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me sorry i smoked crack

whales just drawing lines because they are bored. volume is low, they can do whatever the fuck they want

exchanges liquidating shorts for fun

These constant long / short squeezes are really getting annoying, no way to profit from them unless you are super fast and got insider info

BART incoming

el whalino

>pic related

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>1m candles

Nothing personal kid

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Fuck you Bart

Open the shorts

Bart formation incoming

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Predictions? I reckon 8pm EST dump.

>rising wedge
breaks upward like mad
>crypto is not heavily manipulated.
1m charts tho...

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Wait for the Bart hair pattern to begin first. After at least 4 hairwaves on the 30 minute chart it'll be safe to short x25.

yeah i aint touching this shit either, feel like its gonna dump hard any time now

These patterns all look so bizarre.
There really should be a whole new lexicon to describe crypto chart bullshit.

Eat my shorts

What's the point in posting some mentally tortured porn star with a black guy? Is your point that only a woman of low moral fibre will date a black man?

whats your strategy anons. i shorted into the pump at 7980 10x... im not setting any fucking stop losses (well i am but well above the current price so i dont get barted again).....fuck those wahales and fuck their mothers (if they want to fuck)

This stuff is just gold. Never fails to crack me up.

inverse bart followed by normal bart. what can one expect next?

what's the point of reaction solely on a reaction picture instead of the content of the post? is this to show your frustration?


also how the fuck does it get coordinated across all exchanges???
im starting to belive there is a whales syndicate....
all this time i believed the bogs were just a meme....the bogs are real boys, the bogs are real

OP's pic is clearly a Marge.




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market maker hft

>also how the fuck does it get coordinated across all exchanges???
>im starting to belive there is a whales syndicate....
lmao this dipshit doesn't understand cross-exchange arbitrage and is already peddling his ideas about "whales"

what a 105


Possibly frustration of being the father of two young girls and my aversion to the exploitation of impressionable young desperate women and my lack of appetite for the destruction of the black family group on a industrial scale

"I saw the shorts closing, just thought you were implying something else."

where can i see the number of shorts/longs opening/closing?
i know theres like and indicator on tradingview....

aaaah SHOOOOP..... AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH............... and we're back.

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>He doesnt use Bart TA.
What a faggot.

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Bartical Analysis (BA) not TA

i know, now please help me become less of a brainlet. thank you

retro lookin bart man

looks like the version of bart from the tracy ulman show or whatever it was called. Before they got their own show and stuff. very old

marge simpson

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This is why I don't use stops or gamble on bitmex

this is a very good site for bitfinex:

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We’re about to get /Simpsoned/, aren’t we?

thanks a lot user, i dont fully understand it but im gonna try to understand it tomorrow after i get some sleep (hope i wont have bart nightmares)

yessir incoming Bart

It's inverse Bart pattern. This guy called it

>this guy

Sorry for your loss, this is what will probably happen


it was actually me

thanks for spreading my gospel, keep an eye out for next thread


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Nothing personal, kid.

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It's "nothin personnel... kid".

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