How the fuck do you losers not make any gains while leveraging???

You plebs keep really cant make any money?

I've literally just made $600 in almost 28 min.

Stay poor, weakhands

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easy come easy go. see you on the next "Who here getting absolutely JUSTed right now?" thread

don't bother dude this is literally a fucking paid bitmex shill, there's a reason why the charts look like an episode of the fucking simpsons

Bitmex is a fucking bucket shop

desu I've been able to make consistent gains recently just shorting the resistance/longing the support
the price has been trading in a range

>Bitmex is a fucking bucket shop
Any proof of this?

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Oh okay, no proof just memes. Nice.

>Trading on margin waiting for a 'Bart Simpson'.
How fucking stupid do you have to be? Face Bitmexretards you cooked the golden goose.

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>$.01 has been deposited into your account

seriously you think the constant long and short squeezes are anything but manipulation in favor of margin trading sites?

Still no proof, just conjecture.

show me a market that includes bart fucking simpson and I'll have enough evidence to believe bitmex isn't taking advantage of the low volume market to continuously short and long squeeze

I've built myself up to the point where I make $600 for every 0.64%

Seriously, I just make a bare minimum and bank it.

If you lose it all in margin trading then you deserve to lose it all.

I've been at it for 2 weeks, started with $250


Nobody cares what you believe my dude.

nice larp, how much did bitmex pay you for this one?

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>This is totally normal
> 'Checkmate, you don't have all sorts of backend data therefore you shouldn't believe what's staring at you right in the face. LOL. Got you!'

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Still no proof.

Bitmex hasn't given me shit.

If you really think that I'm here to do anything other than gloat and laugh at you faggots, you are absolutely retarded.



I seriously can't wait for the marge that brings us to 10k and back down to 8k in like 4 hours total, and faggots will still think bitmex isn't shitting up the market for their own gain

What's your strategy?

Did you not see the big fucking picture of five 'Bart Simpsons'? What kind of proof do I need?

They need to do 'Marge' though. 'Bart' is all that is need to liquidate the longs and shorts.

You need actual proof that it's Bitmex manipulating the price for their own benefit, not just a chart of an asset that was always highly volatile and has been since fucking 2011


Margin trading is the best PvP MMORPG I've played in my life. Half the people try to speedrun the final dungeon at level 1, some people follow youtube guides for their gear. Of course, the people that make the game are the ones that get the big profits. But while everyone is doing crazy shit you're allowed to camp new players at the spawn and earn 1 gold a week.

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If you need to ask, then you don't deserve to know.

Hahaha starts day trading, gets lucky on first trade duhhh this is so easy. $600 in 28 min? Wow so impressive man, I can tell you're new to trading because otherwise you wouldn't post about such a minor profit.

I have my own system but I'm always interested to hear how other successful people trade.

also kys faggot

Retail traders thinking they have an edge

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I've made 10x than you and still lose everything. That's how margins works, it's a void. Even that Pro Rank #1 margin trader AngeloBTC lost everything.

>market is obviously being manipulated by whales
>what kind of whales would profit the most from quickly pumping and dumping the price?
>Bitmex volumes hitting ATH


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even if you made 100x what I made, you've still lost it all.
gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold

Still no proof, just conjecture by some 105 on Veeky Forums

Greedy Veeky Forumstards so mad

get help for your gambling addiction user, before it consumes you. Really hoping you're just a paid shill

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So it's obvious you aren't going to provide any actual proof so I'm out, catch you later salty poorfag.

you have to realize most people on biz arent traders. Just people that hopped on something new, learned enough to survive and profit off of a bull run and now are clueless as to what to do next.

I took the time in this bear market to make a trading journal, learn TA, practice, and learn from my mistakes. Most people dont have time or energy dedicate to this.

He didnt say anything about shorting. He is talking about using tons of leverage, which will eventually lead to blowing up your account.

I'm using 10x, find this to be optimal in terms of profit/risk
with 10x your liquidation price is about 1000 points away from your entry

but they still have the iq to not put in any of the effort and then still complain about losing their money.

I only use 5x lev 10x MAX
the rest you're just gambling

You'll lose eventually.

why do these cunts act like you have NO control over your assets?

I don't know, they're idiot gamblers so they project their own inability to manage risk onto everyone else.

Fuck me, I'd teach the whole of Veeky Forums if it wasn't so goddamn easy and cringe.

If you cant make money, let alone, NOT LOSE money in crypto then you deserve to be poor.

its funny you're so manic about convincing us

its almost like you're trying to convince yourself

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Reading this really warmed my heart, I wish you luck fren.

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>I took the time in this bear market to make a trading journal, learn TA, practice, and learn from my mistakes.
Very good user, I'm doing the same.
Actually starting to make some consistent profits in btc/alt pairs, thanks to what I'm learning.
I still won't dare margin trading btc/usd though. Maybe when I'm feeling more confident I'll start with a small amount, but still with margin trading I'd rather trade Forex, seems much safer since the volume is too high for whale manipulation.
I'm starting to hope this sideways market lasts for a while since it's giving me a break and I'm using the time to study, learn and practice just like you.

listen here panjeet, I'm literally just rubbing it in your dirty third world face.
All of these paranoid comments are just so hilarious to me.

Who the fuck would pay me to go and just call you guys retards lmfao.