Look at the floor below your desk

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Jordan peterson is such a pretentious faggot.

People think he’s deeper than he actually is lmao.
The only thing I like about him ar ehis sjw discussions, the whole selfhelp stuff is such utter trash.

Can’t blame him, I would also try to monetize the butthurt anti sjw mvement.

*looks at roomba* me? clean my room? oh no no no grandpa this time it is you who has misunderstood. you see I prefer to work smarter, not harder.

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Today was a productive day
>Cooked some healthy pasta bolognese from scratch
>Watched an old disney movie with the kiddo
>Read her a story before sleeping
>Read 50 pages of a book in a foreign language
>Learning a new programming language for 30 minutes
>Cleaned the living room
>Now chillin on BIZ before I go to bed

So fuck you mr. Peterson

this, but admittedly he doesn't go up against intellectual giants.

his only good stuff is his personality lectures and some of his maps of meaning lectures
everything after his "fame" is trash

just cleaned my entire apartment. feels good. checked the pyramid and it's huuuuuge. feels even better

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he's making like 100k a month. what are YOU doing?

>intellectual giants

I-i-i enjoy his self-help stuff

It got me out of a HUGE rut where I was stuck in a job I hated but too lazy to start applying
I'm still stuck with the shitty job but at least I've been doing other stuff now, and going to interviews.

Having someone break down the steps to improving yourself actually helped me.


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fucking sweet dude. I try and do this but always fail miserably.

I'm studying for the LSAT now and trying to work on my Mandarin but shit's hard. =\

The deplorable state of undergrads nowadays...


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The guy is such a weak beta. The fact that so many kids think of him as some kind of an alpha figure is beyond me.

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cleen u rome
wew very hieh IQ

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wow, based room cleaning man can fleece dumbass neets out of their money by giving them generic advice

so fucking b*sed

>ITT: Leftypol and Fagcaps

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Things often seem like crap to those people who they doesn't apply to. His self-help stuff clearly helps people get right track.

how is that watch not cutting its blood circulation

nice user but i wouldn't say bolognese is healthy

People give him shit for trying to sell his self-help stuff, but having studied heroic literature, biology, and a tad bit of psychology it does make quite a bit of sense to me. You might say that he's not giving anything everyone shouldn't know already, I certainly feel that way. I've been telling myself exactly what he's been saying for years, "you know the steps to take just fucking do it."

Maybe he shouldn't be seen as an earth-shattering genius, but he's definitely someone that takes the time to make clear and concise arguments that are backed up by facts in a time where literally NOONE does that anymore.