One of the most rock solid and promising partnerships in crypto

>One of the most rock solid and promising partnerships in crypto
>barely moves
Why is the market so retarded?

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Too buy chasing Justin's pump and dumps.

The crypto market is literally retarded.

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In case you haven't noticed crypto is dead

Yeah this is the fourth time it "dies".

I didnt upgrade my BurnGuard subscription and all my REQ got burned :(

Not in the mood to get cucked by falling BTC sorry

There is no point to REQ. It may as well use fiat.

Jibrel did it first. PWC is not that big a deal.

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this is the only answer.
until btc decouples itself from alts (which will happen once exchanges start introducing fiat/alt trading pairs), alts cannot grow without bitcoin doing well

partnerships with no detail have no value. If there are specific commitments that would be different.

oh stop whining it's only 5%, and the rest gained value

>partnerships with no detail have no value
>If there are specific commitments that would be different

Do you even read?

You're a jackass, but I like your style.
Jibrel is using pwc for audits, not a partnership. But I say we use this to FUD req until it comes close to 10cents or bellow

it sounds promising but this is corporate speak for, they're going to have a couple conference calls and bring some people to early meetings with possible clients

Got in too late to buy BTC under a dollar
Got in too early to buy ChainLink until the moon in a few years
Got in just in time, to buy REQ at 20cents on the eve of the launch of mainnet

PwC did a lot for VeChain, they introduced them to lots of clients and are continuing to do so.

It's a rewards token like BNB not a currency token like Nano and other redditcoins. That doesn't mean it's pointless. BTC is pointless since it's too slow to be used as a currency, bet you wish you bought that at 20 cents.

Check this post

because nobody knows what pwc even stand for much less what this partnership really means are you fucking stupid OP you really drastically overestimated everyone's IQ or are you just fucking bored and have nothing better to do then sit there and act like everyone should know something they literally could give a single fuck all about

>Using PwCs services instead of selling services.

lol, fucking delusional.

What does this mean? Is it saying req is better than VEN

It's one single firm (France) out of a massive global network of firms under the same name. It would take at least a decade for usage to become mainstream.

according to wikipedia pwc was founded in 1998

REQ being over $1 defeats the purpose of the token. Enjoy your 5x MAXIMUM in 10 years.

Nope. PwC France is the innovative branch of PwC. The reason all their crypto is done from their French branch is because their headquarters is in London and due to Brexit+French crypto laws being better it makes more sense for PwC to do all their crypto related things from France.

They're not branches. They're separate entities. PwC is just a brand that a bunch of separate entities go by around the world.