Best crypto Youtuber.

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>Programmer explains.

That’s not crypto bobby

he deleted a video were people got him on tilt spamming something about credits in his chat. He was cursing and screaming while hitting things.

It was the best stream he ever did.

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>mfw I hear best crypto youtuber

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Always cringe so much at this.

>crypto Youtuber

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Truly the supremest of gentlemans

He calls himself "programmer" LOL while having literally ZERO videos about programming. I doubt hes more than just a random fagot trying to look smart because he calls himself smart names.

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>Best crypto Youtuber.
That's not based Veeky Forumsonacci

nice advertisement faggot


Ask him to fizz buzz next time he streams

>welcome to my chunnel
>thank you wery much

>not Richard Heart
>not Korean Jew

shit taste

>tfw bitcoin maximalist that buys shitcoins only to increase size of BTC stack

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Did someone just say Richard Heart?

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Korean Jew sucks dick, and Richard is interesting but his views on crypto are shit.

You are a cuck without a brain that wants to be told what to do from your YT choices

>projecting this much

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Poker player huh

should i buy his $100 course on smart contract programming?

It looks like it has a lot of content, but when i went to the buy page it looks like a pajeet scam