Where did all the hype go?

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>bear market

Srsly, nowadays hype lasts 2-3 days with 30% gains, followed by a 30% dump
Check ICX,Nano



The hype was paid faggot

The hype gone to shitty useless tokens which /biz pajeets loves, OP. There's no place here for good ones.

>Muh fast transactions
>Muh zero fees
>How will I ever pay for Twitch streamers
Nano is literally below pajeet tier.

All this hate is the reason I hold nano

oh wow the crippled IOTA ripoff is not doing well, i'm literally crying

Trustworthy reliable WHITE devs user, no need for chinky hype. $20 by EOM

> comes before iota
> iota ripoff
the absolute state

it went to tron. Tron is already up 12 percent today. Strap in for the moon.


All coins besides BTC are now viewed for what they really are, useless pieces of shit

Whale larp shilled TRON. Now anons unironically buying it.

Just click on a random Nano thread at plebbit.
The only arguments chads can give for Nano is muh fast transactions, muh zero fees.

They have nothing special on the table. It's just a currency what others can do too. They are late to the party for adaption. They will never beat Litecoin /or LN. Hell, I bet they even can't defeat BCH. Nano hodlers are just poor SJW students. Nothing more.

Charlie Lee shilled it and it dropped.

Tron is a joke, you got JUSTed.

TRON is a literal scam in the middle of a pnd

Lmao.....you guys are retarded as fuck. This shit 100% this past week. Where were you guys? Exactly.....shut the fuck up poor fucks

its accumulationtime, fill your bags and wait for december

It's still super overvalued at $ 6.60. Shouldn't be above serious projects like XVG.

Nano is still the coin that has the most potential to become a global currency.

Anything with fees and mining won't last and won't be accepted by the masses. People want instant feeless NFC in store payments. That's it.

>This shit 100% this past week.
aka a pump brainlet
enjoy the simpsons

Yeah I'll enjoy my extra 50k. I'll enjoy it well for you

Yeah, sure