Wouldn't she accomplish the same thing with a billionaire? he's worth $40 million LUL

wouldn't she accomplish the same thing with a billionaire? he's worth $40 million LUL

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Job security

royalty > money

>still having a monarchy

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>he's worth $40 million
you actually believe that's all the money he actually has?

Royal family has billions of dollars in trusts...

Power is more important than money. Jeff Bezos is richer than Xi Jinping, but who do you think is who's bitch?

Maybe she likes him for who he is inside

U can tell by the way she smiles she doesnt lely like him. She likes the attention and access he brings. She going to brutilize him at some point

there was a thread on this a month ago.

combined real estate, artwork, companies, banks etc runs into the trillions. which doesnt include stuff like owning the whole of legally owning things like all the mineral rights in the canada or the uk

even just conventional groups like imperial tobacco, zurich insurance, the bank of england, royal bank of scotland, their cut of BP and 1000 other companies are worth a trillion

She can live out the im a queen meme now tho

she won't even be a princess she will be a Duchess

She is an attention whore. Even if the marriage lasts one day the tabloids will cover her for the rest of her life

>Jeff Bezos is richer than Xi Jinping
I doubt it. Chinkping probably has trillions of dollars directly under his control.

He seems like a nice guy, I really wonder why he did this to himself.

She is a man and a jew and from the same bloodline that's why they are together

If he was a regular celeb I might agree. That's a fuckin royal, mate. She won't be brutalizing anyone. She was placed there.

you're so smart
tell me more about women
you must be swimming in pussy

like she could get a billionaire. Can you imagine how many women are throwing themselves at Billionaires. She is nothing special. I've dated women WAY hotter than her and I'm a nobody.

Yikes imagine being this delusional biz

Yes she's quite the beauty.. Gag
Fly to Colombia. You've got 5 mins to find someone hotter.
Shit you've found 1000

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Fucking shit those feet.

what are my chances of being killed by pablo escobars

yikes imagine having this shit taste that you think the woman in OP's pic is actually attractive lmfao

I would guess that its a symbiotic relationship.

Why would he want to be dick n+1, where n, given that she's 36, a nigresse, who works in Hollywood, \to \infty

Goto Latin American Cupid and put in Medellin.
Come back and tell me how they compare to her.
Nothing will happen to you in Colombia if you are in the major tourist zones. I've been all over and I am a surfer looking dude.

Hell you could get 50 gils better looking than her begging you for marriage in the Philippines.
Blow up that pic I posted in a separate window.
Look at her skin. The picture blows up huge. That's her with makeup..


here's a rice farmer from Luzon for you. Phillipina rice farmer no makeup that farmed everyday of her life.

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Make sure you blow up this picture ina seperate window. Thats her at her best after a day at the hair dressers getting a facial and manicure/pedicure. This is the best she will ever look..
Out of all the women in the world. The fucking Prince picks this. She HAS to be a beard.

Mmmm yum.. Nice suck em user.
She's a duchess dont ya know!

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I mean she isn't exactly poor herself. She made an honest living and built a career. But i doubt she's a millionaire.


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It’s pretty ridiculous desu

>scared of going to Colombia

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The British royal family has to do what it can to stay relevant without resorting to anything overly tacky.
Some part of it may be genuine also. He may just want someone who's normal yet understands the press, which he's subjected to every day of his public life.
Who knows. Personally I think it's a sad state of affairs for the British monarchy but then if you look at the state of modern Britain it's really not so bad in comparison.

No amount of money can purchase royalty.

Wow you’re a retard user
>finds worst possible picture of her
Wow biz look how ugly she is this is her on her absolute best day too, I swear I bang chicks way hotter then her on the regular !!!!

but thats how royalty became royalty they had money and overthrew whoever the monarch was

It's not about the money you dipshit it's about the status. There are over 2.2k billionaires in the world, with like 90% of them being men. That's nearly 1.8k women that can say they're married to a billionaire.

But how many can say they're married to a prince? Maybe 30.

When you grow the fuck up you might begin to understand that women care much more about status than they do wealth, and royalty is second only to being the leader of major world players like the US/Russian/China in terms of status.

kek, by the rule of law I can not comment on this

She can be the first black princess in history

How many hot, young, single billionaires do you think there are out there? I'm mean she's pretty but there are a fuckton of girls out in LA just like her who will hit the wall at 35 and settle with some literally who. I'm thinking she did pretty fucking well landing Harry, and should probably just be content with that.

ow many black women can marry a billionaire?

The ancestors of the royal family still got where they were by conquering and killing people. Why don't they have to pay reparations and give back what they took now? SJWs should be on board for this.

implying she'd have billionaires lining up for her
No, she just took the best option she had. Millions + high status = almost a billionaire

Is she even white?

its why royalty is not allowed in forbes top 10 rich people, it would be filled with saudis and (( them)) , and royalty , not to mention the people would freak out when the list is full of trillionares

Democracy is worse in every aspect. Monarchs will always work for long term prosperity. They are the elite and not some unqualified trash.
Wish we had monarchy in germany.


That ain't cash my man and cash is king.

They're distant cousins. Look it up. You thought they would let someone not in the family blood marry into the royal family? Fuck no. This is all by design. They're Humanitarian work = feed a man a fish and he eats for a day.

True humanitarian work = Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

Cash is also on a steady decline to zero

It really doesn't matter. This guy can have whatever he wants. It's also a status thing and typical girl's fantasy to marry a prince.

Fuck up commie dog

who are these nobodys and why should i give a fuck?

But then she wouldn't be a princess. Do you have any idea how much girls want to be actual princesses?

Tbf if she had blue eyes everyone would bow to her

Who is this lady? Does she have rheumatoid arthritis? She presents with a very obvious fibular deviation, like a swan finger but of the toe.

Jesus Christ that motherfucker is hairy, no wonder they named him Harry. All fucking Harrys look like yetis, and this tool is even worse, he's a fucking ginger-yeti.

Because the royal family has positioned themselves well in terms of their assets. Many of their palaces are open to the public, the crown jewels are in a trust, crown lands are also in a trust of sorts.

Oh, my sweet summer child

When did Veeky Forums turn into the NEET gossip board?

>doubt she's a millionaire
>literally got paid $50,000 per episode of Suits
>not to mention her other ventures

3/10, got me to reply

Charles' wife son

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you're right, pic related should sit on the throne.

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Fuuuck i didn't know she was a nigress, I just thought she was Italian. She's still hot, but I wonder how many dicks she had up in her before Harry

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she still wont be a princess. she'll be a duchess

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they look degenerated. like a cheaper b-version of a real humans. why do bongs let them live?

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None of that wealth belongs to him. He's fourth or fifth in line to the throne. He's not that wealthy. There are plenty of businessmen and celebrities that are wealthier than he is.

You know that not all women want to be with a billionaire right? Look at Zuck the Cuck. The best he could do was a 5/10 Asian girl. At the end of the day he's still a socially awkward manlet.

She's considered white in America.

>British beauty


She's a beauty. Indigenous peoples were the spirit of human life. That was until the jew decided take over.

Yeah but consider that of those 1.8k probably 80% are over 50, with probably 50% over 80.

There aren't exactly loads of 30yo single billionaires walking around. Apart from all the unrealised crypto-billionaires on Veeky Forums obviously lele

>Oh, my sweet summer child

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I never got why Zucc married such an ugly women, she's a 4 at best. Zucc could have had anyone, i think...

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He needed to take a human mate to fit in. Any would suffice

Because contrary to what /r9k/ says you actually need more than money to attract anything more than a gold digger from a third world country.

Western women would rather be with Chad who works as a car mechanic than a rich ugly manlet.

I don't get this, he was catch wearing an afrikan korps costume and a swastika in a party, and now he's marrying a 56%? Has the sjw reach the royalty of the UK? Kek, just take down the muh royalty meme, fucking leeches

The royal family have trillions, as do other world leaders and (((them)))

Also this is perfect timing for a (((diverse))) royal wedding dont you think?! Almost too perfect!

Well that’s true butter Zuckerberg married her because she’s Asian and will provide him with high IQ offspring.

Muh love shit is bullshit. Jews don’t know what it means to love. Except money and power

No she’s not. Why do you think all the blacks are crowing about it? One drop.

>le 56%

ITT: neckbeard virgins

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Does Zucc have kids? Maybe we're blessed and he's infertile

Their babies will look like Trevon James son. Orange curly hair and light brown skin.

>he's worth $40 million
You realize he is a benificiary of the crown trust, must be one of the worlds richest trusts. $40MM is the pocket change he personally has.

Its like why the rothchilds don't fill up the forbs rich list, the family money is in trust, when one of them dies it was just the spening money they had laying around.
FFS if you don't understand this shit you will stay poor, start lookin into waht the rich do and copy them

Yes but there is an important prestige attached to being married to a Ring owning QB. even if he was injured for the Super Bowl.

A monarch or appointed figure such as a Governor General is 10p% better than a President in any way.

what about fed chairman what's the percentage

>country doesn't believe in God anymore
>still has monarchy, Royals where people believed were God chosen
>still get paid millions in TAX money to sustain their lifestyle
Kek normie iq is testing all time low