PoWH coin is released, its an iteration of Ponzicoin

> PoWH coin is released, its an iteration of Ponzicoin
> Devs don't believe their own project and bail out when contract had about 200 eth
> Devs regret bailing out as the contract got to 1000 eth, decide to "shadowfork" it
> Devs release PoWH Shadowfork.
> Both codes were faulty. All clones used the same code. Hackers drain all the ~2200 eth in less than a week.
> Find dev team, work your ass auditing the a code, decide to name it ETHPyramid.
> Objective is to give the people a working 10%buy10%sell self-sustaining pyramid with ironclad security.
> Meanwhile PonziBot the idiot responsible for a 2200 eth LOSS decides to launch a third iteration
> You decide to rebrand to get away from the name Pyramid just in case
> Idiots invest BLINDLY in fucking PoWH3 putting up to 4000 ETH in the contract even though any recent investments are pretty much meaningless because the pyramid is essentially at topfloor
> Meanwhile your ironclad contract on ETHPhoenix.io is sitting at 380 eth, THE FUCKING GROUNDFLOOR compared to PoWH
> Newfags keep investing in PoWH3D and are soon gonna be at a 4000 eth loss because the code is STILL faulty.

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Kill yourself

>literal pyramid scheme
>STILL buying in

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REALLY makes you think why ETHPhoenix has been flatlining at 380 for weeks now. It's almost as if... they're inferior.

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Good ol' ethpenis, still sore from the obvious flatline of a boring project that has been superceded by something superior

Whats inferior about it you fucking retard? Maybe the fact that the team already stole 2000 eth from bizinvestors. Oh wait thats powhshit.

Thanks for proving my point.

LOL, ethpenis on release gives obvious buy favour to devs who accumulate massive amounts. Powh3d devs get 1 eth. I know those bags are heavy but stop crying and get in powh

You're welcome retard. Keep investing in shitty code, see where that'll get you.

OH WOW PoWH3D devs only invested 1 eth? ETHP devs were allowed to invest 0,5 eth. And need I remind you PoWH took all the eth when they drained the code. You really gotta be fucking retarded for trusting the powh team a third time.

How's that Salt mine going for you? Profitable? Lmao

So far it got me to almost 4000 ETH in contract balance. Where has your supreme code gotten you in the meantime? Oh that's right: nowhere.
And because your salt knows no bounds you keep resorting to namecalling and FUDing. If your project was as good as you claim it is, you wouldn't have the need for your constant Veeky Forums shitpost.
Just saying.
>inb4 smug reply

Not gonna lie, Im overflowing with salt. Because I hate when people act illogical and invest in thieves/badcoders when a good team with a decent code is right around there. Just human biztupidity i guess. Best I can do is hope for a third drainage :)

What FUD you retard. Im stating a fact: You're investing/invested in a project by a team that either stole 2000 eth or lost it because of shitty code.

Investing at the new bottom floor of 4100 and watching it grow to 4200 and beyond > investing on the top floor at 380 and waiting for the inevitable sell

I don't think there is anything illogical about it, ethp didn't distribute fairly and is run by salty childish over important devs who can't help but stir the pot. You get what you give out

> Team either steals or writes two shitty codes
> Loses 2000 eth
> Team makes third code
> Retards think all is fine and dandy now and invest blindly

Perfectly logical.

>What FUD
>claims code is STILL faulty
>fails to back claim up with evidence
Yes. What FUD indeed. Hm.
But I love how counterproductive these threads are for your project. People can see for themselves how desperate you are.

Yep, the more salty bs you post the worse you look. Those bags will just get heavier, protip just sell ethpenis and buy p3d

found lain

Yep. And if I ever need a large number of retards I know the imageboard I need to visit.

Oh, you mean the same imageboard whose 'retards' you just tried to appeal to with your project.

OMG dude, just stop. Does norse know you are making them all look like idiots right now

Precisely. For starters anyone investing in a pyramid scheme is a retard. Anyone investing in a pyramid scheme from a team that already exited on them twice is a blind retard.

who the f is norse

Powh og devs didnt do any of those things and powh OG devs arent a part of powh3d.

Ponzibot is literally the marketing genius behind the success of the projects and all he does is writes funny things and makes memes. Dude didnt even code anything until 3D

He tried to make memes for ethpyramid too but your team shat on him and banned him after you literally copy pasted his website, jokes and writeups about the game mechanics you cloned.

You cant hate the guy you built your entire website based on the work of, and then double down on hating him when he makes a better project while all you do is shit on him.

This imo is why ethpyranix devs are conpletely lost. Theres no ingenuity, fun, or love put into the project they created and while some of us are trying to help we just cant get them past this spite they seem to have for ponzibot.

The worst part is that when you get into the dev chats for ethpy you find out that most the money in ethpyramid is from the devs themselves trying to keep the illusion alive.

Hell ponzibot even let them audit and invest in the new project and they pulled out at 300 eth in contract and fudded it then dumped it all into ethpyranix to make it look like it was growing too.