Clean it up, wagie

Clean it up, wagie

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Legit the guy who filmed this deserves to be lynched. Why don't we mob-murder people anymore? So many people deserve it.

Urined for 100k

needs to shit on the floor and throw the tp onto the ceiling

it's job security for people like you. once fast food becomes automated this is the only job you'll be good for.

pretty impressive amount of piss. had some good distance too. little dark tho, looks like he needs more water

To get a pelvic floor muscle like that, you can do male kegels. Look it up

It'll also help you shot web like crazy

Pic related. It's you

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Literally have never worked a wagecuck job, still know a scumbag when I see one, scumbag. Go fucking murder suicide your family already.

>implying there won't be cleaning bots

i miss this youtube channel, there's an archive of a bunch of these but i cant find it anymore

how is he gonna wash his hands?

i just leave a little wee for the end to make sure my hands are nice and clean

haha I used to do this in high school along with my buddies. one kid pissed in a bottle and put his piss in the soap dispenser. The top just came off easily

One time some kid smeard shit on the mirror, kids shitting the toilet seat was also common occurrence

but yeah I remember letting my piss rip all over, it was hilarious to soak multiple toilet paper rolls in piss

I hope you get aids

mcdonalds is a restaurant, i leave my rubbish at the table

I always make sure to piss over the toilet paper roll, get toilet paper, soak it with piss and pass it all over the flush button and the handle.
Just to be sure that everyone that will use that toilet will be in contact with my piss anyhow.

lol at my ID "gay As Fuck", but I still have fun to do it.

do you realize how rare of an ID this it? You just got the ultimate get of the IDs

I do this any time I see pic related

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I used to clean bathrooms, so this thread really bothers me.

And it has a +. Gay AF and pozzed.

Nah, some mexican will do it for less than minimum wage.

>gay as fuck AND the_donald

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I really love to make a mess, especially in the theater. I spill my drink over the seats, I massage nacho cheese and my boogers into the seats, I bring trash from home and leave it there. I even shat into a theater, the loud segment of the movie was masking my farts and I squeezed out a huge solid log onto the carpet people didn't notice lmao, walked out complaining about the smell.
I also throw the toilet paper rolls into the toilet then shit on it and then piss on it and try to flush it, that way the toilet also floods everything with shit and piss.

lmao @ the ID

>ID: soy

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>lmao @ the ID
Lmao at the ID

At the trips*

Satan himself

you fucking piece of shit, you

Congrats, you're HIV positive

Wagie wagie, clean my mess
or your paycheck will be less

Gay as fuck kek

How does it feel to be an ordained pozzed faggot

>not bringing your piss jugs from home and stealthily dumping them throughout the flickā€™s duration

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>i bring trash from home and leave it there
o zoz

This. Traditional values by any means necessary.

Do you bring bags of cat poop and piss and empty it out too?

the absolute madman

gayAF ... no wonder.

>There are people who unironically piss at walls so someone else can clean it up
This is literally a dick move.

job creators

Be careful next time you put down neets online...

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