We've got a second inverse mega bart forming right now, right ear pump imminent. Don't get caught with your shorts down.

Here's my last thread :

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as you can see the upright left ear dump came roughy 6 hours after last night's inver mega-bart right ear reversal (exactly as I predicted in the old thread)

pic related

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prior to the formation of the mega bart trend, this was my prediction yesterday morning when the inverse bart size was unknown

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Volume has collapsed again. We are doomed.

as you can see, my last prophecy turned out

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how can you not see the incoming right ear???

we're going to 8150 in the next hour

Here is another thread from last night. Meme-liner absolutely BTFO by bart TA

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I'm open to constructive criticism, always looking to improve my batnical analysis

when do you guys see the imminent right ear coming?

My prophecy is 2-4 hours, doubt this is another mega bart, if it turns out to be a double inverse mega bart, prepare for an upright marge

im fucking dying LMAO

eat my shorts, when will you fags realize BarTA only works in the stock market?

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apparently you haven't learned the way...
you will soon join this memeliner
in the 'BTFO by BarTA club'

I was thinking we are about to bart up again but volume has dropped dramatically. it can still happen though but unlikely now. I think we'll be inverse barting now

wait, you're saying you think this is an upright bart and we're gonna test a new left ear???

seems crazy, but I can't refute it

Disclaimer: This is not a prophecy of mine, but it's best to consider all possibilities

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holy fuck, kek

this is a good may may

>upright marge

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this BART shit makes me kek every time

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>prepare for an upright marge
i had a giggle

If this comes off it will be the greatest meme in Veeky Forums history.

That right bart is a reverse one, can't be any more obvious. We're gonna see the ear soon

There are only upright and inverse barts.

A bart is symmetrical across its transverse axis so a reverse bart would be indistinguishable from a forward bart

An upright bart is usually accompanied by an inverse bat, and vice-versa

I agree, my prophecy is that we will see a pump to right ear in 1-3 hours, the pic you responded to was just me entertaining the idea of another user

I even put a disclaimer in the reply

the greatest thing about this meme is that it is funny as fuck and at the same time making actual TA fags look like fucking morons because you can literally make bart simpson a TA term and it STILL FUCKING WORKS

TA fags blown the fuck out forever, no recovery

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>tfw whales start manipulating the market to draw Simpsons characters

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I love how assmad the TA nerds are.

Literally astrology for autistics

we are fucking beating the system and bots boys, keep it up with the bartology

Is now a good time to go long 25x ?

i fucking love this meme... seriously...

also: look at my swanky ID

So according to my Bartnalysis there's another upright Bart incoming within the next hour or two. I suggest an all-in x25 long followed by a x10-15 short once the top of Bart's head pattern has continued for at least 3 hours. If you're daring you can wait for 5-10 hours and do a x25 short.

yes, ofcourse you can. We are currently in a inverted simspon hairwave, we will break 8120, then form a bart bulltrap hairwave, followed up by a bart retrace face.

nah i dont think we go up asia will wake up and dump on us like always

Idk man, everytime there was high volume it was because mtgox and whales dumped
Maybe low volume is good who knows

Looks like this may be a double inverse mega bart after all, prepare for upright marge in the next 3 hours

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my sides

my GE short certificate today, holy shit I got barted badly

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kek this

should have listened to my prophecies





Bart incoming lads

it dumped. false prophet

told ya guys fucking chinks

i literialy just closed my short at 8900 fearing that build up and to be barted again. close position boom finnaly goes down. fucking bull shit

Why are the bart memes so fucking funny to me... I can't even...

bogged isn't just a meme user

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lol get ready to eat my shorts, upright marge is still on the itinerary

BarTA is a new and a very complicated tool. We failed to see that the classic textbook Bart next to Maggie is forming, so prepare a little more downside, followed by a nice Marge

We're still on track for an upright marge, this inverse mega bart is just turning out longer than some of you expected

My prediction here
has ~2 hours left before you can call me a false prophet


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This thread is fucking killing me kek

lol wtf is that green dildo man BTC is a rollercoaster of emotions


Kek its being painted at this moment

at least astrology is useful. leos really do look like cats, and pisces are always pussies


we just entered the upright marge

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In a few years people will be writing dissertations on Bartology.

krusty the clown is now known as a head and shoulders

now that we're in an upright marge, anyone have guesses on when the next test at her left ear will be?

I'm literally bleeding out of my sides right now

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wtf bartical analysis (BA) may actually be the best form of analysis ever discovered.

This thread, this thread, this thread hahahahahaha


>draws barts at the bottom of the peaks
The state of Veeky Forums

>he doesn't recognize an obvious fractal upright mini-bart pattern
stay poor, faggot

thanks just bought 100bart

Tons of TA fags will lose their jobs, because now everyone can apply simple BA

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All of you must now eat my shorts, the marge formed right on schedule

Bart will will forgive you as long as you repent

man i got so fucked on that mega bart
took ~4% away from me in 15 min.

I am into this.

Will it finally break through 8k?


don't have a cow man, just because you called one lucky marge. BarTA is only proven to work in the stock market, typically on much larger time frames. I can't wait to see brainlets like you who learned about BarTA in a Bart market and consider themselves trading gods fail when we enter a Marge or even Homer market.

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what do I get? a cookie?

I can't take too much credit, this upright marge was clear to anyone utilizing batonomic analysis techniques

yeah that's the same thing this dude said oh and this dude
>one lucky marge
this is my third confirmed prophecy


looks like we are entering a new inverse bart

bit too early to say with any certainty though

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>implying it's not a prolonged marge forming into a full bart-esque flag

Nah I'm seeing a new bart formation, larger than previous one.

have we ever seen a jessica formation in btc?

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widen your gaze OP

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