What kind of business can i start with 100k in cash?

what kind of business can i start with 100k in cash?

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knee pads

The original Weiner dog

a charity

fuck u guys im being serious

>100k in cash

Which currency? Lira? South African Rand?

the only currency that matters. USA USA USA

buy land and create a pay for parking lot duh

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Buy an existing business and improve it
Start a franchise
Down payment for a property, then sell it when you get a higher offer
Start a lending business

but i want something easy

wait a minute. this is actually a good idea. most charities are bullshit anyway. how do i make a business out of it?

Put it all in req and wait a year. That's easy.

Oh, you mean that failing currency that China doesn't want to use to trade for oil anymore?

franchises:7/11, McDonalds (maybe), see this thebalance.com/most-popular-food-franchises-and-how-much-they-cost-1350254

Misc: maybe apartment complex (small), house (mortgaged)

Also, Amazon Fulfillment (massive flipping), Shopify

thanks user
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I already have btc and eth nigggaaaaa

>house (mortgaged)
NEET here, will someone give me a mortgage if I have 85k and the house costs 85k? Never had a job so I have no income lol, other than dumb online shit

just need the mortgage to guarantee cash flow and such

who the hell is going to loan u money when u dont have a job? you need to pay that shit in cash

figured as much, just thought I'd ask

Find someone to go 50/50 on a business. Dont partner with a close friend or family member. Perferably someone who already has a small gig going on and needs extra capital to expand.

Random ideas, cleaning business, IT services, flipping shoes, contractor jobs.

I flip smartphones full time, have 150k in cash 50k in crypto. Thinking of investing in my colleague wholesale pharma business.

Keep your money buy use it as backing to get a purchase/construction mortgage on a shitty property, renovate it, then refinance into a conventional fixed rate mortgage, and begin renting it out on VRBO and AirBnB. Use the increased equity as leverage for another property and repeat. In the meantime, live off your $100k, or use it to get bonded and start selling medicinal weed or CBD. All of this depends greatly on where you live, of course.

Guess this means I'm still a newfag, but can someone please explain the knee pad thing

>wholesale pharma business
Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?

Theres a reason why alot of porn stars have bruised knees

its a good idea but having a partner scares me.
hmmm now thats a great idea. although i feel like i would need more money to do real estate. is it a good idea to get a real estate license ?

Good answer.

>someone from this site buys a franchise
>a few years later the user-owned restaurant ends up being a complete mess with some /v/mansion-tier hijinks going on at all times in it

let's make it happen, boys

Why would you want to sign up for the privilege of paying some jew $85k in interest for the next 30 years if you already have enough money to buy it in cash?

No. Waste of time, unless you live in South Florida and have international contacts with gobs of cash. Barring that, just use your money to get more money, to get more money, etc. That’s the beauty of the real estate finance racket.

fuck i wish i was as smart as you

how do i learn about real estate? tbqh i dont have any friends and im sure thats pretty important right?

Its better to do mortgage. If you drop 85k on the house, thats 85k out of your pocket. It's better to do mortgage, and let people rent it out. You can make profit off of the difference between the mortage cost per month and renters paying you.
$100-4000 a month just from renting our house(s)/apartments.

I prob can't get a mortgage desu

Need strong job history, credit score, etc.

Do something useful and pay yourself a good salary from it. get grants so you can hire other people. be a comfy place with lax rules.
i work at a non profit. I can make more money about anywhere else but I'm sitting really cozy and can come into work late.
>work starts at 8
>wake up at 8 tuesday
>text boss "crud. just woke up. will be there around 8:30" because I live like 5 minutes away
>he texts back, "good deal"
I've done this no less than 25 times over two years and it hasn't even been casually mentioned.

The most important thing you can do with 100k is to protect it inthis bubble economy and with the dollar on the verge of a currency crisis.

At least put 1/4th in gold and silver.

user... real estate is just about the worst investment you can go into right now. All values are hyperinflated because of all the QE cheap money that's been injected into the system the last 10 years.

Wait for the deflationary clapse of all asset prices and the. You'll be able to pick up like 5 homes with 15 ounces of gold (translated into the new currency after the currency reset) outright without a mortgage.

This is the most important thing you can do because the world is swimming in debt and one day we will wake up and gold will be revalued between 10k-50k per ounce to purge all the debt from the system and a median priced home will probably cost 30k after its all said and done.

Don't question even if you don't understand. Go to a coin shop and get 25k of silver and or gold.

Problem is on these boards is people are in their own worlds and don't see on the macro level. China, India, and Russia have all been accumulating record tonnage of gold for a decade now they are doing so for a reason

Sell cats

fuck nigga. thank you but will gold really get that high? i mean buying houses cheap like they were in 2008 is my original plan


by far the best idea here.

Use the income from parking lot to fund your hookers and blow

Sell property in 5-10 years for 10x to someone who wants to build condos

yeah, oh well
if crypto goes up again maybe it'll happen

>Wait for the deflationary clapse of all asset prices and the. You'll be able to pick up like 5 homes with 15 ounces of gold (translated into the new currency after the currency reset) outright without a mortgage.
this seems like borderline fantasy IMO

its not my iranian friend bought his house in 2008 for like 400k and now its worth roughly double

Yeah but that was ATL for real estate, who knows when that'll come around again?

USA is not a currency Mr Rajakrishna

How do you manage to do that full time?
Do you buy busted up ones and fix them up?

100k EOY

Started by buying them from Craigslist and exploiting sales by buying contract phones off contract etc. Moved onto buying wholesale from liquidation companies.
I only fix phones if its cheap and easy, I don't mess with replacing cracked glass.

Dude, you have no idea how much it costs to open a major franchise, do you?

Crypto is the new gold faggot. Gold will go down to 0 and BTC will be at $1m by the end of the decade.

Just buy the house and then take out a mortgage on it. Banks love to get real estate cheaply when idiots default on loans.

>real estate is in a bubble
Millennials (biggest cohort EVER) are about to be in the life stage of buying a house. The most demand ever is about to be created for houses and real estate.
>Russia and China are buying gold so it must be a good investment
They trust gold and silver more than their communist currencies.

Blind leading the blind on biz. Biz only has 2 people it can trust. That one CBOE trader that rarely posts and welambonow

>30 mins late
>have to text boss

You think this is relaxed? Poor, poor wagie.

Except millennials aren't buying houses and they probably aren't going to start.

real estate is always a good answer but finding an empty plot of land that is also a lucrative parking lot location is difficult. apartments may be the better choice. 100k is a solid down payment

Nice work man! Can I ask how much net profit you make a year doing that?

Lol at thinking millenials can afford to buy houses. This generation has been robbed in every way imaginable, yet its always the milenials fault "X is dying"

the big thing you are missing is that real estate is a deflationary asset. Especially in big cities. its the OG deflationary asset. before the modern financial system, it was all about being a lord over some land. Real estate in a city you have faith in is going to be a great long term investment.

protip > Greater Los Angeles is on its way to becoming a Megacity

even better, buy apartments and rent them out!

100k is lower tier of subway franchises. Its the cheapest to open which is why most are owned by pajeets

Subway is famous for being total shit to their franchisees. They increase the price on ingredients and then advertise $5 footdongs and shit. Make it impossible to make money. My friend sold his shit Subway last year after he’d had enough.

This. Land is the OG crypto.

Open an IT business in India, hire only pajeets who are the most qualified for the given task/job. Create normie apps, quality not too important. Still cheaper than western devs. Profit.