Boys, should I hold? It'd going to bounce, right?

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probably but that looks like a pretty clear double top

I can't find it on Binance?

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Binance Pro only sorry

Fuck even Tesla is getting Bart'ed now

> not using Binance Pro

Buy more bitch sale

did they got theranos'ed? was the snake oil salesman caught?

This isn't a crypto chart

I feel mentally raped

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>mfw when even stock now look like pnd shitcoins...

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>send your cars into outer space
>pour billions into literal moon missions

No wonder it's going down.

crypto newb millionaires joined stocks
this is the result

Apparently Musk stepped down last week. Wtf

Tesla's dead. But lithium ion battery powered cars were a dead end anyway.


>SAN FRANCISCO:SpaceXandTeslaCEOElon Muskhas quit the board ofOpenAI, a non-profitartificial intelligence(AI)

>getting rekt in crypto
>getting rekt in stocks

the state of bizz

there ain't no bouncing from this one kid, look at all the trapped bagholders above

Oh I guess I read fake news. So he didn't step down from tesla.. Interesting.. Wonder why it's dumping.

1 person died because running blindly on a street.
>millions lose money.

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Last time it tanked from 200s to 120$ a share, then recovered the whole way. It'll tank again, but will recover in a year or two when model 3's are everywhere. Yes, a year or two. Stocks move fucking slow compared to crypto.

dat feeling that in two years my linkies will be worth more than tesla stock.

ok, I've made a little JUST meme

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Probably because the only thing in the news right now about him is how his dad fucked his own daughter and had a son with her.... hard to run a company when you have a brother-nephew

No, the car absolutely shouldn't have killed her. The street wasn't as dark as the dash cam made it look and she should have been spotted by the LIDAR anyway. Uber are fucked.