Dipping just because of the market and we still good, or what?

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Shit chink scamcoin, dumped immeditialy when it started to dump, basic chink pnd scam coin chink scam

total pajeet coin

dumped at the top

feels good

it was an obvious PND OP didn't you get the memo?

Hahahaha still clutching those bags user? Sell once Biz starts shilling, you dumb cunt

Altcoins are fucking everything up. So many of them and 99% of them are scams to take your money. The only coins you should buy are in the top 100 and not all of those are legit either.

Crypto is so fucked.

Actually im still positive on it, so, no. Not currently bag holding.

We've moved on to REN, next pump. With actual big venture backing

Shill me

There was too much hype for me to buy olds one of the progs had a guy Fawkes mask

Yeah we are good user, literally the only time it dips is when BTC does.

Lmao at the exact same FUD responses every. single. time. -

Yeah I think this isnt dipping below 10. I think its fine. It was shilled a bit but not heavily. Some bag holders out there definitely. Once the market goes back up as well as BTC, I dont see why this wont.

I made threads every day about how bad it is. With the tree as picture. Why don't you listen. Banyan tree is literally the tree of india.

lol i also dumped this shit almost at the top
learned my lesson with INT
muh connections muh CEO is justin sun #2

The play is a 2 month hold, not a two week. You kids just have to commit and not let short term fluctuations get the best of your emotions. I know you put your whole mcdicks paycheck in but have some patience.

Going to be big, check the backers. YT shills are going to have a field day when they get onto it.

KEK not even a team, fuck off pajeet.

Are you illiterate? Not even invested in this, but it took me 2 seconds to find their team and advisors?

Bad site if i can't see it in one glance.

Also: Susruth Nadimpalli (Developer),Ajay Prakash (Community). KEK PAJEET


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>Bad site if i can't see it in one glance

You have to scroll down, it's not that fucking hard. Not many coins have their team RIGHT AT THE TOP just so user can racially profile them ASAP

More than just connections, they are the connection. Co founder was CEO at Union Pay Smart. Big data section of Union Pay. Peopld like you will never make it.

Only thing keeping my portfolio afloat in this pos bear market still up 150%

Done shopping for shitcoin p&d bullshit riding this one wherever it goes, just don't fucking care anymore.

fucking retarded OP still holding chink scam bags

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