Are all ICO's a scam?

Are all ICO's a scam?
/biz provide arguments why it is not.
Brainlets no need apply.

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Yes. 99.9% of the time you are handing a bag of money to a company with a whitepaper and no MVP. These companies aren't incentivized to do further work on the project (even in the case of muh vesting) and can just cash out whenever they feel like it.

The fact you posted this status is more than enough proof that YOU ARE THE FUCKING BRAINLET YOU FUCKING BRAINLET.

>Brainlets no need apply.
You are a brainlet. Who the fuck uses "all" like that. No shit ALL of them aren't scams.

ICO's are dead..

ok brainlets name a ico that isn't a scam....

it's only going to get worse

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Actually its 83% of them where scams the other 17% are mostly icos who never managed to get anywhere and only less then 5% actually get even on the market and even less survive even 1 year.

ICOs can be a scam..but a lot of them bring in good gains.

ICO Pools are the fucking future

>ok brainlets name a ico that isn't a scam....

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Flock news token is having their ico in a couple weeks and it seems legitimate enough. Might be an actual platform behind it but we'll see

I’m hyped for Pooltrade but you gotta move fast to get in.

ICO pools are a whales game
Enjoy competing with Chad Stacks


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I'm quicker than butter

I don’t think CoinMetro is going to be a scam. EdenChain seems legit. Sharpay I think will be good. There’s a medium article about it here:

0.5 ETH minimum for the pre ico

Yeah I think that one is good. Sharpay too. CoinLion. Coinbench does a pretty good rating to show which ones are legit.

don't understand the support behind this. looks super half-assed if you actually look into it. the team is also anonymous so you don't know anything about their experience, and they can also just flat out scam everyone without repercussions.

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better than poolerex

meh just give it time, could be something

really they're both shit though. save your money for better things.

should I buy a Nintendo Switch?

I have high fucking hopes for this shit

OP is well-known for spreading FUD

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yes please
I got mine recently

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bitcoin, the only one