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pulled out while I was still up. Going to sit with bonds and cash until this bear has it's feast.

crypto can go down this much on a good day.

so apparently, a sideways range is a bear market now, ok great


where do you see sideways LMAO

are you retarded? this year will be bloodbath

get your eyes checked retard

Remember kids, always do the opposite of Veeky Forums

Seems you guys are pretty convinced we are in an obvious bear market, interesting

faggot commie

>Companies are earning more then ever
>Tax for corporation and workers lowest ever in decades
>Lowest unemployment ever

>There are idiots who believe that the stock market is a bear market now



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>market goes sideways
"bear market! sell everything!"
"trade war between china and the US will turn the market!"

ok hold on while I accumulate

Markets are cyclical. We were overdue for a correction.

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>Companies are earning more then ever
2007-2008 Profits were great, until they weren't
>Tax for corporation and workers lowest ever in decades
The real rate of taxation is spending.
>Lowest unemployment ever
Lowest labor participation rate ever.

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dude, buy gold, silver copper, uranium/plutonium, and instruments based on volatility etc.

>2007-2008 Profits were great, until they weren't
Because right now there is a real estate crash and not cause the market is in fear mode over interest rates, Tariffs, facebook data. Yup exactly the same.

>The real rate of taxation is spending.
Lower tax, more spending.

>Lowest labor participation rate ever.

Capitalism is done.


It'll go back up after the trade tariff shit settles and everyone realizes Trump just wanted to kick up some dirt because he has nothing else to do because the world is actually very stable right now

for those wondering the record I won't be doing that...

I see another 5-10% in the near future actually.

due to low taxes and low interest making money cheap companies, especially tech companies have been conducting large buybacks in nearly record numbers bolstering stocks.market value and inflating demand and stock price without increase earnings. as interest rates and fed rate begin to rise after a solid period of economic growth and low rates from 2008 until now, the buybacks begin to stop, add to that the issues that large companies (tech especially) are running into in terms of regulation/government, cash flow, and other issues (prime examples: facebook making huge blunders with personal info, and tesla having astoundingly negative cashflow and production numbers and being fueled completely by large amounts of investor capital) and also look at the fact that commodities and things like silver/gold look like they bottomed out and are now starting to rise, and the picture gets pretty clear.

also another thing, crypto-currencies and blockchain technology have been looked at as a market that is not coupled to the stock market as a whole, so looking at cyclical markets, stocks and commodities are pretty decently inverse of each other, but crypto is decoupled so is being looked as a big potential opportunity for investors/firms looking for non-traditional avenues of returns and insurances for market downturns, combined with the possibility of crypto ETF's on the horizon, and crypto beginning to enter the regulatory stage with big firms looking to and making acquisition plays, and further combined with the fact that interest in crypto and price is at a significant low from the ATH's AND combined with the evidence that crypto has the ability to make huge moves and turn into a huge market based on the ATH's established in jan/feb and the fact that we haven't seen these low prices for months, and that the market has not shown signs of reversal yet, you come to the conclusion that when regulation hits and big things happen crypto becomes a professional's market

wow, you really convinced me that we aren't seeing massive signs of a change in market cycles after an extended run up in stocks and downtrends in commodities