How much req for a girl like this?

How much req for a girl like this?

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pretty sure she's a butch

0 because that's not a girl.

Not a lot

sorry only OMG or IOTA is accepted

She’s of high moral caliber, strong-willed and principled enough not to be bought. Obviously a tougher person than any bedroom-dwelling NEET on this board. No amount of REQ is sufficient.

That's not a girl. I'm pretty sure that's the ETH and OMG receiving refugee.

REQ is not a currency

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If you're into Latinas you could probably get a Venezuelan lady who's infinitely more attractive for not very much.

10 TRX.

Go fuck yourself.

Lol. How the hell does one manage to be an 18 year old female, who is not overweight, and not remotely attractive. Really though, I can appreciate beauty of all races but fuck she is so ugly. The more I look at her the uglier she gets.

Looks like a boy.

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Dude that's a fucking man. Calm your tits

Angry that the el goblino tricked your weenie?

That's a guy, you faggot.
Go choke on a dick.

la goblina juega de los luzes extinguidos

he's not kidding user, that's a guy

Loved her in American History X

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her and her jugalo freak friends bullied the shooter throughout his whole schooling, now shes the hero

el monstruo de los americas

No thanks. She'll always have an agenda about anything and everything.

la goblina...

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Why are you being so transphobic you shitlord.

She's sensitive

I would unironically impregnate Emma given the chance

sike, he's already bought by the jews.

I guarantee she’s fucked more girls than every loser in this thread.


This is a hot thot thread now. Anyone saved those thicc gf pics from yesterdays thread before it was deleted?

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heh heh

That's a Girl?

yeah that guy was larping that that girl was his thicc gf

I was browsing some amateur porn last night and there were 10+ pics of that girl including all of the pics he posted, no nudes though

loooool nice job. link me to those pics please

fucking dike

can i post links to a porn site on a blue board? im thinking the answer is no

dude post the fucking page id/letters whatever it is that in the end of the url and the name of the site or what it rhymes with lol. I need to see more of this hot bitch, don't leave me hanging

Pls select

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1 REQ is too much for an ugly dyke spic like this. Dont even associate REQ with traps like this.

How much REQ for girl in pic related is the real question

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la goblina destruye-constituciones

the name of the site is:
what day is after thursday, then add porn and .com

then add the rest of the link to the end of that


Why would I waste any of my precious Req on that El Atrocidad ?

I would send you 1BTC if I had any you the real mvp

no problem!

>americans think this is attractive

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not yet :^)

It is a fucking token you moron. It is not trying to be a currency.
Do you even req?

1 bitconnect

>thighs rubbing

As a german and thus relatively neutral on that matter i must say when i read about her speech and her basically justifying her bullying i couldnt believe she would have possibly said that so i looked it up on youtube
She is a crybully and should absolutely not be praised
Personally im glad guns arent allowed here but the pro gun argument of americans make sense to me i can understand it
Talking about a revolution to take away all guns surely doesnt help the political climate either
Its up to americans to decide how it should be handled
At least the pro gun arguments arent ridiculous like the left makes it out to be and i do think there are other ways to prevent school shootings

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Looks like Dwayne Johnson

How much for a belly gf

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Stop making things up. Even if he was bullied, it wouldn't matter. Murder and legal AR-15s are not justifiable

Or a dude

I like that

not a man
not a woman
just 56.

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Is that Elon musk?

That's a good thing fuckhead.

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She likes it in the poopy place

As an AR-15 owner I find it comical I'm allowed to have this thing. Literally a killing machine. Literally the only reason for me to own this is because I know I can kill someone with it if I felt I needed to. They're easy to shoot so they're not as fun at the range (vs. a handfun for example), they have no "manliness" factor (shotgun/rifle). They just excel at making it easy to kill someone. And here we are, and people keep getting murdered by AR-15's, and we are just like "meh". This country is fucking hilarious.

Also anyone can fucking own one, I think I paid like $600 for mine.

Man I swear this image gets worse everytime I see it.

amerifat detected

>post pics of self on Veeky Forums
>surprised it turns out badly

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pls don't say mean things about gunban-chan. thx!

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Why can't States ban them and Hogg can fuck off

Goddamn. I'd be scared the recoil on that piece would break my hip.

I bet you can't name the girl I posted without Google or a reverse image search.

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like 10k


Why are you baiting this hard