How did YOU survive the 2008 hyper-recession?

How did YOU survive the 2008 hyper-recession?

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i started fourth grade

paint thinner

went to college, graduated and became a NEET for 3 years

I graduated in 2008. Only jobs I could find was in fast food. I was able to get an internship but that was only because they fired the previous person and just hired me for next to nothing.

So, what I did was simply flip shit from retail stores and such. I was buying up shit and selling them on Amazon and ebay starting in 2011 and actually made a living doing this. Stopped doing this in 2016 once the normies started getting wind. Since then I've been crypto trading. I should be able to hold over for another 2 years.

Jobs are going to be more plentiful in the United States. Unlike King Nigger, Trump actually cares about the American worker and has struck a bunch of deals to help the mainland economy, including increasing exports. Yeah, the tech sector is getting shat on because everyone now realizes it's a huge bubble, but everything else looks to benefit that haven't sold our country out.

I was 18 at the time of happening working in a area that was heavily reliant on the car industry... 2006 and 07 were bad and 08 was even worse. I went through a alcoholic drug fueled mania until 2010 and got a job by canvassing my city on a rickety pawn shop ten speed and built my work experience up. If all goes well this year I will make 90 to 100 grand before taxes.

>10 speed
truck driver?

They main memory of the recession is media, finally they have something to put BREAKING NEWS on permanently. it was practically one year of very serious faces on TV and the inter webs. The perfect chance to sell you tons of advertising time. NOTHING changed in my life. i run a small business. looking back at my figures i had some pretty good years in 2009- 2010 and im dealing with retail. CNN all over the place. just switch it off and move on your life. Recession is going from 3% growth to -0,5% FUCK OFF it's still great, just a little less great.

Eh, didn't really notice it. I wasn't into investing at that point either... It slowed down progress and credit availability on the business side for a bit, I guess.

in China recession means 10 years of 12% growth slowing don to 5% growth. Wall street is shaking because of this.

my house prices fell, my stocks fell, lost a lot of money. only came into money like the year before so it was pretty unsettling.

He means a bike

Got in a car wreck and they gave me a shitload of money. Looked at stocks getting fucking wrecked and put half that money in Apple. I had no prior market experience so I was lucky. People in the market during that were probably in bad shape. I am sure the ones who made it were shorting or decided to just hold for another 5 years before any selling. Both did quite alright I would imagine.

being unemployed with a baby on the way while spending some of that tax money I paid into. Lost job and the wife announced she's knocked up on the same day. Been trying for months at that point. Felt bretty surreal.

graduated in 2009. the only jobs I could get were shitty blue collar temp jobs, but I have autistic programming skills so I wasn't struggling for very long. I'm glad I didn't have it easy though, it taught me everything I needed to keep my career moving quickly.

that's true, house prices fall dramatically. I was lucky to buy low at the peak, do some renovations and come out better. 10 years later houses in my area are way way higher than before the crisis. The financial system was held up by low (negative) interest rates. you will probably see some mini crisis the coming years and than one day when all the variables are right/wrong (overheated stock market, inflated housing prices, crazy inflation, bitoin peaking to 100.000.000, protectionist politics cooling down core trades etc etc you will see a global financial kapatilsm melt down. resulting into similar south africa looks like, paying for living in a gated community, little islands without large governmental bodies providing you stability. but that's probably 100 years away so i wouldn't worry about it. our children will be smarter than us, that's a proven fact.

thank you i was not familiar with the term and now that i reread it i realize i'm acoustic

parents lost the house the year I "graduated."

Did you work as a code monkey or were you a real software developer in some capacity?

My dad was one of the suicides, so he didn't.

I work in data and analytics in finance, so analyzing databases and solving problems.

>trump cares about people

What flavor of koolaid are you drinking?

China had 8% growth during 2008 recession. Really makes you think

I was in 7th grade, I just kept playing halo 3. I don't get why everyone makes such a big deal out of it.

My dad had already lost his job in 2006ish and was getting rekt trying to find anything at his age. Became super depressive and anxious.
I just got into a super prestigious business school where all the hotshots were going for finance and ended up working for LB or JPMorgan. LB went bankrupt during my senior year and all the banks were downsizing like crazy. I was traumatized at the idea of getting used by a big corporation and ending up unemployed like everybody around me, so I decided to become a history professor for that comfy job security and got into a PhD program.
Field I went into was little researched at the time and booming. I was doing great, publishing a lot, people loved my research and kept telling me I would have no problems finding a job. But the boom stopped the year before I graduated and the jobs dried up. Now I'm hoping from postdoc to temp positions and wishing I had just waited longer to land a comfy corporate job instead.

I don't think I'll ever make it. I've always worked very hard and been good at what I do, but failed when it comes to making a decent living out of it. Some people are just born to be poor.