Dislike girl at work so i ignore her

>dislike girl at work so i ignore her
>tfw she ignores me too and im sad about it

why am i this insecure

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Start a business together

because you are immature. We have all been there.

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how do i get mature im 22 desu

travel, speak to new people, meet new people, make mistakes, fuck things up, go on crazy adventure... basically live !

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i traveled around Africa. gave me a lot of perspective and life experience.

And obviously I'm not talking about going to a resort and not leaving the hotel...

or going on a drinking holiday to ibiza or whatever. that's not what I mean

It just means you're secretly a nice person user. This is a good thing. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

By putting yourself in uncomfortable positions where you need to overcome adversity. By failing repeatedly. By experiencing pain. By building discipline and accomplishing difficult tasks/goals.


OP I know it's easier said than done, so I'll spoon feed you a few.

>Do things on your own

Go out on a friday night completely on your own and socialize with various people. Go to events completely alone and meet new people. Travel alone. This is where your true self shines.

>Martial arts
Pick up a striking/grappling art and learn it. I find fighting hardens men and instills in them a deep confidence.


Calms your mind, reduces anxiety. not the end all be all, but a contributing tool.

>like girl at work so I ignore her
>tfw she ignores me too for first few months, now she won't stop giving me attention

im still asking that and im 48

ask her out and watch her recoil in disgust

Congrats, you figured out the secret to getting women

any more of this milk truck?

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I wouldn't date her she's just nice to look at and talk to

you both need makeup sex

yeah sex is overrated, i don't like it either

Nope, some pajeet posted it in a fb group related to old coin collecting.. don't ask me why..

Or, you could become even more jaded by realizing that people are even shittier than you first imagined.

I stopped giving a fuck basically.. I just do my own things and that's it..

I keep nice people as friends and retards, drama queens and morons get booted. Simple as that.

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>thread about girls on Veeky Forums
>350 replies guaranteed

I have something to say about that as well.

I stopped pursuing relationships as well. Not interested anymore. If I want to get laid I just visit the local brothel around the corner here. Which I do once a month

And yes obviously there is more to a relationship than just sex... but I can sleep very well alone at night, just to name something. Also I enjoy a dinner very well alone.

tfw your wife used to look like this but then she got pregnant and now she's ruined bc latina genetics don't bounce back

marry her, is the only way.

even without pregnancy they all go this road after 30.

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>Go out on a friday night completely on your own and socialize with various people

how do you do that? just hit up a group of people and join their conversation? how tf?

you are both attracted to eachother.

Smoking, unronically
Asking someone for a light or being asked for a light is without a doubt the perfect conversation starter.

are you sure you aren't the girl? you sound like one.

What the other user said op.
I have dated a shit load of girls and all the people I know look at me like the most confident guy. But with new girls, i also have that thing, just care what they think even if i don't want anything from them and just think they are nice. Obv, not in a girl bitch way but it crosses my mind.

I am going to study abroad for some experience, learn to do everything alone and meet all new people, think it will be good in the end. Maybe something like that? Also, just try to push the thought out, work on you and be the best version than everyone likes you. It's a grind tho and you maybe never accomplish it.It's fun tho, it's called life. Goodluck

Not that everyone needs to like you. But you get the idea. Also the girls i dated all were from my town so i kinda knew them, which meant i was that confident guy. Or so far away that i wouldnt care.

>how do i get mature im 22

You can speed the process up by trying and failing a lot and learn from the experiences.


Have fucked several girls doing exactly this.

I have a qt asian coworker who talks to me a lot and sends me snaps of her lunch and other cute stuff. we always talk about drinking or doing acid but nothing actually happens. how do I not fuck this up, im slightly autistic

>Girl I work with is just my type; petite, olive skin, green eyes, slim but with pert booty
>Avoid her because don't want drama or sexual harassment charge
>Walking to work this week
>Reading a particularly jovial Veeky Forums thread on my phone
>Forget myself and say "My linky stays super stinky" with a shit eating grin on my face
>notice someone to my left
>Girl from work who was walking at my pace
>She now quickly speeds up and is walking faster

She fucking heard me. I don't even think chainlink will be worth $1 EOY.
Fuck my life.

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For fucks sake be a man and stop waiting for her to do it. JUST LEAD. SHE IS WAITING.

I bought chainlink at $1

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How do you kiss girls who smoke?
I can't even stand it when a smoker gets on the bus I have to move to the other end.

>sends me snaps of her lunch
Was she dropped on her head, or is that like the snapchat thing where she is sending that to everyone?

Just ask her to make you lunch one time in a joking manner.
For example:
>Looks tasty, make one for me next time, haha

The haha is key in these situations.

Explain the oracle problem to her, it's like printing pussy.

she just sends me random snaps of things in the office that are funny, pretty sure im the only one

theyre usually premade salads from trader joes, so i dont think i can say that.

Smoke yourself so you can't taste it
Also man the fuck up its just tobacco

She might just consider you a friend honestly, if she starts giving you strong iois like touching/staring at you a lot ask her out

This. regardless of if shes into you or not, keep her as a friend so she can hook you up with her other friends.

what in the fuck does this have to do with business & finance

Drink more

>using chainlink oracles to stalk the physical out of your waifu's imperfect meat form
>use the data to 3D print her vagina and ascend

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>using chainlink oracles to stalk the physical details out of your waifu's imperfect meat form
>use the data to 3D print her vagina and ascend

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no DONT do the 'haha' shit. Holy shit, are you guys a bunch of soy faggots?

Show your intention ffs.

>how do I not fuck this up
you already did. you're a beta-orbiter. the only way to fix it is to pretend you're seeing someone and ignore her.

>Like a girl at the office
>Try to talk to her but she barely responds
>Later she likes me on Tinder but doesn't respond to my message

>The absolute state of biz

>being tsundere FOR A GIRL
pathetic desu

>coworker has birthday
>everyone gratulating her
>fuck its my turn but I ignore her for weeks already
>fuck it, I get up, walk up to her and shake her hand
>say „happy birthday, how old you got?“
>she: „27“
>“what? already?“
>awkward silence

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100% true