I don't even care about the money anymore. I just want a wife. I want someone to hold at night...

I don't even care about the money anymore. I just want a wife. I want someone to hold at night. I want to smell someones hair as I fall asleep. I want to cuddle someone by a warm fire. I want to buy a winter cottage and have children and go snowboarding with my kids and wife. I want a vacation home in the Bahamas to go to in the summer time and surf with my future family. I want to enjoy the small things in life with a woman who just loves me for who I am.

I've amassed close to 7mm even in this bear market because I started in 2016 and all I want to do with the money is spend it on raising a family to create memories. I'm 28 years old and a Virgin. I've seriously tried dating all these different women but none of them last.

This will be my 6th date now in the last 4 months. Each girl lasts maybe 2 weeks. If this one doesn't work out I am Honestly going to an hero and take my bitcoins to the grave. I've given up. Good luck to all you guys. Remember lambos don't matter. Making memories with your family does, that's seriously all that matters.

Wish me luck guys. If this one doesn't work I'll see you all in the after life.

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Bro you're worrying about so much that it's messing with your chances when you go on the date. Don't try so hard go on the dates and let it flow naturally.

>a woman who just loves me for who I am.

no such thing. women only love the utility you provide, never you as a person. The instant that utility has been completely depleted, or she finds a man who can provide more utility, she'll ditch your ass without a second's hesitation. Trying to get validation through women is setting yourself up for failure.

Don’t worry user I’m sure things will work out for you. Strive to be good and others will be good to you. If you stay healthy and fit you can still look good even in your 40s

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It took you two years to build your fortune - and you've given building a relationship 4 months? Stop being a faggot. If it is what you want - work on it the same way you worked on your trading

You're not /fit enough bro. That's why you can't hold on to any of them. Get /fit. Get confidence. Learn trade techniques like hanging drywall or fixing an electrical socket. Go hunting. Do hard shit. Be alpha. Get back rubs for life.

just be yourself bro, also consider starting up a business, its very fufilling

bro, your post is heartbreaking, it made me lose my lurker status. i have one advice, fake it until you make it. don t be yourself, (because that clearly is not working in your favour) make her like you, by creating a diferent image of yoursef then when she is hooked, ease here in on your real self. works for me everytime, and i get to have fun pretending. for the rich part, buy ZIL

Listen to some Viper and then go to the gym, get in shape, and fuck some bitches silly
If you do not love yourself, how can you expect anyone to love you?

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you should calm the fuck down. An opportunity will pop up and all you have to do is take it. AND if it doesn't work out well then try again. You didn't give up when you were amassing your fortune so why give up now?

Post proof of LARP

If I had millions locked away in bond and index funds, generating passive income, how easily could that get taken in a divorce?

as easily as any other asset. Also hiding assets during a divorce is illegal.

So what you are describing is a great thing to want and everything, but the best thing to do to make good relationships is to find fulfillment in life outside of relationships first. Start going to the gym and start branching into new causes, classes, hobbies, etc that interest you, basically find a measure of happiness outside of whether you are single or not, and you will make for a much more attractive prospect for people. And even if you are single at that point you will still have gained a lot, it's a win win.

dude, approach it like you would a used car salesman. you can't seem to eager, and you have to get to know car you'd be purchasing to invest your money and time and soul and love. so that's what you do, you investigate them, take them for a ride, see if you can have a good time with them. if the conversation doesn't flow well and you find yourself getting anxious or exhausted, don't blame yourself, but realize that they're not the one for you. even if you would have found a good joke or a topic to talk about that would get her attention, it would come at a heavy energy expenditure.

try this. next date, if you're not having fun, if things aren't clicking, YOU be the one to call it a day. In fact, go to the date with the mind that you're going to turn her down after coffee, and that you'll be looking for reasons not to. this should be your attitude.

Once more, go to the date with the following mindset:
>I'm going to end this date after the coffee, unless I'm convinced otherwise.

>seriously wanting a family

Look at this deluded cuck. Working for others is literally cuckolding.

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Why the fuck do you care so much about women, get yourself a male friend and a dog first.

If you don't even have these two basic things, how can you even start with women.

Dumbass. Get a nice car and then get in shape. You’re literally 80% there but you’re too stupid to realize it. All you need to do is get in shape. Also, watch coach Corey Wayne videos on YouTube. I don’t care what you fags say, he has some legit good advice. Once you fuck the first girl, it’ll snowball and get easier. You’ve done better than 99.999% of the population by amassing that much wealth but can’t figure this out? It’s this simple just do it. Do it for her. If you want it that bad, you’ll fucking do it. Plenty of attractive women want the lifestyle you can provide, you’re just probably fat and awkward but those can be easily improved asshole. We’ve told you this everytime you make a thread. Why don’t you just fucking listen?

this dude knows what's up. the truth is hard bud. get your validation from yourself


this post is one of the weakest things I've seen written on Veeky Forums, it almost sounds like a woman's fantasy life

post pic or we cant help

God if you could teach me to make money and I could teach you to work women...

I’ve fucked over a hundred starting since age sixteen and nearly all of them wanted to marry me. You are doing something wrong user to be going on that many dates and not even sleeping with them.

All married women cheat though. Marriage wouldn't solve anything. It would just make you insecure.