TFW mining difficulty going down on the shitcoin you're mining

holy fuck this is how you make it, mining isn't a meme, in these bear markets you can mine fuck tons of coins that will inevitably go 1000x in the next few years


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>coins that will inevitably go 1000x in the next few years
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah please be serious

>that will inevitably go 1000x in the next few years
oh sweetie....

If you are mining ethereum, and already got back your initial investment, great.
Else just buy and hold. Ethereum most likely will go PoS this year.

If you are mining doge tho, you can't go wrong.

>tfw mining 1000 etn a day and 0.2 eth a day

>tfw the easier it is to mine the less its worth

>there's never going to be another bullrun
topfuckingkek retards, did your wittle portfolios get burned this december?

mining eth is kind of shit unless you have a 10 series

yeah but that means more coins for me, also means they have more space to moon during the next bullrun

more coins worth even less that nobody wants to buy?

more coins that have more potential for growth. Nah you're right though, should just forget about crypto and wait to for the headlines to show BTC breaking 20k before ever buying again, because who wants 1000x gains when you can settle for 10x?

Not all coins are guaranteed to moon, some are dead forever

Which ones are you mining?

You're bagholding huge, it will be okay user. It will all be okay

>inb4 'I bought in 201X at only $XXX'


Hey retard, go look at some of the altcoins that popped up in 2013/2014 when Bitcoin originally went on its $1000 bullrun.

How many of them have recovered in price? kek

user how can I be holding bags if I've only ever mined this shitcoin with my gpus I don't use anymore

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lel remember when people said this when I mined doge in 2014. shutup newfag you have no idea how this works

Yeah retards here simply don't understand market cycles. Any coin can be shilled to the masses given the right market conditions. There were people holding Verge (total shitcoin) from 2016 and I guarantee you a ton of them bought at 2 satoshis or mined it themselves.

>tfw most i ever mined was 9 dogecoins in 2012 and gpu died a few weeks later

What the fuck are you people even mining?

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>tfw mining internet dog meme coins for 3 years payed for college

>tfw mining lux for 3 years will pay for my first house

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how can one be putting money into electricity internet and time?
would those gpus be worth more if you never mined on them? vs selling them used then having buyers refund because you never mentioned the fact the card is burnt to death?

>1 coin out of hundreds almost recovered from 2013 to 2017 so that means mining random shitcoins that will die in 2 years is clearly a good idea!!!!
Dogecoin didn't even recover to its ATH in satoshis from 2013.

Please let me know how mining PPC would've worked out for you in 2013

>tfw money laundered everywhere and into every asset

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>burning a card to death by doing math on them

top kek you have no idea what you're talking about, they burn out when you overclock them

go look at the charts again and not in sats, in hindsight I should've switched to ETH as soon as I could but hindsight is a bitch


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When im done accumulating the coin im mining i will shill it to you guys dont worry bros

Coinbase doing their ERC20 bullshit will keep ETH afloat.

Using your logic, when the coins go to zero, you're rich

no point of even shilling coins on here, everyone will hate you for it so I just stopped. Everytime I even mention lux now there's this one faggot that comes out of the woodworks and says staking is a reverse ponzi scheme

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Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just buy the cheap coins?
Mining profitability is self regulating so you’re always gonna have to compete with bastards with lower electricity costs and more efficient hardware

Here's what I don't get. You are mining the coin in hopes the price will go up. You could be mining the currently most profitable coin (regardless of difficulty you're getting more USD/day) and then exchanging what you mine for the coin you're speculating on. This way, if the price goes up, you make more than you would have mining it. Like, I hear a lot of people talk about speculative mining and it seems pretty obviously retarded? Did you not realize this obvious truth or is there something I'm missing because it truly baffles me

dude from experience I've never had a gpu go out from continuous mining. And if anything was going to go out first it would be the fans, these things are made to be used. Of course they degrade over time though but I'm not looking to use them for more than 5 years anyway

if people were worried about them being degraded from usage they wouldn't buy them to run videogames, edit/render models/videos etc

your 4 months of experience with 2 gpu?

5 years experience with many different gpus, 15 years experience with gpus in general

thanks just bought 100

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Whats a quiet miner I could keep in my apartment?