XTCC Mystery

You want to be rich.
You want to be free.
That's what you'll be,
if you swim with me.

My heart is of gold,
my words are as bold.
My name is Willy,
The truth I have told.
find it...

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New website is dope !

stellarterm required me to use my private key to log in for my XTCC airdrop.

Did I just get duped for my 25 lumens?

How's that pump to $1 coming?

Signed, 250k bag holder.

Fuck you Willy. I ain't selling.

Tired of these little guys. We need a whale to buy in.

Holding 430k. Ain't selling til $10 it'll go there easily.

Already 3 whales accumulating. Check the stellar scan.

Stellar term is safe pajeet. They are USA based and all white nerds with Microsoft partnership

heart is gold on the outside, but the rest of it is solid shit
just like your shitcoin

yes user you lost your 5$ worth of crypto


No pajeet over here broke ass faggot.

Understand what early adopter means.

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Understand what “you’re a fraud” means.

I can buy the whole order book over 10 fucking times you forever wagecucking faggot. And still have enough money left to get a lifetime supply of your mother sucking my dick. The duck am I gonna buy it if you fags will sell it for cheaper just like everything I bought at .0002.


Tai Chi marine here! Sticking through the Fud

That’s like 20 bucks kid you have to be 16 come back in 2 years

You’re literally retarded.
Maybe the fetal alcohol syndrome from the mother who left you outside of an abortion clinic finally is taking its toll.
You’re accumulating a shit coin. Congrats.
It’s like being the prettiest waitress at Denny’s. Faggot.

Shut the fuck up neckbeard. You old ass man, crypto isn't for you old fucks go have a heart attack from your shit red meats and tablespoons of lard and milk.

You are part of a dying breed.
I make more money in a month then you do in a year.

Here’s the thing: you don’t.
You’re worth less. Or worthless. Depending on what you decide.
Also, that’s wordplay. I know you’re not exactly intelligent, so I figured I’d spell that out for you.
Also, what’s it like having webbed fingers? You inbred bug-eyes twatwaffle?

Oh look at mr know it all. You think your two steps ahead with that comment waiting for a specific reply to draw the trap.

You stupid fuck, you have the mind of an infant and your playing checkers with a chess master.

Stop reading your fairy tales and read Edward Bernays or some B.F. Skinner you laughing stock.

Hahahahaha this kid is retarded.

We love you willy do your thing $100 EOY

Are you actually a chess master if you don’t even know how the pieces move?
As much fun as this is, we both know you can’t make the order book move.
It’s cute. Really truly. But come on dude. If you could actually do that, you’d have done it by now.
You’re a fuckup.
Go suck an exhaust pipe.

Nah. He talks a good game: he’s just not capable of making the book move. Which is fine. He’s just retarded.
My favourite part is when he same fags his own threads.

Your a fucking fagget

U dnt know shit kid go kys

Your mother should have swallowed.

Better than same sexing go back to your Veeky Forums fag porn page . XTCC FINNA MOON watch out boys

Hahahaha your still watching the order book which means you have money invested ahhahahahahahahaha

I do actually. willy the fraud is a joke. Ran for the hills when bitcoin crashed that weekend. He’s an idiot.
Clearly doesn’t have enough money to survive the crash.

I opened it up today. Wanted to see if dude ever came through. Nope.
It’s still the shittiest shitcoin there is.
I thought it was funny. Willy the fraud.

You have not one spec of a clue what's going on faggot.

Poor piggie lost all your COM? LMFAO

You are retardedhahhahahahaha. Pump started at .0005.
It is .006 right now... stable...


Nice poem, Willy.

I do believe XTCC will be huge by end of year. But right now, I am asking you, with all the millions that you have, if you could pump it to at least 0.02? I bought at 0.039, but right now, I need what will be $2,000(should it reach 0.02), because my friend betrayed me, and didn't pay me back my 1k(last year, he made me lose 5k, and as hard as it was, I gave him a second chance, despite the fact I would be fine now if it wasn't for him), but this time he has crossed the line, and so now all I have left is $80. I made the mistake of thinking XTCC was like every other coin I had been in before where I get in, make 30% profit and leave. I didn't mind putting all the crypto money in it since I was depending on the money owed to me.

And now I'm stuck, I need $2,000, no less, and I didn't expect a friend of 3 years to suddenly pull a longcon on me right when I'm about to run out of money.

I have no parents, all my family are estranged and distant, and the few I've asked won't lend me money.

I admit, I feel no fear, no sadness or anger, because I embrace death, but only via natural causes, I actually look forward to dying. So no matter what happens, it's win-win to me.

So I thought I'd give it a shot and ask if you where feeling generous and could free me of my predicament simply by pumping to 0.02?

If you don't, that is fine. The Pump from the present price to 0.02 should only be worth about 6k to 10k, 2k of which is mines.

So I'm hoping you have it in you to be a King of Kings and liberate me so I could recuperate. I'll come back to XTCC once I've taken care of my financial problems.

Why should I do that when I know you'll take $500-$1000 for the same coin stack?

Suck my whale cock.

100% fuckery going on here. whoever is doing your twitter page fuckin sucks, looks like they have 0 marketing experience. no one with any kind of real money will invest when they see that. seems like you need some more people on your team who have earned something in life higher than a GED.

M8 you got scammed
He's a fucking larping fag
He never does what he says
Remember when he said he'll pump it to 0.2 hahahahaha AHHAHAHABAAAA

I hate the pics. What about u

He'll get his money bak eventually. Not anytime soon tho.

im not even going to explain. Willy can send me some $$ if he wants some real advice on how to improve this.


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Welcome back based Willy. Looking forward to buying you some St. Bernardus in the future.

Why do you post like you have Down syndrome?

>he plugged in his phone to post this

Lmao. I feel bad for you, dude.
You’re pimping the dumbest coin around on the dumbest website around.

Damn it, Willy, a psychic warned me to stay away from an Australian that would try to lure me into something. When I heard australians where involved in this, I hesitated, but told myself, she couldn't possibly see the future, she couldn't possibly be right. Damn, I can't believe her warning came true years later.

Prove her wrong, change the future, or are you another puppet of fate?

if you buy into this, you're actually retarded. only a newfag would fall for such a fake whale, this coin has dumped to hell since he first tried shilling it.

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