Gotta admit

shit is not looking good for LTC. What’s the bottom for this shit?

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Depends when you're talking about
The bottom now maybe 125$
Bottom in 3 months time maybe 800$
And the bottom for the dip after that will be around 2000$

Litecoin is going to be big this year.

-1 you will have to pay to hold litecoin

Big players publicly calling no use for ltc anymore.

When I read the Litepay thing I decided I would give it a week before trying to decide on a bottom. Just mourn it from a safe distance.

dumb it and ride the trx train

yep, its dead. the team working on this 8 billion dollar asset are just gonna give it all up. seems like they have no obligation to add value to the project. they have been MIA for so long and have withheld so much info. no real incentive, right?

>99% of coins are down
>my coin is down
>why is my coin down

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100 and if that doesnt hold free fall to chaiwan

This guy gets it. We are probably already at or near the bottom for now ($100 would be the absolute bottom. No way it goes below that). When the markets recover, however, and some of the other projects in the works for LTC launch, we'll see ATHs

just bought some more. dont really care about absolute bottom. ltc will easily be 1k this year if we get a bull run

i hope it crashes hard because I will buy a shit ton more!

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So no truth to Charlie Lee’s prediction of a multi-year bear market, and LTC dropping to $40?

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Sorry, I meant this tweet

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ltc is not a real coin, it's just a puppet on one of bitcoin's bloated hands




its possible. but mainly hes just warning the massive flock of newcomers that crypto is volatile so you shouldnt invest more than you can lose.

hes just prepared for the worst, i doubt he actually thinks we'll stay bear


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>i hope it crashes
>i will buy

It wasn't a "prediction," it was a word of caution. He posted that the day he appeared on CNBC in order to temper the expectations of any newcomers entering the market. I don't think he meant it as anything other than the standard, boilerplate warnings you see about crypto being a volatile market, don't invest more than you're willing to lose, etc. Being borderline autistic, I don't think he realized how people would interpret such a cautious message coming from him, as the face of LTC.

Charlie Lee who dumped at the highest point tweeted that he wouldn't be surprised of LTC dropping to $20.. So that I would say is the absolute floor.. r..rrr..rrright

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