Please shill me on nano biz, considering to buy sirs

Please shill me on nano biz, considering to buy sirs

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It's the best pure currency out there, what more is there to shill?
>fast as shit
>zero fees (to network that is)
>grassroots beginnings, well respected dev team
>honest beginnings, no premine, just a faucet
>is one of the only cryptos that can actually stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Visa and Mastercard
>would be a front runner for mass adoption (no network congestion from ICOs, not over complicating with smart contracts. Just clean and simple, fast feeless money)
>limited supply

>fast, free, non-dilutive share structure
it has its flaws, but compared to everything else... it's golden.

this is the real $1000 EOY coin Veeky Forums should be buying, but they are too stupid. that's ok, they don't deserve it

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Please pump it. I've been holding these bags since $18.

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>best currency
>hasn't herd of Bitcoin

please friend its getting old at this point

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choose 1

it seems promissing, why is it at all time low (since the december bullrun)?
I'm surprised Theymos let you out of your cell. We have no room for maximalists here, just stay in your echo chamber and keep pretending it's perpetually 2014.

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It went on a huge run not only because of the overall bull market in December, but because it was only on dinky exchanges. When you have a high demand coin only available on low volume exchanges, the prices tend to reflect that. Almost like a bottleneck effect. You'll notice the 24h volume at the ATH was much lower than it is now at the "bottom."
I would read up on the BitGrail hack as well which I'm sure is keeping the prices down as much as our current market.

do you hate money? then nano is your coin. plus if you rearrange the letters it spells 'user'

It's backed by Proof of Normies. That's why it'll succeed.

Let's be honest here the only thing normies will adopt something is if it's easy and free to use. This is both

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stay poor

Ok, you wanted me to shill it, I will do it. It's instant, feeless, and very scaleable. The team is active, committed and very friendly and the community is very active and enthusiastic like in the early days of bitcoin. Biz hates it because .. well who gives a shit why.

Some of the "counterarguments" you see are absolute bullshit, for example watch out for anyone claiming "double spending", which doesn't exist. There may be an issue with how much voting power some of the representatives have, however there are very solid plans to "solve" those issues in the future. (Personally I am not concerned about this "issue" at all.)

Also... I thought for the past half year that Bitcoin will die in 2018.
I still think it will and I think Nano will swim on top along with a few other coins next year. A single bitcoin transaction eats over 800 kWh by now, that shit needs to stop.

Pretty much all of this.

It's also the only up and comer that's made by white/western people and not chinks.

Less and less people subscribing daily to the subreddit, thats how i know things are moving slower then ever.

Maybe it's because the whole space is in a bear market ?


It has no real objective, nothing to drive hype. It stands simply as a token "currency".

You could make the argument for low fees when bitcoin had high transaction costs but now scaling solutions are rolling out / well in the pipeline for both BTC (lightning) and ETH (plasma sharting). Its not a interesting selling point.

Next bull run, be it summer / eoy / 2 years off this coin won't have a good position to market itself. Its not a good hold.

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I don't think anyone really knows why it's losing so much compared to others, but in general all crypto is overvalued right now.