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>low iq fags can't get jobs

Simple, if you dont like the job requirements dont apply for them, thats how capitalism works


That's not how capitalism works. Capitalism sucks.

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That's why you need connections and people will be willing to give you a chance just because you know somebody else

still apply for them, even if you don't have the 3 years of experience. Odds are that they'll still hire you if you're qualified.

>school custodian job
>Experience 2 years to less than 3 years

meanwhile if you want to be a secretary at a school, they only want 1 year experience or none at all.

This is true and this is why capitalism sucks.

Not OP but how am I supposed to have any experience when every job requires 3 years of experience? It's just making a circle.

>no applicants, better case to hire third worlders for 1c a day

You can't be in the sex offender registry too.

You ask your parents to find you a job in their friend's business or you just work in McShit for all your life.

Can we ban jerbs threads?
They're a magnet for c#/java/microshit loving normies. /g/ is a NEET-board.


Non-whites are alright, as long as they're christian

1. Internships
2. Lie on resumé

agreed, my wife's personal trainer, Ahmed, is a really great guy

>it's a world were work

Fuck off to Zimbabwe or Russia, commie. Go see how great the other side is.


apply to the ones with insulting salaries, they are bullshitting, leave after 2 years for your 100% pay increase

There are probably fewer internships in the UK than there are cs students in a single uni.

ussr dissolved in 1991

Shouldn't have fallen for the STEM meme then, idiot.

>some entry level jobs require 15 years experience

Because capitalism is doing wonders for Haiti, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Sierra Leone, right?

> if you hate capitalism you love communism
Found the brainlet. Reject false dichotomy.
True, shouldve killed myself instead.

Percentage of failed capitalist states vs percentage of failed communist states. Go.

Percent of history you don't know.

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Sweet. So that is 100% failed communist states, so far.

More like "percentage of communist states that had an American-backed coup", amirite?

So you weren't just pretending to be retarded?

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> saved from ebil Hitler
Kek, I know that you are memeing but the fact that these people exist is incredible.

Name 1 (one) success of capitalism.

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Don't know, or care what you're trying to prove, but it's invalid anyway because those are all niggercountries.
That work would get done to a far greater degree than it is today, or certainly than if some fatcat bureaucrat fucks were central-planning everything. Read Sowell, see that the gov fucks everything up with uneccessary and counter-productive laws and regs. There will of course always be unmet needs, because that's the reality of life on earth.

Stop replying to tripfags!

Communist states are such total failures, that 100% of their populations accept capitalist coups?

Your statement sounds... logical.

And yet on your world there'd be no roads...

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Capitalism is several Tyrannosaurs fighting each other. You have peace until there's only one left and then it eat you.

Socialism is trying to find a good Tyrannosaur, and then equipping it with lasers and guns and hopping it will do good for the population.

Communism is kinda the same as above, finding a good t-rex, but then you use this "good t-rex" to kill all the other dinosaurs, and when the time finally come, split the t-rex into several smaller velociraptors.

>the populations accept the coups
Uhh... are we living in the same world? Because in the world I live, that happened exactly 0 times.

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I have named one success for capitalism. Can you do the same for communism?

No you still apply to them and hope you'll be better than the competing labour. That's how capitalism works

See . Also pic related.

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Oh? Name one (1) communist state that has had a capitalist coup, and then reverted back to communism.


>every state high on the HDI is more socialist than capitalist

Jesus, I hope you're trolling!

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*and killed several million people on the process with hunger and bad equipment

>it's le "gommunism killed gorrillions XDDDD" meme yet again

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>killed 6 million people for no reason
>killed 94 million people for no reason
in case you can't tell the difference there is 88 million human lives

You've bingo'ed already, now go claim your prize.

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I'm glad capitalism has never killed anyone.

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>trusting HDI
>actively working for the overthrow of other economic systems is alright when we do it, when you do it, it's proof none of our failures are actually our own

Stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

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>for no reason

>what's the difference between popular revolutionary movements and foreign-state-backed coups that install bloodthirsty dictators?

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>i'll just bash the bad nazi communism because goys aren't human

>Stalin's Magic
>The ability to kill 80M without it Decreasing your population
100% this was actually made by some /pol/fag to troll sub 90iq teenagers.

What is that? Cannot name a single country that went back to communism after trying capitalism?

Just one country?



They didn't killed on purpose of course, but they had a shitty system that was unable to keep those people alive.
Its not the people being judged here, but the system itself.
It failed, it went full winME on us, yet you keep trying to install this shit everywhere.


The population of Russian in the 1920's was nearly 200 million, you fat retard


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Know why? Pajeet from India has 3 years experience and he's willing to work for pennies on the dollar.

Not an argument.

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>Lie on resumé
This is the answer. Everyone does it. Stop being pussies

>when it happens there it's a shitty system
>when it happens here it's just darwinian selection

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small pox, subhumans, mostly religion

Imagine defending capitalism on the same thread you complain about not being able to find a job.

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>actively tries to rewrite history to deny communism was responsible for ANY wrongdoing

One of them is commie propaganda, the other a necessary evil for maintaining power.

It's not rewriting history when it's sourced. Here's the source, motherfucker. Enjoy being schooled.

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>moving the goalposts
>can't tell the difference between concerted state effort caused deaths and nature

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Everyone report ples

Nope, its still shit when it happens with capitalism.
It is not by any means a perfect system, and need many patches to work.
But at least it boot and runs at some capacity, while communism just fucking crashes almost instantly, unless the communist country literally steal resource from capitalist countries.

How strange it is that every communist country that tried capitalism... stayed with capitalism.

It is almost as though the countries that tried both systems would be better able to judge which is better.

Feel free to dismiss hundreds of millions of former-communists. They only experienced communism first-hand, while you know all about it in theory. So... you can judge communism better than they, of course!

>they didn't kill on purpose
>litteraly shot and starved people on purpose
good goyim

Meanwhile my grandparents went to the Nazis to avoid stinky poo poo gobbunisd slavs.

>haha this person isn't demanding handouts what a STUPID FUCK let's all point and laugh btw we need more stuff guvment pls

Yes, he did shot and killed dissidents and shit, but most of the kills were due starvation due a shitty system that don't work.

Great, now we are on Veeky Forums instead of /pol/.

God almight, /g/ is a communist shithole!

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Faulty argument. Under democratic, egalitarian system the state will always grow. Eventually the whole thing will somewhat resemble what bernouts want. This is because liberal democracy is fundamentally a degenerative, parasitical process, and a race to the bottom. People don't want capitalism, because people are parasitical. Do as they want, vote for the consequences.

fuck off commies
saged and hidden

List of former-communist states that reverted back to communism:


Oh that is right! None! Any idea why?

I pay $23k in taxes every year.
"working people" can suck my dick.

It's a different sort of decline.

The bottom line is that democracy is fundamentally opposed to capitalism. What we have in the West today is not capitalism. Appeal to the masses is an argument against your own position, the masses being as they are.

>Not OP but how am I supposed to have any experience when every job requires 3 years of experience?
You just get a job through connections. How stupid are you? I've never had a job I actually had to send an application form for.

That's why I work for myself.
My dad gave me only 200k to start my own sole proprietary investing firm. After getting him back good 20 to 30% returns per year, he recommended me to his friends.
So I basically manage almost a million dollars now.

Unlike you faggots, I worked hard to make money and I did it all by myself. I don't need to work for other people. I work for myself with very good returns. If you guys can work hard enough, you too can own a good living from your own business.


Only friendless mongs think you get a job through cold applications. It's don't through friends, family and other connections.

And then lie like shit, on paper and in person. I have fabricated much of my work history, made up qualifications, etc. No one checks.

If you're not lying, you're not trying.

Fuck off back to the USSR

>What we have in the West today is not capitalism.
And that's why the West stopped growing as fast. Look at countries like China, who become more capitalist by the day, while the West becomes either more communist or just sucks corporate cock (instead of allowing an actual free market within the country).

>"Its not real capitalism!!!1!"
t. you


Either you chose slavery or become a fraud.

Kill or be killed. I strongely advice all of you to become frauds since the whole system is.

terrible bait, 2/10 see me after class


I invested in good companies and gave good returns to my investors while getting a small percentage as a return.

The only real reason the 3 year requirement is put on entry level job posting is that HR can have a reason to deny niggers entry level jobs on the basis of something other than race. If you're white then 0-1 year of experience is good enough for HR.

why the fuck was this turd dumped on Veeky Forums