I'm an Arab Oil Sheikh and tried BitMEX for the first time with 2.5 million USD starting capital.
I just tried my first trade and took a x10 leverage to buy 108k XMR.
HAHA so easy I made 227 BTC in one day

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oops put the tripcode in wrong field, this will be real me. (other tripcode dont try zxc lol)

Anyway, why did no one tell me its so easy on BitMEX?

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I haven't eaten in two days.

you see it does not even matter if what you claim is true or false you are pathetic either way


how bout you spare some coin for a fellow user!

keep trading you'll see.

please stop shitting up my board. filtered. saged

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I believe you.
But I will only ever get to experience that with shitcoins and tens of dollars.

For now.

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Anyway I would like to ggive 5 BTC to a good person in need.
Tell me who you are and why you need 5 btc with a timestamp pic and I will choose one to give charity.

I do this because the quran says:
"And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good you put forward for yourselves - you will find it with Allah. Indeed, Allah of what you do, is Seeing. Chapter 2, 110"

Please only serious people in need, dont forget a btc adress

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>maximum withdrawable: 0.006
>puts 5

Well you're not the brightest are ya

Not sure if larp, but I'm in need of 10btc to repay my 80k debt. This would be a huge burden of my shoulders. Which is currently crippling me. I have a story if you'd like to hear it.

It is not fake my friend.
It is just because i still have the position open, available balance is not the same as total balance.

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u only have 0.06btc

Is there an email I could send this story to? Not big on posting life story on Veeky Forums.


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If serious my father has prostate cancer and my mother has skin cancer I wish I could take my mother on holiday

Shaking reading this ... im a good person. I do charity for cancer , i help others, I do good.

But ive lost my only 10k in savings tryig to trade and make it back. This would change the next year if my life... i need a miracle. Please kind sir.


Bless you

Sorry, only big traders here achmed


this is pathetic

Single mother has two kids and flunks out of University and into alcohol. Father does not exist, children split up by state. One of these children wants to give his unloving mother a way to retire.

By the way. Im from
Canada. Small town , 1 cat , 1 child
Work as a small business owner. Landscaping. / builder

I will tell you the truth. I am in no need, not rich, not poor. If you give them to me i will do my best to increment that sum and help others like you do.

why are you shaking lmao

No larp here. I'd just be very happy with 0.1 BTC so I can focus more on university and forget about crypto for a bit.

if you give me i will go 100x levered long with the 5 btc on 4/5 24:00 UTC



My Wallet, Im still a student so I have not much time to work

What you are all doing is against board rules. Mods clean this up pls.

I wish the best for your family user.

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Thank you user, bless you

>skin cancer
>vacation in the sun

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>Single mother has two kids and flunks out of University and into alcohol. Father does not exist, children split up by state. One of these children wants to give his unloving mother a way to retire.

We aren't on the greatest terms but she needs to rest. She is too old to be working. With 5 BTC I could maybe make that happen. It could at least be possible anyway, with the right moves.


3/58/18 ?

why is your 2 backwards?

Nice thing to make fun of brainlet

hey can i have that 5 bitcoin. that sure would be swell. i don't need it. my family would enjoy it though


says the retard exposing his mothers skin cancer to more cancer in 3rd world countries

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my sister was killed during the Paris Attack.


In case you feel generous. Id appreciaty even a small fraction.



If you do help out some unfortunate anons, blessings be with you.
I'm expecting my first child (a little girl) in May, and I'm not in the best financial situation right now, FOMO'd in dec and jan, and currently down 60-70 % of not more, i'm not even checking up on bitcoin any longer (it keeps pooping the bed, so whats the point).. I have a job, so I can cope now with my student loans and rent and everything, but I wish I was in a better position to provide for a child. it wasn't planned, but when the cosmos gifts you, you just take it and make the best out of it.

I want to help my father since he had a surgery and he's not the same like he used to. He's worried about money and I want to help but I'm a college student and can't provide as much has my father. Anything will help. Even kind words.

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I went from 2 btc from my hard earned money to 0.5 because I held NEO thinking it was a good project can u spare some change to make my losses back kind sir T_T


bless u

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>me its so easy on BitMEX

I laugh at you people getting liquidated all day. Shorting is just dumb

Buffett, quoting partner Munger, says there are three ways to go broke: 'liquor, ladies and leverage'

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I just want free coke

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My name is Marcos and I am the son of a simple farmer.

I am a brazilian poorfag that lost all in Bitconnect scam. all fractions are appreciated



(you) should beg on the street instead of in here

What if he's really generous and gives us 1 BTC each, wouldn't change his life in any way but would benefit us poorfags so much

First time ever begging here.
Not proud.
Seriously though, my mother has lived a miserable life and it pains me to see her wither away poor and alone. I guess I go to places like Veeky Forums to forget anout this, so it is weird when Veeky Forums pulls me back into reality.

lol @ everyone getting banned

whats ur problem if somebody sends me BTC ill take a /sniff/ for free and if not then I won't whats the big deal for you senpai why does it bother you so much


Thanks for actually telling about yourself and timestamp.

My initial message got deleted
For those who missed I said that as a Muslim I should give in charity, so Im giving 5 BTC to someone in need.

Quran Chapter 2:110
"And establish prayer and give zakah, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves - you will find it with Allah. Indeed, Allah of what you do, is Seeing."

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Holy shit if real you're awesome

Do 1 BTC each

If not that's cool too, would love to see you give that guy 5BTC as well

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>Wagecuck, work in factory in assembly line
>2 beautiful daughters, one with down syndrome.
>Divorced two times as the burden of looking after the down syndrome girl eventually worn down the original and second marriage. First one took half my home and stopped seeing her daughters after remarrying.
>Second one sometimes visits my healthy daughter, but pretends the disabled daughter doesn't exist.
>Used remaining savings and went all in crypto with 20k in Dec 17' in hopes to have a better life for myself and daughters. Now it's hovering between 4k-5k.
>Thought about doing anhero several times before. But not willing to give the younger daughter the burden of looking after her disabled older sister as she grows up.

The BTC would help our family quite a bit user. As-salamu alaykum.


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:(. I forgot my timestamp ... first to post ..

Sorry I didn't compile my message very well. Thank you for even responding to me. I want to be a good son. And I want to raise children who know God.

It's funny that when anonymous so many people are willing to be beggars

>That maximum withdrawal
Good luck OP

All in chainlink and get back to wagecucking faggot, forget you've even heard of crypto

So it's this easy?

Time to larp as some Russian oil oligarch somewhen soon

Donate to your local anti-muslim charity. Or look into the KKK or maybe the Aryan Brotherhood


my mom died last year and I have to take care of my 2 younger sisters

thank you so much


Don't donate to anyone here. Anyone with an internet connection can make the money needed to live. Donate to a good cause. Just make sure the charity isn't full of scumfucks skimming off the top. That's just my 2 cents.

Can you fuck off please...... Jesus Christ man this thread you created is fucking aids. No wonder why you are shorting..

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I believe there are honest people online, I asked for timestamp to eliminate most lazy trolls

it got deleted because begging on Veeky Forums is against the rules


what counts as timestamp? dont wanna show face

Fair enough OP. Congratulations on the windfall, and good luck helping people out.

I don't need the money, nor do I deserve it, but I want it, so here's my address anyway:


>Don't donate to anyone here.
>so here's my address anyway
gj user

I want to go see my family. I miss them :(

إذا ما تتكلم خليجي أنت كذاب...

شو اسمك ومن وين انت؟

Well since you asked for timestamps, I'll give you my full story

I am from Brazil and was studying in university but had to drop out because my father is almost 800K in debt due to the real estate crash. I am now a neet living with my aunt and uncle hoping to make it in crypto, but my losses really put me down.

If you really are legit thank you very much


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3ade bsta3ml Google translate.


I can't post a time stamp but I would appreciate any help. I have lost my long lost brother. Allah be with you

عربي ممكن بس خليجي لأ

I could post my sob story (had a worse life than most of you cucks) and time stamp but I have this massive feeling OP is larping >:(

>eliminate most lazy trolls

This is what you call projecting. You are trolling fuck off.

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At least this guys honest.

We've reached max niggerdry here. I don't think I can take any more larps bros. Its time for an exodus

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I hope somebody gets it.

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literally on the verge of starvation and don't have any family (well no family who care about me)

any help would be appreciated.

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Can I have nothing you pajeet shit?