PRL bullish as fuck with 8 days before airdrop

PRL bullish as fuck with 8 days before airdrop
>who's dumping day before airdrop ?

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PRL will moon 2x from here but it's not even the best shitcoin on Kucoin with news.

> dumping day before airdrop

Why would you do such a thing

because everyone is going to sell the minute of airdrop?

what is in your opinion?

Lol "everyone" the coin is legit relax. Also I can't fathom why you wouldn't wait to actually get the airdrop to sell.

It will be massively dumped when reaches $1.21

back up your claim friend how u know this

Are you the same user from the other PRL threads?

I was considering dumping before airdrop but I want those SHL too badly.
If that literal scamcoin SKY can hit $20 then surely SHL can.

This, don't think there'll be a lot of dumping after the airdrop. Maybe a good dip, but nothing major since PRL is still a good coin to hold. Even if SHL turns out to be a scam, it's a scam with potential.

anyone knows if any exchange supports the airdrop?

don't wanna get ZCLd

which is

but why dont u want to get snapshot?

right know they say that kucoin will
but even that still not confirmed

moon imminent, all in

This is literally free money bois, get in ASAP

Sure just like btcp.

This coin is pointless and you know it. Coinhive is a FREE plugin to mine monero on websites so they'res no point.

because there's no reason to have SHL, it's vaporware

You can be a retard and ignore past fork/airdrop snapshot dumps or you can be smart and sell early like everyone else will

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tell me when to dump
how much satoshi gains from here?

be realistic, maybe $2.50 max

haha sorry, but this is impossible. dream on, will not happen in this bear market.

Time to meme this into existence

but what if i get snapshot and sell right after and get shells?

let's go, if you wish it really hard the universe will provide

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you'll be frontran by bots and early sellers

Coins always dump hard on snapshot day. Don't be retarded Veeky Forums. Sell now

snapshot is in some days ahead, should i wait some more days?

Now? Little bit too early don't you think? Stay in.
I'm part of whale group we're going to pump this bitch up.
Stay tuned for 2x.

btw is snapshot day 6 april? and what time exactly? did they said it already?

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SHL will be worth $20 EOY. Screenshot this.

x2 ? lol sure
>those who buy in right now will be dumped so hard at 16 sat lmao

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Well ONT is doing fine. So I want this airdrop also. SHL will atleast hit $1. It's basically free money.

I liked the previous logo better than the stupid rebranding