Proof of Weak Hands

Just passed cryptopussies to become #3 on

been telling you for almost 3 weeks now

up an EZ 3x even in this market

WIll you ever learn?

probably not...

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Please kill yourself.

wait, didn't the owner exit scam through some bug in the contract?

best use case for ETH without ICO mania

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you are an useless faggot you know

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that was an old contract coded by different devs and it got hacked not exit scammed.

this was put through 2 hackathons and bug tested by 3 solidity experts

>Just passed cryptopussies to become #3 on
>been telling you for almost 3 weeks now
>up an EZ 3x even in this market
>WIll you ever learn?
>probably not...
Obviously, is a ponzi, you clearly ran out of people to scam

>that was an old contract coded by different devs and it got hacked not exit scammed.
>this was put through 2 hackathons and bug tested by 3 solidity experts

IMO, this should have been made more visible and clear because no one believes it when someone just says it. The old one was supposedly secure as well. There's so much bullshit and outright lies (numerical, quantitative LIES about divs and gains) from p3d shills that no one can believe it.

Nah, we good. Almost 1k fresh ETH within 24 hours

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"A Ponzi scheme (/ˈpɒnzi/; also a Ponzi game) is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator generates returns for older investors through revenue paid by new investors, rather than from legitimate business activities or profit of financial trading."

Addition value adding Dapps coded to run on top of this are in the works as we speak, slated for release by end of the week.

If you sell you pay 10%, incentivizing hodling. This then becomes a new type of universal basic income system.

Ive been studying this for almost 3 weeks the dev's seem super legit and have made a pact to never sell

probably true but the contract is completely open source anyone can read it

It has over $1.5mil in it, if it was easily hacked it would be done already

There has not been one day where I saw more sells then buys, no one wants to sell, why would you?

We getn Divs #HODLGANG

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Lol, how many people do you think understand solidity enough to confidently audit the code? That doesn't help at all, being able to look at unintelligible code and convince ourselves it can't be hacked.

>Ive been studying this for almost 3 weeks the dev's seem super legit and have made a pact to never sell

But you can assume that being open sourced with a $1.7mil payday there's been hundreds if not thousands of hackers that have tried and at this point it's pretty unlikely

so i only get dividends IF someone uses my link?

this is also a way better meme coin then doge

credit @the-shocker

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You get a fraction of 10% of all eth in, or out. The fraction is the same fraction of total tokens that you hold at the time.

Look at the contract to see how many tokens exist and see how many you will be buying, to determine what eth div's you will get for the time being. It is a vanishingly small amount, at this point.

WIll you ever learn?

probably not...

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>taking financial advice from smelly Pajeet with stolen Windows

thanks for the laugh

not activated ≠ stolen retard

>but the contract is completely open source anyone can read it
They said exactly the same about the original POWH
No one understands shit about smart contracts and anyone can exit scam at any given time

right its all magik

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Whats dapp? is it like a dabb?

props to

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its like a dabb you inhale through your asshole

how to withdraw dividends, how much gas?

almost 4k boyz let the fomo sink in on a daily basis

"POWH3D has three dimensions. A pyramid has three sides. These two facts are completely unrelated."
This is on the PowH3D banner, unfortunately a pyramid has four sides, five if you count the bottom. These devs need to familiarize themselves with Euclid asap. **

That looks sketchy bro.

best site to see gas prices and wait times, google it

up up up im in, feels so good


General TA rule -- violation of parabolic advance leads to 80%+ decline in value (due to panic)
Newer "investors" get less dividends and get to expose themselves to the risk of a mass panic along with the risk of ETH crashing!

Yeah you are right. This was a great investment, I doubled my ETH. If only ETH hadn't gone down 50% to begin with. Enjoy the crash soon though, I'm sitting comfy with my gains.

Yeah I’m not buying into a project made by devs who don’t even understand basic geometry

>made a pact to never sell

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Unironically this

The math doesn't change...

You don't 'make' money till you sell for more than you paid to buy in. Long term? Between 80-90% of people will lose in order and 10-20% of people will win.

Chances are, getting in now? You are in the larger group - not the smaller one.

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Can you actually do the math to back that up?

I'd be interested to see it

Nobody uses dapps. They all follow the same formula and are boring as fuck

explain this crazy graph

As time goes on, your chances of getting your initial investment back lowers.

fuck the graph i wanna know how 80% could possibly lose money when every person that sells has to pay 10%

because ive seen math showing that if you were the last person to buy in then everyone dumped and you were the last one in you would actually end up with 104%

there could be some people in the middle that sell at a loss but if they hold they dont lose and if they hold then it doesnt crash and people buy back in, creating a new cycle

This is the problem, the contract stagnates when people stop transacting. If that happens before your tokens are in profit, then you have to wait until the measly divs (barely significant) help you out. Your eth basically stays trapped in there and you can sell only at a loss.

yes in that scenario the weaker hands would lose if they could not hold but it would not be 80%

that assumes though that they never develop other daps on top of this - but they are, one of which is supposed to come out this weekend - because why would they not leverage the power and money of the community they built

that's cool dude, congrats on that seriously

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oh a pact ok lmao

gonna be panic selling within a week.
then the thing will go dead like every other pyramid scam

you do realize that bitconnect - which had no other means of adding value to the system - went to $2.6 billion and only dumped because of the cease and desist and its decentralized nature. This is a contract that cannot be shut down

and if it does grow to that level it basically becomes an unstoppable decentralized social security

what do you think inflation does?
it leverages future value to redistribute resources in the present

centralized nature**

and for all you fucking idiot austrian economics believers

this is important and necessary because it allowed us to quickly get to the place we are now where we are about to have AI and Automation which will exponentially increase value to our human system in the near term

Activate Windows please....

never. fuck microsoft

over 4000 ETH in the contract

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no reply huh you fucking fags

put to much time into this stupid fucking thread now to let it die without you little cunts learning something

this does not factor in the fact that each sell/buy generates dividends, though.

if it does, where is the math please? sincerely, not a brainlet

Biggest "dApp" built on Ethereum is going to be a fucking ethical ponzi scheme. I've got to get the fuck out of this meme money market ASAP, I've made a serious mistake.

If ETH is shit, what's the best hodlcoin?

Should I just trade what ETH I have for LTC?