How depressive are you right now?

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XRP is debating whether it should go under 6k or not.

The reality is it should go under 6k.

But too, too many people will be burned past the point of believing in XRP if it does go under 6k.

We are basically at the mercy of ripple labs right now.
Do they decide to take substantial profits and basically give up on XRP until xCurrent is mass adopted.

Or do they double down on believing normans will shill their XRP enough to prop up the price to 10k again.

Comfy af
Hands becoming weak as we speak but im still good.
Maaan guys wait for the Mastercard announcement

Lets all hold a centralised kike coin and hope it goes big dick again. Kys please

I dont see a proof of your "centralize" point...

when BTC goes sub $6k, set your buys in the $0.25-0.30 range, then hold for the inevitable normie pump round 2

I'm buying more. Anyone investing short term is making a mistake

>Comfy af
>Hands becoming weak

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I'll keep buying more until the summer. Then I'll hold long-term and use my monthly savings to buy stocks.

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You sound just like a braindead dog who would throw money into XRP when it passed 3 dollars. Oh wait, I am sure you did..

Concerning the 'fake news hurr durr' from their own site:

"Ripple for Financial Institutions, network operators and regulators play critical roles scaling and providing stability to payment systems. Ripple enhances the existing payment stack, offering real-time settlement infrastructure at the foundation." Ripple owns the majority of coins right now. Their main customers are going to be big financial institutions - the one thing Satoshi wanted to burn in hellfire. I'm sure you're in a great project user. Keep drooling

Actually you are the /pol/ brainwashed normie. Your mindless heard fear of "muh jewcoin" prevented you from buying xrp @ .20 @ .60 @ $1

Now you are bitter you missed out on selling it for almost $4
I feel sorry for people like you who think they are thinking their own thoughts.

You aren't refuting what I said, just spouting shit. I bought XRP early 2017 while you were hoping for Under Armour stocks to take off again. And guess what? I didn't hold in january. You seem upset bud. Did you fall for the HODL meme and still clutching those kikecoin bags?

>Bought XRP in 2017
>Didn't hold through Jan 2018
>Attacks people who buy and hold XRP.

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4get pic

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I can't refute what you said because I don't know anything about satoshi or his vision. Don't really care either. XRP is the collusionless currency digital libertarians have always dreamed of. Im not a cypherpunk.

Also was telling everyone HODL was a meme invented by whales to get you to hold their bags as much as I could. Was banned from many circles for saying that.

XRP is gay and the memes are unfunny. You idiots jumped at the smelly jew bait. Enjoy. Crypto for banks LOL. Vegetarian pig farm.

Here is another brainwashed normie. Poor guys. .

Funny about that. It doesnt sound like he hates Ripple that much from this quote.

"Ripple is interesting in that it's the only other system that does something with trust besides concentrate it into a central server." - Satoshi

Source - pastebin.com/Na5FwkQ4


Not at all I swung out to catch BNB at 10.50-10.70, just calculated that I can almost double my original xrp stack if I bought back now, I’ll wait a little longer because I think BNB has much more room to go before burn.

>MFW I took a chance that wasn’t that risky andcwill end up with double or triple my stack in a couple weeks.

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sold at 3.50 and gonna go back in when it hits ..35

Wrong but I know it can be confusing so ill help you out.

Ripple = company = centralized
XRP = coin = decentralized

Hope that helps

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No-ripplers BTFO. Ripple is lawful good confirmed.

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Why the fuck would you want MORE Ripple though. Have fun giving back your gains

Ripple didnt come out until 2012 you literal moron

Long term it’s a great play. How’s your XLM bags?

It's true that xrp memes are unfunny but ripple net will be the foundation of web 3.0 aka internet of value. lets hope the memes will be just as funny as our fiat bags in 2020

It's existed since 2004, no-rippler.

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Why may I ask do you guys think that XRP is going to be gone? Just today they donated to schools:

Satoshi mentioned ripple in his early pre bitcoin correspondent as interesting you idiot AKA when satoshi was creating bitcoin he know about the early Ripple P2P digital asset idea created by Ryan Fugger. This was part of his inspiration to create bitcoin

This. People don't realize XRP allows them to be their own banks because they can allocate trust to identities. It's an amazingly pure coin because it uses Trust as an enforcment method.

For people actually interested in Trust and Digital currencies here is a nice video that's crash course. There is an awful irony that XRP has been labeled as the evil banker coin when it's actually the exact opposite.

Anyways here is the link, strongly advise anyone who wants true freedom to watch:


Ripple existed before Bitcoin man. It was the original decentralized method of exchange. XRP was invented in 2012.

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Ripple labs didnt want to bother with ICO security token redistribution or mning, they just pulled 100bln tokens out of their ass and cashed in 100% profit from every token ever sold (and to ever be sold). XRP token profit funding their main projects xCurrent (no XRP) xVia (no XRP) and xRapid (XRP). Not a single bank is interested in using xRapid and if they ever will, they will not be entering public market to buy and sell XRP but rather use the 60bln (confirmed) tokens held off ledger by Ripple labs. These will not be accounted in the trading volume and will have no impact on the public market exchange price. Ripple labs staff hold majority of tokens and at 3$ per XRP the CEO was the riches man in the crypto world. At 10$ he would be the richest man on the planet. I dont see any bank or a major financial entity being ok with that, making someone own the entire planet just for basically pulling his own money out of his ass. This all together is an obvious scam and once the governemnt actually start to understand crypto currency and apply a regulation, Ripple labs will be the first to get hit... hard. Since they are centralized and private profit company, they just know where to go and pull the plug.

XRP has been streamlined since by people who developed bitcoin early days. You guys all fell for the bank coin trap/manipulation. in the early days of XBT there was a similar war going on like the BTC / BHC one going on in late 2017. There was no public interest back than so it happened under the radar. it ended in some people developing a google ventures backed coin called XRP. aimed a corporate use case. that's all. the rest is 12 year old boys FUD bank coin.

Ahahahahhaah! keep fighting man. You'll beat them someday!

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Ripple is to big to fail. it is backed by
Google Ventures
Andreessen Horowitz
CME Ventures

if it would somehow fail, they have so much cash that can make it work anyway/what ever way. Not buying XRP now at 50 cent is just plain stupid.


People of BIZ should educate themselves on XRP and Ripple the company. originated from 2004! redeveloped by Jed McCaleb (the crook that is responsible for the mt gox "theft", the money was never stolen but wasn't there in the first place when he sold Mt gox)
and David Schwartz one of the most genius coders and thinkers in this industry. Please read hackernoon.com/ripple-xrp-coin-review-6b13b7b19c13 and educate yourself to be free from the fud army.

you think i left bitcoin to develop bank software?

That was a quote from Warren Paul Anderson early BTC developer. I'm no expert in this but last i heard bank software has so many ISO standards and has to be tested on so many different levels that changing one line of code could cost $$$$$$$ and takes months. it is the most boring frustrating profession on the planet.

a "kike" coin that donated to schools to prove they are not kike

Once Ripple makes the announcement that banks are working with them, people like us and institutional investors will push the price up, dumbfuck.

Its never ending good news for Ripple.

You burgers can now buy XRP with fiat/credit/debit on Uphold. Ability to withdraw XRP coming in next few weeks.


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This was a nice thread with alot of good info. Still not sure XRP will stay over 6000 sats but that doesn't really matter in the long term. Proud of you guys even the fudders.

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lol you again spreading fud
and making assumptions of what banks are going to do, accept it, you dont know what are you talking about, and xrapid is exactly the oposite of your fud
>tokens held off ledger
come on..
>xrp will take the biggest hit
ripple labs works with regulators

thanks user, only a few of us reading this...

>xrp is decentralized
>we need regulation so xrp can thrive
the average xrp owner. every one of them wants regulation so other more promising coins are killed off for their banker trojan coin.

Most of us recognize the simple reality that the majority of people want government and want regulation, and therefore those things will always exist. Furthermore, we recognize the reality that proof of work coins are too slow to serve as a global currency. Those who invest according to fantasies about overthrowing governments and regulation will be punished most severely on the Day of The Ripple. Those who invest according to the reality of the world and human nature will be richly rewarded.

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both if you like money

XRP is only good for cashing out after a pump. Don't stick around too long and get Jewed.

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I'm bullish on XRP no matter what anybody says! When Western Union and Money Gram announce that testing went well, XRP will moon!

If your coin is so promising then regulation wouldn't kill it off. Your real problem is you know most coins are pure scams that have no place in a respectable world market.

Trustless systems are the future but those are still decades away. The tech just isn't here yet.

>If your coin is so promising then regulation wouldn't kill it off. Your real problem is you know most coins are pure scams that have no place in a respectable world market.
give the government a foot and they will take a mile.

sorry not a brainlet...

XRP value prop = replace swift
Current 'partners' = money transfer institutions

# of crypto projects that will render money transfers obsolete = just about all including XRP

# of crypto projects that will devastate the banking industry = just about all

don't be a retard. trade xrp, never hold that piece of shit.

I swear to Christ I will make 1 post on biz everyday when the standard is set. I can't wait to brag to every dumbass who shits on this god tier creation.

It will be the most brutal and ruthless shitposting this board has ever seen. Daily reminder that Ripple is testing an upgrade called Cobalt that will result in 1-second transaction times.


The Day of The Ripple approaches...

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I hope everyone is collecting screenshots of all the salty no-ripplers for this occasion

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Dude... we work together. I know who you are and you know me!