Opening a dispensary

Hey whats up Veeky Forums, haven't been on here for awhile...
Needs some tips on what to do, starting out fresh. I've never done anything like this but, my grandma 63 years old bless her heart will be helping me and she has all the $$$ in the world (;
Also some pointers if i have a product to sell to a dispensary, how would i go about selling something like that?
Tips and tricks is mainly what im looking for, i already have an idea of what to sell and a company name etc etc.
Anything helps (;

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Whats up?

What state are you in, or Canada?

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Suck my balls


I'm in CO already.



Decide if you are going to grow your own or purchase from an accredited grower.

Then make a vaporwave themed shop. Instant billionaire.

So with a large amount of capital you need a business plan.

Did I misunderstand your post?

You want to open a dispensary or sell your product to dispensaries? Please clarify.

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hey co bro, just be sure to hire me and pay me an obscene amount of your grandmas money to sit at a desk and smoke weed

really though, it seems like it's a very saturated market at least along the front range

here's a serious tip, be sure to open it within a few blocks of a college campus

While this post is full of generally gay advice, I will agree that the Denver market is gonna be saturated.

What’s your appetite for relocation? Would you consider a more unsettled frontier?

you're the gay one, the college campus advice is fucking solid

I'd say Boulder or Fort Collins are optimal locations, there's just so many in denver

A resort town is another good option but supply chain shit will be difficult.
I was around for the opening of the first and only one in Crested Butte and I can't imagine how much fucking money they rake in.

An interesting anecdote, I have a normie friend who instead of buying $30 eighths from a dispo a block from his house, drives 20 minutes out to the boonies to buy a $20 eigtht from a shop that has a $20.18 eighth special

so having a advertised special that brings people in is probably a good idea
doesn't even have to be a loss leader, shit is so cheap to grow

This is some good advice
Get on Leafly and keep your menu updated, pay attention to prices in your area. I will drive an extra 20 minutes for better prices even if I really like the closer one. Also hire me when I move over to the front range.

Well i'd much rather prefer to open a dispensary, but to build a name i could also just sell my main product to local dispensaries.

i can't believe i misspelled eighth 1/3 times, and said "a[n] advertised special"

drugs r bad

Grow my own def, what is vaporwave?? Never hard of something like that hah??

Want to keep it small and simple, nothing to big. Resort town is what im thinking, maybe something like parachute but not? you know what im saying..

Advertising laws are kinda stupid, dont know much about them but i read somewhere that the major population that is viewing your ad has to be 21+, so it makes it hard to advertise.

I definitely wouldn't go west of the Vail valley dude, beyond that is fucking no-man's-land

you want a wealthy resort town like vail, aspen, etc

you have to keep in mind people started opening dispos everywhere 10 years ago, you're pretty late in the game and will have to make it something really special

You're more than likely not going to be able to produce high enough quality weed to keep an operation running, the only places that don't buy their ganj from an outside source are the places with a 30,000 square foot grow warehouse in the back

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Kinda late to the game (; i dont know everyone thinks their product is amazing, but honestly i know my product is a sure fire in the hole. so what you're saying is i should just buy from a manufacture then grow??

and 20 full time employees staffing the grow op

btw the vaporwave themed shop is a neat idea

I picture a dark shop with a thick strip of pink neon lights running the perimeter of the interior, tropical plants in minimalist white flowerpots, and a white marble floor

floral shoppe on repeat blasting 24/7

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I'm saying that unless you're willing to have a full grow op going it's uneconomical and silly to try and stock the shop with "your own" weed. not to mention the additional regulations imposed thereupon. The need for THC% testing, etc

There's plenty of people that run major grow ops just to supply dispensaries, and most dispensaries within city limits buy their stock from such people rather than grow on-site

You need to sit down and make a plan. Your idea is obviously very early. Many people (probably with less capital) have the same idea, but without a plan to differentiate yourself, and the right location you may fail. Sit down and start with goals. Short medium long.

Don’t listen to people who don’t know shit about it.

>HURR durrrrrr opens next to colleges you’ll get mad gains! I went to a desprenrory so I know things!

The zoning of a town, and their appetite for pot business is a basic knowledge point. If there aren’t already 3 pot ships near a college there’s a reason. Start at the beginning.

>tldr you need a plan

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Just learned what vaporwave is, honestly it would fit the product perfectly.
Are there any shops like that already?? Want to look more into it

Thats what i hear all the time, make a plan, that doesn't make sense to me.. I know thats dumb to say but honestly, i know my product, i know where, and i know what.
Making a 10 year plan i know is necessary but how would i even begin to start something like that? I don't know how good my product will sell or how much customers ill be bringing in.
I dont know fuck plans im kind of the type to just go head first into things.

My goals? Have a stable running dispensary that'll support me for the rest of my life haha? I don't know, theres so many goals to be written down.

If you're seriously interested in this idea overall there are people that consult on these matters and know how to do it properly.

Yeah Veeky Forums Biz.

hey fuck you buddy, i was trimming nugs at age 12 with my pappy

google Vert's Neighborhood Dispensary and look at the map, the place literally has a line out the door every night
that's all i was going by

you sound like a fucking dumbass honestly, best of luck


>he forgets CA tourism
There was a race to be the western most dispo there for a while, too bad Junction still has a ban on them. And there's still a half a million on the western slope of CO, though if you could break in with Tumbleweed trying to strangle the whole area is another question.

I mean I know some people but why should I give you their business?

yeah because califags get to some buttfuck town on the Western Slope, buy some weed, and go home

and they do this year round

and all those wealthy western slope millenials are sure to be popping in like flies to shit

Going to dispensaries and discussing business with the owners. Then looking into the law and contacting people. Doing all that stuff. You have to meet a certain criteria for quality and a consistent grow operation. Good business to be in. It's still growing and hopefully every state and even more countries will see the benefits of not only medical weed, but hemp too.

In fact, I bought some legal hemp flowers. .0% THC and 15% CBD. For those that can't smoke due to drug tests, it's another product.

The CBD hemp game is going to continue profit for the next 3-5 years probably, barring some major pharmaceutical and government change.

you sound retarded man don't waste your grandmas money on this

If said buttfuck town is the closest, yes. Have you seen the shit DeBeque of all places has been building? Check out their fire department.
>and all those wealthy western slope millenials are sure to be popping in like flies to shit
You have a nice place and even halfway decent prices? Yeah. Every single time I've been to Tumbleweed in Parachute or the Weedery in Palisade its full.The average customer age has to be well above 30, you know like the rest of the area barring CMU.

That's nice to see happen since the William Randolph Hearst crap that happened. Lots of use for it and always will be. Can't believe it's going at 2 cents a share.

You might want to grab some Pfizer ;)

are you too fucking stupid to just google the advice you're getting spoonfed?

How in fucks name will u run a business?

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Well are you going to sell to dispensaries or open one? Pick one you nignog, you can't have both.
You're asking for advice on fucking Veeky Forums. You are way out of your league kid.

I actually don't hold any stocks. Just some crypto and that's been a trainwreck. I despise big pharma, but Pfizer is the top of the drug chain. GrubHub is another one that's been good. They partnered with YUM and it's been going up. a bit. My dad has a list of drugs he takes and 80% are Pfizer. Huge profiting from breathing medications.

Bayer and Monsanto also just merged. Before that Monsanto bought up one of if not the biggest indoor lighting companies, some fertilizer companies and general hydroponics. This market hasn't even begun to surge.

A genre of music. Comes with its own aesthetic.

Emotionally, I couldn't invest in Monsanto. I don't believe in their products. Tempting to because the money is there. That's pretty big Monsanto is doing all that though.

I agree it is disgusting. I'm hoping a smaller micro and premium market emerges and maintains, kind of like craft beer. I'd rather see small family owned farms than giant hydro setups.