Thoughts on Tesla...

Thoughts on Tesla? Is it actually going to go bankrupt in the near future or is Elon going to figure out a way to keep the meme alive?

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I think he's worked too long and hard to let it fall now due to an inability to meet demand.

Am worried about my deposit OP

Yes it's going bankrupt 100%. Invested everything I had (around $30k) in TSLA puts last year. I'm gonna make it.

“If you wouldn’t be short a multi-billion-dollar loss-making enterprise in a cyclical business, with a leveraged balance sheet, questionable accounting, every executive leaving, run by a CEO with a questionable relationship with the truth, what would you be short? It sort of ticks all the boxes.”

If you haven't realized what Elon is up to yet then do some research.
No tesla will not fail.

1. Cars are over-priced.

2. Early sales were because of tax breaks to buyers.

3. CEO can't focus on one project long enough to run the company.

4. Company doesn't make any profit.

5. Company is burning through $1 billion cash per quarter

6. Credit rating downgraded, banks not really wanting to give it more cash.

worst case scenario someone just buys tesla. tesla was a gigantic bet revolving around trying to make a electric car for the average consumer (model 3) before going bankrupt. the whole idea from the start was model 3 will make money

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"Hey guys, I'm going to shill cloneable technology and then tell you verify me"


Here you go I built you a winning portfolio you fucking faggot

all their money comes from inflated shares and subsidies
they have never been profitable and their entire business model is an inoperable glass hut waiting to fall apart

Remember, the market can stay irrational for longer than you can stay solvent.

I wouldn't personally short ANYTHING unless I had the means to manipulate their prices, or have insider info about big players who can. It's a huge gamble for not that big a reward. Buy some puts if you really must try.

I was going to, but I have learned to never under-estimate the ability of the average stockholder to delude themselves.

It's like Viacom. I just KNOW they're going to tank once they're on the hook for Dan. It's just a question of when to pull the trigger.

They're currently producing Model 3 1,076 cars per week and that's ramping up rapidly. Elon is obviously pretty chill about how things are going seeing as he's on holiday at the moment cracking silly jokes on Twitter. So, I'd say they've solved the major production bottlenecks and now we're going to see an exponential production ramp.

I can't wait until all of your Tesla redditorfags get BTFO when his company goes insolvent.

I'll be sure to be at the bankruptcy auction, buying up Elon's boer tears.

Remember that there are only two American car companies that haven't gone bankrupt.

Ford and Tesla.

And Tesla is the ONLY American car company ever to have fully repaid the federal government loan of almost half a billion dollars, 10 years early, with interest.

Meanwhile tens of thousands of eager Tesla pre-order owners, wait patiently and more ofthen than not seem to immediately upload incredibly positive reviews when they eventually receive their vehicles.

Go figure.

Ok Reddit

It's still gotten $4.9B in government handouts and has only ever turned one profitable quarter

yeah if we were 4 years ago faggot.

>1. Cars are over-priced.
Whatever you say. There are half a MILLION preorders for model 3.

You do realize all of those pre orders will result in slow monthly payments?

Never been on Reddit.

Look up Production S Curves.

Oh, and..


Isn't that true of just about every high ticket value product on the planet?

Anyone who thinks Tesla will fail is a retard. It would just get bought out by a company lacking in the electric car department. All the big players are trying to get in but how many are any good?
>Cars are over-priced.
Not everyone drives a Civic. Most cars are overpriced

every car over $15k is overpriced lmao

>Never been on Reddit.

Don't lie to me, I can smell your plebbit breath from here. Have fun losing all your money.

Tesla is going to be the biggest company in the world in the near future. It's easy to see.
Mark my words.

perhaps if he didnt want 6 figure sums for a new vehicle he could compete

im just pissed elon quit before someone btfo of his cars with a ranger extender mod

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Okay, assumptionanon....
No, never been on Reddit.
Not invested in Tesla either (don't need to). I might buy one though in a year or two because I like their product.
Just following their story with interest and obviously I've taken the time to research factual information about what they do than you have.

Whatever you say sweetie. Have fun being stuck with a terdsla when the company is bankrupt and there's no service.

just dont piss off any members of the establishment or they will use their backdoors in autopilot vehicles to fucking kill you

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