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General discussion time. AMA with KoreanJew was today. Worldbook beta coming first week of April. Full rebrand to Liquid coming end of May / June. ICOs will be hosted on Liquid. That 5% discount from Qash will be huge when buying into ICOs. Mike reaffirmed his position that Qash will be top 5 marketcap.

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what Mike said near the end of that interview was the single most bullish thing I've heard for crypto ever, big money is coming boys

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How stupid do you think someone has to be to buy into your latest useless shitcoin?

>a single order for $1,000,000,000 worth of BTC
>a single order
>Still in talks with Goldman Sachs and other big investors
>Big Mike believes they'll be in crypto in 6-12months

The big boy money is coming, and it's coming to QASH.

This coin will be top 5 this date next year. I’m not selling one Qash until this fucker is at 30 bil cap. I’m bullish on crypto as a whole, and I think this coin is going to be a major player in it.

My only regret is that I can't buy more atm. Need to save money to pay my taxes.

Also being audited by Deloitte.

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It's nice to hear that the liquid platform will have a better UI.

can you tell me more about qash

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Its basically a BNB 2.0 discount token with a shitty website (look at it) and even a worse exchange site. (Even binance looks much better)

take it as you will

born too early to explore the world
born too late to explore space land
born just in time to dump QASH bags on kike bankers

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hmm, this seems very interesting. have to take a deeper look into this later. thanks op.

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watch the video on korean trading jew's channel, very comfy

also mike looks like jacky change and he has big strong arms too, I dream he jerks me off sometimes

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So is the brand Liquid or QASH? Are they dropping qash?

Watch the Korean Jew interview with the ceo. He lays it out better than I ever could

Qash is the coin, liquid is the platform. Qash will have it's own blockchain in 2019 until then it's essentially a discount token. Liquid platform is fully regulated in Japan unlike binance though. The hope is that institutional investors will choose qash to get into crypto.

Im guessing the UI overhaul will come with the liquid rebrand. I have a feeling this will do to binance what binance did to bittrex.

What makes QASH better to lure in institutional money over a project like JNT desu?

Here's the interview where they lay it all out

stop fucking posting you shitstains, there's no need to hype the token... Let it stay low and keep acquiring it.

I swear to fuck if this is over 80cents by next pay i'm not talking to any of you morons again

This, keep this shit under wraps you faggots

This. Let the fud faggots fomo buy.