Haven't been here in a while. Put around 3k in bitcoin last summer...

Haven't been here in a while. Put around 3k in bitcoin last summer, was up and down constantly then at one point I got BCH scammed and lost all my profits from 8k to 2k.

Then I turned that 2k to fucking 40k in a month and didn't sleep and in general burnt out. Swore to just hold and the bear market started. Held down to 4k and now I'm at 10k. So realistically I'm from my peak of conservatively saying 35k to 10k.

I'd like to know how you other guys been doing, have you been making much better choices than me and actually shorted? I could have shorted, I knew at 30k mark that this can't go on forever but I was about to fucking die from lack of sleep and stress so I swore myself off.

So What's your peak and what do you guys have now? Were my holdings ok or did I just myself?

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Stop being a dead board and just level with me for a bit guys.

>falling for BCH scam
you deserved it lol

You made money, what's the issue?

There's no issue? I dunno even why I told my story, just would like to know what's the peak of people around here and where are they now. I got no IRL friends that I can talk about these things, would like to grab a drink with anons and talk about where it all went wrong/right.

Mate I've been justed hard, started with powr Ada omg, bought all just before new year, just. Have been "buying the dips" lol since. Building a nice little stack no at these prices but if I wasn't such a mongoloid I'd have twice as many. Market will be fine in time, not even bothered 1 bit watching it go down.
Now I've got powr Ada icx omg strat

I have the itch in my balls that the alt market will start now and when people start making gains with crypto again normies start buying btc. just like last year, at least I'm back here. Should have shorted at least a bit though, I could have 3x my stack so easily but well, "iron hands" thanks for that meme anons.

Less then a Month away from resurrection

Oh also may I ask how are you dollar wise? That's something I'm more interested, well since I haven't been accumulating. I'd like to know how I compare to some people. Maybe it could make me feel better.

Ive lost about 70% from my ATH i also knew it couldn't keep going but greed got the best of me.

This is first bear market ive seen so just gotta learn from your mistakes, im never holding shit coins for more than a couple weeks

and not falling for the tether FUD :@

my guess is we should see a good bounce back in the summer and 100k BTC within 2-3 years, be patient senpai

Put in 10k this winter and now down to 2k all from simply holding ETH, AMB, and NEO. It’s discouraging for the time being but trying to keep a good attitude.

Made 200k in eth at ATH in cryptokitties not once but twice, failed to cash out, now have 100k. ATH was about 300k if I had cashed it out as I received the ETH

>start June 17
>Nov 17th have £2000 cashed out about £800
>First time leverage trading BCC on no sleep or food during the epic bull run
>Short it in a fake out, don't set stop loss
>Liquidate 80% of my stack
>Months of burn out and depression
>Miss biggest bull run in history of anything ever
>traded back up to £1700 but could of made much more selling earlier/shorting earlier.

Learned my lessons.

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What's most important during these shitty times is to make sure you've got your safety net. Back out when necessary (seems weird with alt coins seeing how you gotta back out from the coin, then to usdt or another form of safe haven) and have something left over when the blood bath is done. Then DYOR and find something that is undervalued and attack from another angle. Key is to be patient and literally motivate yourself to earn a profit.

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if you still have the ETH, you will be millionare next bull

That sucks but it's alright, that's how it works. I took my break when bear started and that was ridiculously stupid. But now it's bear and bull is about to start so I would tell you to get the fuck out of your blockfolio and everything for a good 2 months. Then you come back and you've probably made a bit of profits and you can use the next month to daytrade and just go nuts. If you ever want to take a break now is the time, It's not smart to tire yourself up right before the race.

Mate be put in about $10,000
Sitting at $7000 now. Could be heaps worse, buying more to average is good

ETH will definitely be 2k EOY.

I’m debating cashing it out and just buying a house

Learn to take profits on the way up you fucking nigger

Shouldn't you in a situation like that just cash out half and in theory "you can't lose". You can buy the house and start paying it in chunks.
Just continue wagecucking and even if you lose your 50k eth you will still most likely not lose your house since you can pay that 50k and wagecuck rest.

I’m a neet so I either have to pay cash or wait til I have enough to buy it in a lump sum, can’t do just half at this point

ATH was about 325k. Now sitting at about 65k. Been pretty brutal

I feel your pain

>buy high sell low

dont do it user, it will be the single largest regret of your life

Mate fuck being a neet, just go to burger king and start flipping burgers for la creaturas. You can be there and look down on everyone because you're the only one there with savings and life goals. You'll probably even be the coolest guy in that place because everyone else just wants to kys themselves. You will motivate the people around you and there will be constant stream of college girls coming there to work and you'll be the cool guy there and fuck their tight pussies after work. I know crypto sometimes makes life seem like a joke but working will really show you the worth of money and take your mind away from the constant useless TA.