I made a so called "airdrop" form to get some mail addresses for "scientific reasons" and someone gaved me the private...

I made a so called "airdrop" form to get some mail addresses for "scientific reasons" and someone gaved me the private key to his wallet with 40 eth in it

I'm not a real scammer or thief, what should I do? I have his mail address too.

Dubs decide

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>steal and feel like an asshole rest of your life
>be nice and feel like an ass rest of your life

Choice is yours user.

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Send me 3 eth

Just steal it. If you don't, someone else will when he inevitably does this stupid shit again.

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40 eth isn't even worth anything anymore

>leave it
feel like a piece of shit for the rest of your life, could have paid for this, and that, that thing for your family, your girlfriend...
>take it
Feel bad for the poor sap, potentially make him commit suicide, etc.

dont take it OP

warn his poor soul

Send me 3 ethh

just leave it

dont be a fucking indian

Yea 40 eth is like $20 eom but you can get a grand slam from GoGoCurry and have enough for a drink after so...

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warn him, dont take it

take 10%, if he doesnt move the rest within 90 days, take the rest.

just take half ;) he wont be cleaned out, and you wont be a total thief. I can see them saying 'well at least I have some left, they could've took it all'

/thread closed

I've sent him a mail, explained what he did, told to move the ETH to a new wallet and be careful in the future.

I was feeling bad already. Maybe my LINK will give me more than 40 ETH in the future

give it back to him and also give him your private key

Burn the eth.

How about a middle ground? Take half and leave a message in the transaction, "Don't be an idiot and send your private address ever again"

>I'm not a real scammer or theif
You are now.

Post his private key in an hour. If he doesn't move his funds by then, he's a moron.

Well you're a blessed Saint, may your linkies stay super stinky and you make it then.

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You passed the test for being white

Steal half of it and buy link.

This. I'd take about 5 ETH so he knows how badly he fucked up and will be more careful in the future, but it's also not enough to absolutely fuck him to the point of no return.

It's like when you find a wallet on the ground, you don't fuck with the debit cards or any of the serious shit, but any cash in there is fair game.

literally some beta reasoning, to not be so upfront about it and snake any money you can get

how bout you just man up and live with one decision or the other for the rest of your life and no both sides shit

wouldn't recomennd it but dubs

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how bout no, i just do both sides in this hypothetical scenario. u mad?

now that OP contacted the guy, if this guy loses any money in the future, he will blame OP even if its on a different ethereum wallet because the type of person to type their private key online has no real clue whats going on.

OP was a good man today

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Good on ya bro, sad to see all the desperate degenerates in this thread try to justify stealing it.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the autists on this board lack the empathy or are too short sighted to realize the guilt from stealing it would not be worth the gain.

Take half
Send him some random shitcoins
Send an email explaining what he fell for
He will never forget but he wont kill himself

>transfer ETH to Binance
>all-in LINK
>return LINK to his address

OP u are good guy. You might not end up the top of the pile but you will be happy

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Good job not being an animal, you seperated your self from a good portion of the population

Good job OP! Glad to know some people on Veeky Forums still has morals

this is the true answer

>I was feeling bad already.
youre not going to make it

Dont take it. The guilt isnt worth the 40

This, he will thank you later

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I'm guessing this whole thread is for your "scientific reasons" too

Proud of you for being honest user. But now you have to tell us more about what you were going to do with the emails. :^)

Steal half, put it all on eng, it moons then you pay him back.

Actually you should've make him go all in on chainlink, that way he would've ended up thankful that some madman made him a millionaire instead of some guy randomly returning his already dead shitcoin.

> but any cash in there is fair game.

WTF? No it isn't

>I share a board with this
>this person has probably given me financial advice in the past month

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you sound like a brainlet


you should use his money to Buy all LINK for his wallet

you're a good person

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nice job user

Don't take it orrr take like 1 eth as a warning so he doesn't fall for some dumbass shit again

good job user, i'm proud of ya. May this show KEK that we truly deserve what it will be upon us. God speed user, God speed and KEK speed.

0x23c6c53a8140a1648ddda577f8655e4e667a14cc send me some eth I'm pleb

40 eth = 100k links

100k Links in 2019 = GDP of Russia.

dont be a jew

Bump for this. May Kek bless you.

big if true

He's gonna make the same mistake again
Best you can do is transfer his ethereum to another address, warn him about what he did and tell him to create a new wallet
Protect him from his own stupidity

T-t-thanks for supporting terrorism sir
Allahu ahkbar!

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send it here :

Take it all. Send to an exchange under a throwaway and exchange for monero

OP is a goddamn faggot



Just curious, where did you post this airdrop?

Karma will repay you one day op.

Bro good on you. We need this type of thinking nowadays so badly. Thanks man.

You did the right thing user.

Flock news is doing an airdrop to the first 100 members of their new telegram. Giving away 10k tokens (supposedly worth 0.2 ETH at the ico) . Also doubling the drop for you if you get others to join so join pls and tell them you came from Veeky Forums

A nigger would take the money. Don't be a nigger OP

Veeky Forums is back.

Link me the telegram

Shit son, you're not a nigger or a kike.

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>steal someones private key
>trade all his ETH for Link
>give it back to him

that would be a true hero play

Good guy OP. Hopefully karma gives you mad gainz.

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Funny LARP but heartwarming all the same


yeah if by hero you mean special olypmics mental tier hero

I would've taken a look at what race he was and proceeded accordingly.

OP, I'll buy the PV key from you for 30 ETH.

That way you don't have to worry about any repercussions/tracing.

I'm serious