Alt season

Get in now or you'll regret it. But I know biz hates money

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tron is probably the best bet right now. It's going to moon soon because coin burn and test net are coming in a couple days. I am holding about 10 k currently and accumulating more on these prime prices right now.

Cant wait. Holding 2 mil here

sup whale bro

*baby whale. Let's make some fucking money. Cant wait for these losers to notice what they're about to miss out on

they will fomo in at the peak high price and sell when it dumps on the news like always.

This thread is a nice group chat for you two.

gtfo you smelly indian poo. I see the corn you had last night from here.

Priced in

stay poor

where did all these TRON shills come from?

It's just all the idiots holding tron still coming out in full force grasping at any news they can. It's going to be great with multiple exchanges adding fiat pairs and alts moon across the board except shitcoins like tron

This is the time to buy in just before the erruption!

> Java.
Eat chink dick fucktards

What does it even do?

they wouldnt listen. now tron is just about over 600 sats

priced in af

I've been hodling in Tron for more than a week.

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yet it keeps going up. Silly biz never changes.

It's amazing how many new people tron Pajeets. Gotta hand it to them. It's like a cult.

Internet 4.0

over 600 sats. This is just the beginning.

If only I could get 1 BTC every time a tronny told me it was just the beginning when they broke 5-600 sats.

615 sats. Go ahead miss out on the moon mission. Tron is going to pump all the way to the news. 1000 sats incoming

I will miss out on this one and stay poor. See ya at 300 after the 19th pump and dump finishes.

maybe on April 1st, Its all up till the 31st before testnet releases

If bitcoin dives like it has been trying to do it won't matter about whatever announcement of an announcement Justin told you about.

Why would it dive? Its kept support consistently

Have you not seen how fast it recovers? Pls user.....

lol, put your morals aside and follow the money. We have two full days before testnet and everyone knows Justin will pump trx full of hot air right until the last minute.

Priced in


People trade right up to the news because they know everyone else will.

Really? It goes up every day poor fuck

Can someone explain what TRON actually does and what problem it solves?
This thing is deepbrainlet chain tier of buzzwords.
>muh decentralized web

You must be new here. All cryptos are vaporware scams whose supposed purpose (which will never crystallise anyway) wouldn't help anyone at all.

Their purpose is to be thinly-veiled speculative assets, with different silly branding, teams, partners, fake tech, etc.

This used to be a free system until the MCP. TRON fights for the users.

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Whale Pics of GTFO