Get ouf of ETH now, bottom is <$50

the reason for this is simple, bitmain has developed asic miners for eth, and with asics it's profitable to main eth to as low as $50, this is pretty fresh info so you still have time to get out of eth before it's too late
bitmain is currently running their eth asics secretly and later will sell them on the market when it's not as profitable
still don't believe me?
just look at that massive increase in mining difficulty for eth in last months despite the price decrease, asics power

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thats not how it works retard

lol when miners get bored of mining ETH at a loss then you will see its real value

>Being this retarded

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Can someone explain to me exactly how mining works?

Fuckoff newfag

This. The only mining cards available in stores are 1080tis and Titan Xp, going for upwards a grand.

Cryptos are created by children or “miners” that wield pickaxes.

Soooo ETC is the only safe coin?

this will if anything strengthen the demand since it's cheaper to mine... you have it backwards my friend.

Thanks guys.

Just like how Bitcoin ASICS drove the price of BTC down to almost nothing...Oh wait. Yeah OP try using logic next time.

They are going to hardfork to kill these asics.

Just google it friend, it is too much to explain here.

Provided they dont get 51% of network hashing and start double spending it's not necessarily bad. Just means there are gonna be some big fucking whales out there if they choose to hold and the price will go up. If they continue to sell it changes absolutely nothing.

$50 eth wouldn't be so bad
let people have a chance to get it at a fair price before we transition to pos and sharding and the dapps ecosystem starts to mature

Real reason of ETH bleeding is the announcement of vitalik giving free ETH to niggers

and this is why Monero is booming:

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That goes for all of crypto. Everything is way overpriced. If you're looking at by 2025, they undervalued. But it's hard to tell since adoption and use is not yet here. Vaporware until companies can use these coins for actual services that make their production and business go up. I know blockchain will be really good for reducing the time and cost of contractual issues and smart contracts will change the way businesses apply trust. Doesn't mean Link will be the best, but Link will be around 10 years from now.

The logic is literally a direct opposite
No gpu miners + asic miners with high profit margins = less dumping
The effect on price is only negative in the short term, as gpu miners have to dump bigger and bigger fraction of their daily earnings to pay bills. It stops once their profit becomes negative so that they shut down.

I'm tired of all these SJW cucks following Daily Stormer's bitcoin address on the blockchain. Coinbase even bans you if you send coin to Daily Stormer. I am happy that this idiot Andrew Anglin discovered Monero and is now accepting a true anonymous coin

what are the results? I don't have a twatter account


I'm still profitable until ETH drops to $150.
I'll still gonna mine it even it it tanks below $150.

Each ETH is has to be mined directly from Vitalik.

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>buying ASICS for a soon to be POS coin.
Ok buddy.

52% in favor of forking
16% not in favor
18% it's complicated
20% show results

I thought money skeleton had committed to making sure ASICs got rekt if they ever tried making them for Ethereum.

thanks brah

this is a mere rumor to dump the price so someone can stack up, you're fucking retarded for spreading rumors

I was wondering why I got banned