Tethered up before falling below my initial investment

Tethered up before falling below my initial investment
Sure I should've done it at 19k, 18k, 17k, etc but whatever I'm not that good at timing shit plus I wanted to believe it wasn't over yet, but it is
We are unironically going to 2k

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Buy high sell low

It's magically hasn't fallen below the crucial support this whole time. I wonder why.
If you posted to make yourself feel better by your awful decision then let me be the first to tell you that they shook you out.

>Thinks he can dodge BTC collapse
>moves into tether
>tether collapse

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>strong support st 10k
>nevermind, strong support at 9k
>oops, I meant 8k
Nah, son there's no bottom and no reason for btc to go up
Either cash out or tether up
Shitcoins are getting murdered, all ICOs tanking
Rebuy at 2k
Nah that's some kike FUD to make people scared of tehtering up, so they are forced to cashout and pay taxes instead
Tether is fine and is not going anywhere in the short term

this shit is going to EXPLODE you might be safe for a short time but not forever

Uh, if it is "sitting on" a support line it is only a matter of time before it falls through.

Strong supports BOUNCE a price. They dont just make it sit there. lmao.

I used this current Bart pattern we are at to tether up
Watch how it goes back to 7800 in 10 minutes

Sure thing. Because you said so user. Unironically kill yourself.

Whales are manipulating the whole market to make loads of BTC off dumb fucks margin trading on Bitmex.
You really think that the 'Bart Simpson' that reoccurs five times a day is normal?

Oh its very normal now

I'm talking about the yearly support line that if it was breached would be the real crash. They are making sure a true crash doesn't happen while taking chumps BTC.

>tfw you will never make mommy pregnant

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cry more you autist. The current price is still unrealistic for projects without any proven value whatsoever.

You just a pussy ass little bitch. You're probably one of these fuck boys who check their balance multiple times a day. Just hold and you'll be rich. How is this difficult? You'll get rekt trading against manipulation. Nice to know they shook out more retards though

If I tether up now I can buy more btc later
If I tethered up at 16k I would have 2x the amount of btc now

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Guess you’re seeing the same thing with me
I expected this btc to fall to maybe 1k-1.3k at its lowest
And of course it will rerise to more then 100k
When do you guess this bearish run will end?


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>you only pay taxes when you cash out

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mummy :3

>decentralized exchanges will provide data to the governments
Idk when but it will keep bleeding slowly or two months at least

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lol making a thread to justify your shit decision
you'll FOMO in at 14k right as we dump to 4k for real

Why would i listen to someone coming here telling us they don't know what they're doing. Kys ploiz

I would buy at 4k to sell at the obvious bulltrap at 4500

Crypto is dead.

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