins for masternode? Hold them to sell them later or something?

hahahhahah little sore bitch knows I am right.

AMB soon back to 3500 faggit.

Am marine reporting for duty. Awoo~

That's exactly what you do.

This is the "safest" >10x flip of the next alt season. The syndicate that pumped VEN has taken positions and is starting a shill campaign on twitter and Wechat. A certain Veeky Forums influencer is also thinking of entering the next round of AMB's dapp idea video contest submissions.

Of course, BTC could crash through the floor and the CEO is a charging bull in a porcelain shop, but .

The Veeky Forums money that isn't braindead is already in (unless people are stumbling on AMB just now). Price appreciation is going to come from Russians, Asians, and Twitter/Youtube normies at this point.

You’re an idiot.

Fuck this al Jones bastard. He thinks he is that smart that he can play you FOMOers like a damn fiddle.

He is a whale on Ambrosus Chat Telegram. Don’t make this smug bastard rich at your expense. Spread the word of this screenshot and tell others don’t buy the fomo

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Redpill me on AMB and why i should invest (not gonna read the whitepaper.)

Hey I saw your thread.

Don't worry I won't FOMO in, cause I already bought pretty low

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Like I said! The ~2000 bizlets with the brains to do their research instead of kneejerk bashing is already in. Despite daily fake news fudding and pajeet shilling, the contract address count hasn't budged in weeks. Everyone from Veeky Forums still on the sidelines won't buy in until a billion fucking news catalysts get dropped on everyone, shooting the market cap over $1 bil.

Veeky Forums turns buy high sell low into an art form. I'll see you on Mars, fellow AMBmarine.

Man what's with the dub/trip 3s in this thread?

when will it dump?

>already in
You mean, already lost money amirite. Anyone hodling AMB loses money every day.

Now cos btc is going

We could see another drop to 3.6k-3.8k sats .
Most of the gains today were from Redditors starting to discover AMB. The Veeky Forums AMBmarines have held 3.65k sats through 3 days of constant coordinated fud and BTC shitting the bed.

Redditors might have weaker hands though. I'm thinking the price momentum from ADD plebbit millennials could crash it to 3.5k or 3.6k sats for a bit. Of course, Chadsetti could start another bitchfest with someone on Linkedin and make this go to new ATLs. That's a black swan-ish event though

Nice try trying to FUD your own coin fucker whale

can i get a tldr; on amb? ceo's rant kinda bothered me but i'm intrigued by its potential partnerships.

Only holding 5.6k, but its 50% of my portfolio. If this works out I will finally be on the made it side of crypto. Other 25% is sky and some smaller coins

Should i just go all in AMB? Or is this a good hedge?

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Supply chain for white people

Take it from me,
The OG,

You can either x10-25 on amb or x3 on ven.

What would Jesus do?



Here's AMB and Angel Versetti in a nutshell.

Angel Versetti is a guy with a really colorful history. He got kicked out of the U.N twice and came back in higher positions both times.
He's in the top 0.1% of researchers on and has triple major master degrees in economics, politics, and history. He's also already made it in crypto with 260x gains via a VC and crypto fund he started years ago.

Fastforward to 2017. He starts AMB with the backing of the Swiss government to fuel the IoT revolution with an IoT operating system and dapp platform, and they plan on starting with the supply chain niche. Somehow, Versetti managed to assemble a team to do this that reads like the "who's who" of sensor tech, IoT, and food safety.

The AMB roster includes Vlad Trifa, who is literally one of the founding fathers of IoT, Dr Stefan MeyerR&D leader at Nestle, MHM, and Vitargent Biotech, and the founding director of the Integrative Food Center at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and Gavin Wood, best known for his work with Ethereum, and there are over 25 more members who are the best of the best in their fields.

Unfortunately, Angel Versetti is also a narcissist (with good reason) and constantly overreacts to people that try to dick him over by calling them out with excessive rants on social media, Trump style. He also shows up to meetings with corporate executives on horseback with a cowboy hat.

The man's pride, impressive resume, and 0-fucks-given attitude has turned him into a walking meme (Chadsetti) which could both make or break the project down the line.

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I’m not kidding.
You can call me god,
Amb is the chosen Coin that will unite all Bizlets in the next comming.
Don’t be judas, and come to heaven.

much appreciated, user.

i browsed the website and didn't see a roadmap. what's realistic time frame for anything? tech, price, etc?

1 to three months.

Token economics still to be decided, although they verified Master Nodes and staking today. The team has strongly suggested they would be going for a similar model to VEN where staking AMB tokens will return a secondary "GAS". Transaction fees can then be set by free market rates or pegged to fiat at a fraction of a cent per check on the blockchain. They also want to incentivize hodling as suggested by the announcement today, and will token swap the ERC-20 tokens for their tokens on their own blockchain eventually.

On the tech side, the testnet/dapp development beta gateway launches early April (way ahead of schedule) and the toolkits for interfacing with IoT devices are set to go live for testing late summer.

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Very accurate. Also worth noting nobody goes into the U.N to grab money, he could have easily used his talents elsewhere. The guys got a vision.

here is the 2018 roadmap

Check out his books and papers over at and judge from there

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Wouldn't ever go all-in on anything, but it's one of my bigger positions for a reason

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roger that

Versetti is a real Chad. Glad to see he delivers. The token lockup today gives me even more confidence in the team. Great stuff!

Here’s an interesting thread from February that made the original connection between the technology claims of Ambrosus and Theranos.

>Theranos 2.0.
>t. worked for 5 years in chemical sensors for IoT.

>Section 3 is bullshit.
>Photo is bullshit if you worked with this stuff.
>Rest is a supply chain management coin (like VEn or WTC).

“However, with Ambrosus’ sensors, fish samples can be profiled by controlling the supply chain practices through deploying the IoT network of sensors and storing their records on the blockchain.”

> do you think that kind of technology could be developed within 3 years?

If there was a business case, it would have been done already. Electronic industry would love to put a sensor inside each bottle of olive as that means billions of sensors. Problem is (a) there is no business case, (b) the sensor contains toxic materials.

There are some narrow use cases, like controlling meat temperature during shipment, but it does not really require blockchains.

> Will their sensors do the actual DNA testing?

Of course not. Read the wording carefully.

> If so, that would be a pretty radical breakthrough.

Yes, and if so, don't you think the applications would be far beyond some shitcoin?

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desu gonna sell half my stack when it x10, but keeping the other half long term because this shit will be $50usd by 2020 screencap this
got in at the floor. feels comfy af

AMB will be FUN 2.0