Magic Poop Cannon

Thoughts on this guy?

>Offers pretty great TA on tradingview and had turned hugely bearish.
>Was mostly positive for months, but is now practically saying it’s the Crypto Apocalypse.

Is he right? Are we truly fucked for months? perhaps years?

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Nah, he just snapped cause people kept calling him a fag.

this, TA isn't enough to prove anything and is usually made after the fact, even pro TA traders know this. It gives a 1-10% edge and is horrible for any timeframe more than a week

Awful TA. I recommend he end it.

TA is worthless in crypto.

that's the complete opposite of the truth

TA is worthless in equity markets, it only has use in forex and crypto

Mostly positive for months, changes his tune because he was wrong

He is painfully reddit and has single handedly made tradingview’s front page unpleasant

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His TA has never been right LOL

He runs a p and d group full of pajeets n got all of them to follow him, same for the 90% of the rest of top traders in trading view TOP section

For fuck sakes read their description they ask u to join their group for .02 btc LOL

He does not fucking know. No TAs know what is going to happen or they would have bought in before the bubble and just retired doing nothing all day fucking whores or something. They are doing this mostly because they get payed to drive the price one day or another.

>TLDR They are shills

he's retarded and his TA was never good.

Anyone else you’d recommend? I was just taken aback by his total 180 on crypto. They guy is now freaking me out.

He's basically just putting on a performance for views. It would be stupid to take his word as gospel.

Just from seeing his calls pop up everyday on tradingview, he was right for a while, then made some bad calls, now we're here.

>muh ponzi
>muh satoshi dumpamoto
fitting nick tho

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magic claims the charts look extremely bearish, market could potentially go down to $0.

>Cost $1000 to mine 1 bitcoin.
>Poloniex bought by Goldman Sachs backed Circle.
>Yahoo plans to launch a exchange in Japan 2019
>90% of the market is owned controlled manipulated by a handfull of bitcoin aristocrats.

read this

>magic doesn't understand the dynamics of this rigged market.

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>this will surely free us from the banking/finance system and the 1%

People think bitcoin is the future.

Literally the Asian markets are booming and will replace it. So the manipulation will only drive down the price and something else will take over. Look at all the gook coins mooning right now.

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>named "Magic Poop Cannon"
>reacts childishly to criticism
>consistently ranked highly on tradingview
The absolute state of crypto

That is an understatement he left his memes line and beat his wife for sure.

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checked ;)

Can we boycott his content already?

the twitter guys arent bad

He is retarded. Dunno why he is so highly ranked on tradingview.
The head and shoulders he shows in last post is wrong too. No symmetry between left and right shoulder, volume for the head should be higher than for the shoulders, but it isnt.
Its basic things everyone knows, why people fall for it?

does this mean that whales are the biggest bagholders?

Just fuck bitcoin buy chink shit. Loot at btm this thing is about to make it in the top three it is literally just mooning like wtf.

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I don't see any link to a group in MPC's profile. Can you screenshot?

I like this guy. Doesn't pretend he has a crystal ball like some TA guys. Just gives the areas of resist/support lines and some "if this happens then good probability of this happening"

This isn't about buying/selling this is about tradingview members in other markets checking out TA for bitcoin and the first thing they see is MAGIC POOP CANNON with an MS Paint logo drawn by a child.

Bitcoin is the foundation we can't ignore at this point

Thank you senpai. It’s true Magic is some kind of reining market “oracle” right now. He seems to have influence. His tone has changed dramatically and it strikes me as odd as fuck.


It is all related. There is an orchestrated attempt to remove crypto. What I am saying is even if they would successfully kill of bitcoin others will rise up like trying to cut the legs off an octopus. That is why the Chinese markets are booming money is moving to the less manipulated places.

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Here. read it. Those fucking idiots are letting the chinks beat the west out of there greed. I am not the only one seeing it get your head out the sand.

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Most of the Crypto community does not even believe Cartel exists or there is any kind of coordinated attack going on at Bitcoin. At the most they think it’s Whale or manipulators. They consider everything as “Coincidence”, and that is because it follows Technical Analysis (TA). Of course it will follow TA. The Cartel is investing trillions of dollars behind such efforts, do you think they don’t have highly paid chartists on their payroll? They pay $700 pa for their chartists. How may on Twitter-Bull have that income level?

They are shills.

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always has been mongoloid-tier TA. barely understands chart patterns yet claims to be an expert. has a big mouth.
really he's just an attention whore bitchboy larping as the wolf of wall street.

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I've followed his TA and he turned out to be completely wrong many times and behaves like a fucking spaz. Darkenergy is no better. If I have to follow a trader who's wrong more often than right I'd at least prefer him not to be a schizophrenic dickhead. Currently checking out excavo and botje.

not gonna lie, those bearflag calls he made earlier in march were fucking perfect. and his charts easy to read. He put a description of his exact short strategy on his chart from 3/13/18 and if he stuck to it he did pretty well

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He writes like an aggressive asshole, then seemingly can't understand why people complain about it.

Also, incase he's reading this:

Don't write clickbait titles of "Xcoin is going to zero" when you actually mean "Xcoin is going down a lot". They're completely different things and someone who is high ranked on a site like that has a responsibility to write accurately.

he's not lurking itt you cum dumpster. you are fucking stupid..

You know trading ideas on trading view can’t be edited / deleted and you can see how predictions play out right?

How do these people get so popular in the first place? Like where can you start posting your calls to keep a track record for yourself where there's lots of eyeballs?

If it's twitter, what hashtags do you follow for TA?

Or is it all started on trading view, and the traffic goes from there to their twitters as they build an audience?

Is trading view manipulated? I've never used it. Is it fair in that the correct / smart people rise to the top? This thread would make it seem that is not the case, considering this guy is implied to be awful and somehow very popular.

>This thread would make it seem that is not the case
just envious anons who are jealous of magicpoopcannons success.

That's true but there are enough observable instances where we can see a crowd of plebs swarming a retard and turning into a cult.

He just draws hns everywhere and they never make sense

Calls like 20 different support lines and when it reverses on one he acts like a genius

Doesn't even trade

He's a twat

>Is it fair in that the correct / smart people rise to the top?
Popular analysts will assert multiple positions to the point where anything the market does, one of their positions will cover that case and they can claim to have made the "right prediction." You can see how TA becomes futile at this point. I believe this is inherently because TA predictions have never had merit in crypto due to the volatility.

Well, to be fair. There have been some decent calls and analysis in the past. And, yes, they give themselves “outs” but MPC does make his calls conditional. The thing that gets me is that he pretends like his more long term bullish bias up until now never existed, like he wasn’t (by his own measure) been totally wrong all that time. I believe there’s also something to be said about TA “consensus” perhaps dictating market performance, and possibly in the inverse, which is why he started shutting blood and claiming all of Crypto is totally manipulated now. Like whales manipulate it to look like it’s bullish and then pull the ol’ bait n switch on everyone. In any case, the important thing is that he dramatically changed his more long term view on crypto in general and is now acting like he was still a genius throughout the months prior, when he had the exact opposite stance on the market in general.

Makes sense actually. The market is very easily influenced