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I impregnated a billionaire heiress now I'm set 4 life. Why you don't do this???

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> stories that never happened.

Anyhow. you won't get nothing , the child will though.

In case it is true. I can assure you that those people have stashed away their cash in hundreds of legal entities all over the world. Also they have the money and power to hire the best lawyers in the world.

Just look at James Stunt ? you think he got anything from the 5 billion ? he gets nothing.


But when she dumps you, you'll have to pay child support and alimony and the payments will have to match the quality of life she's used to. All your future income will go to her and you'll be in debt for the rest of your life

What's up with her gopher face

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That's not how it works, she pays him (the one who makes more)

you're speaking as if he's trying to get $$$ by divorcing her, when in fact he's set for life if he simply stays with her and she takes care of most of the financial concerns. you also fail to note that he's basically a top male model now, so he's also making $$$ of his own.

the point OP is making is simple: if you marry a rich girl and get her pregnant, and you stay with her, you are set for life.

sure, he might "get nothing" if they end up divorcing, but at least that's better than if he married a middle class or girl poorer than him, and who he has to pay spousal support to if they divorced.

people like you have no fucking real world experience and to make matters worse you have no reading comprehension. eat shit niglet.
"you won't get nothing" -- spoken like a true niglet.

Why would he need anything? The guy is basically a billionaire himself.

OP is the jew now.

Nah bro if she's the rich one and doesn't get full custody you're getting paid not her. No reason for her to get full custody unless you do some violent crime or become an addict

You really are an ignorant little turd

Is it me or there is (((something))) strange about her nose? And isn't that the good looking prisoner that went viral?

Bet this nigger is homeless within 5 years.

that's like being a parasite.. I rather be poor than leaching off other people

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Pic is your sister. You are too ugly.

why did you feel the need to post some ugly SEA bitch taking a dab lmao

Lmao she's getting an abortion you tard

>the point OP is making is simple: if you marry a rich girl and get her pregnant, and you stay with her, you are set for life.

So you can be a turbo neet for the rest of your life? sounds fun

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he already was. He's the dude that got arrested and his mugshot went viral, and got a modeling career out of it

The guy in OP’s pic got famous for having a “sexy” mugshot.

It's my fetish..

>says the memecoin trader

found the low test white boy

She's Jewish and he's the felon guy.

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I’m not a scumbag.

I had the chance to tie down a millionaire, but money isn’t worth being miserable, you literal nigger.

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I mean homeless again. Zero to hero to zero.

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You don’t look like him, and there would be a prenup for your ugly ass.


GL Ndjoku Brempong

Shes Jewish

>Zero to hero to zero.

Pretty much everyone on Veeky Forums after the bubble popped

I love watching kikes get blacked.

Do you think the Jewish men are pissed? Or do they think she's a dumb ho? Or both?

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She would pay you alimony, and child support goes to who is with kid 51 percent or more.

Probably a bit of both

probably just an emotionally unstable, rich thot
>t. jew

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you mean enslaved for life. you don't get to enjoy any of that now?

Imagine how powerful female instincts must be to have all the money, power, and choice in the world, and you STILL let a criminal impregnate you. It's like you can unironically bring in David Attenbourough to narrate this primitive, primal subconscious urge and put it on a nature channel.

Don't leave your girlfriends alone fellas...

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His girlfriend is a fucking mess.

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They aren't exactly easy to find

I am the Glob-glo-gab-galab
The shwabble-dabble-wabble-gabble flibba blabba blab
I'm full of shwibbly glib-a-kind
I am the yeast of thoughts and minds

oh no what the hell

He must be a Veeky Forumsraeli to have hooked a brapper like that.
Do you think he berrys his face in that?

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I don't know a single person worth more than $10 million that enters a marriage without a prenup. The only rich people that don't have prenups are people that made their money after marriage.

If we are talking billion of $s, you are unlikely to ever touch that money and it's probably also shielded from you even if your spouse dies. Only the kids can benefit and they will be on a short leash with a strict trustee.

Lol. Those are Kzin. They'd enslave furries and farm them for meat.

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she's not that great body wise but I appreciate she's got a fat butt. I can only imagine how busted the front side of her looks tho.. still it's a flabby fat butt but it's got a slight appeal. he probably fucks in ass daily

how did they even meet?

oh god what the fuck she's nasty

im ugly

my kike wife's father is worth 280 million. im also worth about 18 million but im only 33. it really does pay to go to your local country club and fancy restaurants goys. learn to mingle with money and youll make it too.

found the nigger.

has anyone talked to the mods about getting this nigger kicked off?

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My nword this is the best advice on biz except I'm black and I've heard it heard it before but still to hear someone who's done it

That kid looks like he's straight out of the creatura images

She's right. Let's face it. This guy is good looking. She is a billionaire heir, so she doesn't need a provider. All she needs is some good genes to mix with hers. That's why she picked LA CREATURA to procreate with.

el creaturita

I can't believe her father didn't manage to prevent this. He's probably a leftist creep. Anyways this guy will beat her and it will be over soon. But they will probably write him a big check to fuck off.

santa maria...

does this not blow anyone else's mind?

This dude is a fucking gang member felon, and now he's SET for life simply cause he's attractive

all that matters in this world is looks

>Guy is a convicted rapist
>But it's fine because he's attractive

What the fuck is wrong with women?

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He's not a convicted rapist tf are you taking about moron jealous little dick bitch

what this the mugshot nigga? holy shit no way, the absolute madman. BASED

I was wondering the same thing kek

Unironically thinking of making thousands of flyers with this is and just setting them loose on campus.

um ever heard of wakonda sweetie?

That's that one "handsome felon" guy that was on the news.

Like you guys could do better.

imagine being a billionaire and then your daughter gets with an ex convict. I would cut her out of my will

>be tall and good looking
>win at life


Lol all the people hating on the dude, he's handsome as hell. She had all the money and choice of men in the world, and her female instincts still made her choose the tall dark handsome man despite the fact he's a fucking felon. In fact, being a felon probably helped cause women love "bad boys" deep down

Womens brains cannot function once they see a chad, their fake walls just melt away. Seriously when a woman decides she's really into a guy they will do anything (for however long that she is into him, which will fade and then she will jump to the next cock on the carousel)

Also he wasn't a rapist, was a felon though.

I went to HS with him. AMA

is he nice? he looks like he acts tough but is secretly beta inside

Just a normal guy, nothing stood out to me. Vanden HS, really diverse school being next to the air force base as well as proximity to bay area.

So you're from Stockton?

Where'd you go, Stagg?

Move aside I'm GOING TO VOMIT

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>be 2028
>Breaking News:
>"Chloe Green and child found dead in Monaco residence"
>"Prime suspect estranged partner and father Jeremy Meeks nowhere to be found"
>3 years later
>"Oh how hansom"
kek, enjoy the circus.

>His girlfriend is a fucking mess.
His girlfriend is the gold on his wrist.

because im a ugly sperg with no social skills

you know he's getting mad side pussy. He also has a modeling contract with a major agency so he probably doesn't even care that much if they break it off. dude is set for life no matter what happens to him

do you know Nick Diaz?

he is, that's what the felony was

We all want money to bang thots, why should you have billions $$ if you're married? No purpose to spend the money

You need to be a true alpha to not let that make you anxious

anyone with even a little bit of nigDNA will find "thicc" bitches like chloe green hot...they love all white wimmenz, no matter their size. a nigger will fuck a 50 yr old woman who is slender, or a chubby 30 yr old, or a fat 40 yr old. it doesn't matter.

t. vietnamese but i think and act like a nigger on a daily basis