I just got $21,000 in inheritance, how do I turn this into much more...

I just got $21,000 in inheritance, how do I turn this into much more, long term investments are 100% down I just don't know what to invest in, please only legit suggestions this could be my only chance

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REQ. immediately

>100% down?
What are you talking about?


There are discord groups shilling REQ and LINK and whatnot here all day, don't fall for these. Do your own research and follow people on youtube, twitch etc. Veeky Forums Veeky Forums community is 90% cancer.


I'm just saying I'm not trying to do the ole get rich quick bullshit

Oh, and a general tip: Dollar Cost Average...
Now is a good time to accumilate but definetly don't buy all at once. This bear might last a week, a month, a year... but I for one am very comfy and confident that we'll rebound eventually.

request network. one of the projects with the most potential/lower end of market caps. they are releasing their product by saturday, and just announced a huge partnership with PwC a couple days ago. DYOR, you will see REQ is solid. just decide quick

I really don't know shit man, where do I start, I want to make a life for myself with this money

What is request Network, why invest, why does it seem to be worth so little per share, and why are you confident that it's going to rise exponentially? Thanks

youtube: whalepool live 24/7
twitch: cryptoworldnews live 24/7
If you have time, just hang out there, read and learn as much as you can. I don't have a book to recommend but start with basics.

Thank you I really appreciate the steer in the correct direction, how much trading experience do you have yourself, any substantial gains?

10% down on a 210k condo

mortage will be around 600 and you can rent it out for triple that

I've been looking into crypto for only a year, finally got the courage to invest last September (€600), turned it into €30,000 in a few months, but I got lucky cause everything was going up at the time. Also got lucky not holding anything when market started crashing. Recently withdrew €20,000 to have a peace of mind.

Now I'm accumilating over the next ~8 months buying tiny bits every day or every other day building a long term portfolio so I don't have to stress so much. Just leave it for 3-5 years.

Are you sure on that mortgage price?

I would buy 50% bitxoin, 25% ether, rest EOS, 0x, BAT, iExec. With 1% i would daytrade when im bored

Actually its closer to 550 with current mortgage rates

210000 x 5% to be safe divided by 360 = $551/mo before property taxes and whatnot


if you dont buy at least 10k chainlink with that you deserve to stay poor. DYOR to find out im right.

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Classic shill. Excellent format. Exemplary.

Please don't put all 21k into REQ you need to put some into LINK. Not investing in these is basically a bet that crypto will fail. If you want to invest all your money into crypto because markets are down 70% and you couldn't have timed this shit any better than buy some ETH as a solid anchor.

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Then. I might be dyslexic but have a 130 iq so average here on biz