Hold me /Biz

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Thanks frend

its gunna be okay big man

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I hodl you >: )

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unironically one of the best threads I've seen in ages.

gonna make it bros, don't let it get to you

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Let's go play now!

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We will make it /bros

Here bud, let me give you some good news.

Cryptocurrency isn't dead. In fact, the blockchain is expanding exponentially. Have you seen how many headhunters and job postings for blockchain developers?

A close friend of mine actually owns and operates a cryptocurrency consulting company. They may be awarded a multimillion dollar contract here very shortly. For. Consulting. On. How. To. Launch. An. ICO.

Just think, millions, as a budget for consulting. So your wonder what kind of company is comfortable spending that kind of money in such a "bear" market.

Have a good night

not yet, more work to do. We have to wageslave for at least one more cycle, and then we can play all the games we want

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I can't

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Snap out of it. You hear me.

I was depressed, fucked up, and some random user, could have been a retard, dickhead, piece of shit, said "relax, were all in the same boat." Truly helped me get through some shit. Positive words can have a positive effect on someone out there. So in the spirit of having fun: respond to this post or your mother will die in her sleep.

Just hodl strong, fren.
Crypto needs to REALLY feel dead before we can rebound, we JUST mooned a few months ago. Just hodl strong and accumulate.

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Let's enjoy the NEET life.

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Fuck you buddy.
I still hope you make it though.

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Also, a dude I know in the trades makes 6 figures consulting and he's a piece of shit retard.

stop that's fucked up.

Just want people to know were still early adopters and all going to make it.

Thanks fren

Checked brother

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just kidding

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thanks frens this is a nice thread

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hol'y shit just sauce me senpai

I like how you lead me into it
good job

Was serious with the random user and feeling shitty though

Nice digits

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Trips of truth

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